Heart failure clinical Data Analysis

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Heart failure clinical Data Analysis

Using R Language


Data Science


1.Introduction 1

2.Dataset Description 1

3.Model Planning and Model building: 11

3.1.Classification Model 11

3.2.Decision Tree 11

3.3.Support Vector Machine 13

4.Result and Analysis 14

5.Conclusion 15

6.References: 15

  1. Introduction

Heart failure describes a range of causes that affect your heart. Hear failure can be cause due to anemia, creatinine phosphokinase, diabetes, BP, platelets, etc. Data analysis in this field, is used to compare and mine for information that can be used to predict, prevent, manage and treat chronic diseases such as heart attacks. So objective of the article is to study a heart disease data set and to model a classifier for predicting whether a patient is leads to death or not. Such type of problem is also addressed by many state-of-the-art approaches [1][2][3].

  1. Download 428.37 Kb.

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