Hillcrest Lutheran Academy International Student Fees For 2016-17 School Year Application Fee (non-refundable): $350

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Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

International Student Fees

For 2016-17 School Year

Application Fee (non-refundable): $350 (First time applicant only. Does not apply to returning international students.)
Annual International Student Fees: $21,385 includes dormitory lodging, meal plan, tuition, activity fee, textbook fee, technology fee, ELS support, primary medical insurance policy, extra-curricular activity fees, transportation costs for travel between Hillcrest and the closest airport for fall arrival, spring departure, Christmas vacation, and spring break. This fee also covers transportation costs for school-scheduled shopping trips to Asian markets, Asian restaurants, various concerts, sporting events, and plays.
Also included (but student may opt out) are two trips (overnight travel involved) per year. One is the trip to Minneapolis (Mall of America) during the Thanksgiving week school break. The other trip would be a choice of a musical performance tour with the school’s band or choir, OR, an informational/sight-seeing trip with other students. Past informational/sight-seeing trips have been to Chicago and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Recent band/choir tours have alternately included visits to places such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix and Los Angeles.
Additional Cafeteria/Dining Room charges: A Student who requests “extra” food beyond the normal meal plan will have the extra cost charged to their individual dining room account. Those charges are billed by the HLA Business Office (as needed) and may be paid via cash or credit card.
Payment Schedule: All tuition and fees are considered due as of August 15, 2016. Charges may be paid in two installments (of $10,700 each), with the first installment due by August 15 and the second by January 16, 2017. Wire transfer payment is preferred. Major Credit cards – Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard – are also accepted for payment, with 2.5% fee added on Credit (or Debit) card payments for the annual International Student Fee charges.
Late Payment: A late payment fee of $250 will be assessed on any per-semester installment payments that are more than 10 days late. Any student whose account is not current after 30 days will be not allowed to attend classes until account is current.

Refund Policy
All accounts are due and payable on August 15th. The following refunds will be made to students who withdraw: Tuition and dormitory lodging fees - 50% refund for an academic semester in which classes have met for ten days or less. There is NO refund for a semester in which classes have met for more than ten days. Also, there will be no refund for students who are dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Meal plan fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, with no refund given if the withdrawal/departure occurs in the last 4 weeks of the semester.

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