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Winter 2001/2 News Letter

Hon. Secretarys spot.

Here is the winter 2001 offering from the Redwing News Team. We had just enough news and stuff to put together one last Newsletter for 2001. For most of us the sailing season is over for the year and it seems to have flown by this year, despite a lot more regattas and Redwing races competed in by your correspondent. Note that the championships at Tenby in 2002 are from 24th to 30th August and not as previously published. The latest news from around the main fleets is included. I was almost ashamed to be a TSC member after hearing of the exploits of a certain senior club member who is also a Redwing sailor - read about it in Dave Bowen's column!

I have been trying to put together a basic 'tuning guide' to help set up a Redwing. This is partially in response to the occasional enquiry I get for help. Some of it is available for proof reading and I would be grateful for some technical input from some of you please!


Redwing Fleet News


The racing season at Looe is all but over now and Bud Coote and Tim Jackman in R242 have shown that they are not just class champions but club champions as well by getting top honours in the Looe fleet. Runners up were Ben and John Crabb in R224 and Colin Crabb and Dominic Losinski in R245 and Roger Hocking and Geoff Godbolt in R243, well done lads! Other news of interest from Looe concerns the Lifeboat: The R.N.L.I. have managed to come to a deal with the East Looe Town Trust and have purchased the obstacle golf course for the new lifeboat station. Allowing them at Looe to not only have the "D" class boat but also the "Atlantic 75" boat along with its articulated amphibious tractor and trailer


Almost all the Tenby Redwings are tucked up snug for the winter now and a few of us are greeted with the sight of black sodden wood every time we lift the cover for a look-see. The TSC main annual prize giving has been and gone. Rolly Squibbs with Alistair MacKay and then Jane Brace as crew in R244 and Mike Stace and Deanna Morton in R195 taking the top Redwing and club spots. This success was despite the 'RS' onslaught Tenby has been facing this year. Newcomer to Redwing sailing, Nan D'Ortez won the 'Outstanding Crew' prize for her gallant efforts throughout the season on the wire of R228. Well done everyone.

The Redwing World by Dave Bowen..

First of all I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a very happy New Year. Mind you if the editor prints this after Christmas then I hope you all had a very good time

Walking on water.......

After the championships things went a bit flat on the sailing front what with too much wind or not enough on the days we went to Tenby; so all I managed was a few days crewing a very old GP14. Plenty of room but a little bit outclassed. Although on one of our trips to Tenby I saw a Redwing helm actually walk on water. I'd better explain:- Rolly Squibbs and Mike Stace took a Buzz for a bit of a play on a day when everyone stayed away because it was too windy, Helen and I were coerced into following in the rescue boat. They set of at quite a pace and soon had the spinnaker up although it wasn't flying properly it later transpired somebody had put it on sideways (no arrow saying up or down). They had a few capsizes but a certain mister Squibbs was seen hanging onto the tiller extension with his legs seemingly running on water.He eventually had to let go but refused a rescue off us, and Mike picked him up so easily they must have had plenty of practice before. It was something of a rough ride in the rescue boat as we struggled to keep up with them. With our racing virtually non-existent we decided to have a week in Looe and watch their last race day.

Ghostly white.......

We met Rolly and Jane on the day of the race as it was the last day of their weeks holiday and found Rolly in a sorry state shaking and looking really ghostly white. We found out later on so were a number of the Looe members, the previous night's session in the club had got a bit hectic. Looking at Rolly I was glad I missed that one. Still he recovered by sleeping it off on the Banjo pier. He looked so pitiful that sightseers arrived and I had great difficulty stopping some of them throwing coins into his hat. Others possibly knew him as they suggested throwing him off the pier. As I was watching the boats return up the river after the race a certain Mr Hocking shouted up to me on the banjo pier; Was I after another story?, well I wasn't but I got one anyway, strange how things work out. Rolly had previously volunteered Jane, Helen and himself to act as rescue boat crew. One of the jobs they had to do was place two of the marks

Tenby sabotage crew.......

Well Helen and Jane noticed that the rope was knotted and asked Rolly repeatedly if it was all right. "Course it is!" says Rolly, so over the side goes the mark and ever so slowly goes down and down till it disappeared completely under the water. So if anybody wonders why the racing was so short it was because of the Tenby sabotage crew! Many thanks go to the Looe sailing club for allowing us to join in at their laying up supper. If I eat like that too many times I'll never get into my boat again. It was gorgeous. After the holiday in Looe I thought that was that for the sailing season. Only got to try and cajole Hon. Sec. into finishing the work on his International Fourteens, so that he can start on re-decking 'Discretion.' Watch out Tenby and Chelmarsh when he starts playing with these; I think your rescue boats may well be in constant use fishing him out! Helen says that after last years practise on 'Venus' he should be safe to let loose on her boat. The final icing on the cake this year for me was twofold at our inland sailing club's dinner the results were there for the season and although I didn't win any trophies for the first time I wasn't last in any of the series. This was a first for me, but more was to come.

Won the capsize trophy.......

We attended Tenby sailing club's dinner and presentation evening and a jolly good time was had by all. I found I had improved my positions in their series as well. Then the presentation started and there was I leaning on the bar, thinking one year perhaps I'll win something when lo and behold mine and Helen's names were mentioned, we had won something. My first trophy in sailing; What was it for?, had I done something exceptional?, well, in a way I had, I'd won the capsize trophy! To a loud cheer Helen and I went to collect the trophy I think the cheer was relief by everyone that they hadn't won it. Still I didn't care, it was just nice to win something in my new sport. In my Whippet racing days I had won many trophies and national titles but this one was the first of I hope, just a few more. As I've said, I hope your festive season goes well. I will try and get to see the clubs again. If there are any Redwingers who sail regularly at other clubs let me know and I may be able to pop round and have a natter and perhaps get some tales about sailing from you.

Dave Bowen

And a thought...

"A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking."

Michael K.

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