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BSNL Tunes is the Personalized Ringback Tone service of BSNL which allows Subscribers to activate personalized Ring Back Tunes of their own choice. Once activated, the selected song/music will be set as Ring Back Tune for callers. What’s more a user can select a special song for his loved once or any other person. The subscription charges are Rs. 20 per month. This is a recurring charge and will be deducted from you bill every month till you are a BSNL Tune subscriber. User can subscribe this service by dialing 56700 and follow the IVR instructions. The call charge for dialing 56700 is Rs. 4 per minute. The premium RBT cost is Rs. 12 and a non-premium RBT costs Rs 9. The validity of a BSNL Tune is 30 days. This is a recurring charge and will be charged every 30 days for each content available on your profile. So if you have 2 ringback tone in your profile you will be charged 2xContent charges every 30 days. Subscribers can call 94000-24365 for any assistance or issues.

Ringback tones are neither downloaded nor installed on your handset. All Ringback tones reside on Ringback Tone application server and play from there when someone calls you. So your handset make, model or memory has no bearing the ringback tone you select.

Other Features of BSNL Tune Service:

1. Subscriber can register & access BSNL tunes through IVRS (Dialing 56700), through SMS Command (by sending SMS at 56700) or through web (by log on to

2. You can gift any RBT to your friend, but your friend will be able to access the RBT if he is also a BSNL Tune subscriber. The cost of gifting the RBT will be charged from your account. However renewal of the gifted RBT will be charged from your friend’s account.

3. You can set your own sounds or greeting as your ringback tone. For enabling this feature you have to call 56700 and follow the instruction available. A user is able to record one greeting and set that as his Ringback Tone.

4. You can copy a RBT, but the copied RBT should be of a BSNL’s subscribers. A registered user will get an option “To copy RBT from another subscriber, press 5”, by selecting this options he can copy any RBT. You can copy RBT of a subscriber who had called you at least one. You cannot copy any personal greeting.

5. The BSNL Tune comes with a unique user friendly features which allows you to schedule your RBT. The selected RBT will play during the scheduled period. To schedule your RBT you have to log on to and then enter your MSISDN Number and password. Click on to my album button and select the schedule option under this. The selected tune will play during the defined period.

6. User can select more than one RBT which can be played randomly or sequentially or may play according to schedule set by the user.

7. A user can set default ringback tune for all the callers or set special tone for any person or group.

8. You can also change/delete your BSNL Tunes through the BSNL Tune web page.

Procedure to activate BSNL Tune
1. Through IVRS

(i) Subscriber needs to dial 56700 from the BSNL network.

(ii) Subscriber will listen the welcome message.

(iii) Subscriber needs to select the language, in which he wants to continue.

(iv) Select the Category from which subscriber need to download the RBT.

(v) Need to download a song by selecting option ‘2’. For confirmation of RBT select option ‘1’. Subscriber may disconnect the call.

(vi) Activation process may take 4-24 hrs. Once activated subscriber is notified through SMS.

2. Through Web:

(i) Go to website

(ii) Click on link ‘New User Registration’

(iii) Enter your mobile number click on ‘Submit’. This will display the list of RBT.

(iv) On the web page, there are two buttons for each RBT. One is for play the RBT/song & another one to purchase it.  If you want to play/preview to any RBT, just click on the PLAY button & if you want to activate/buy any RBT, click on BUY button. A pop up window will open after that. In this pop up window you will get the whole information regarding the RBT tune like validity of content, name of the song & subscription charges. At the same time you will get a 6-digit confirmation number on your mobile. Enter 6 digit number on that pop up screen to activate/purchase that RBT.

(vi) You will receive a SMS for registering and activation of selected song as RBT along with the assigned password.

Procedure to activate BSNL Tune

3. Through SMS:

(i) RBT can also be activated by sending a SMS: SUB RBT ID Code to 56700

Note: RBT ID Code can be obtained from BSNL Tune webpage.

For more help send SMS: HELP at 56700

Different SMS Command





Subscription to PRBT service with content download


Download RBT

RBT Content download into users Album


List Category

Listing of PRBT categories for browsing


Song Listing

Listing of RBT songs in category


Recommended RBT Listing

List RBT in Recommended categories


List RBT in User’s Album

List of RBT available in users album


Manage Group:

i) Group Retrieval

ii) CLI Retrieval

iii) Add CLI

iv) Remove CLI

Manage Group:

i) List of group available in users profile

ii) List mobile no. associated with a group

iii) Add member to a group

iv) Remove member from a group.

Manage Group:


ii) LISTGROUP [space]

iii) ADD [space] [space]

iv) REMOVE [space] [space]

Assign RBT

i)Assign default

ii)Assign CLI

Assign RBT

i) Assign Default RBT for all callers

ii) Assigning RBT to a particular caller

Assign RBT

i) DEF[space]

ii) CLI [space] [space]

Song Search

Song Search in content database.



Help information



Unsubscribe from the RBT Service


Procedure to de-activate BSNL Tune

1. Through IVRS

(i) Subscriber needs to dial 56700 from the BSNL network.

(ii) Subscriber will listen the welcome message.

(iii) Subscriber needs to select the language, in which he wants to continue.

(iv) Select the option ‘4’ for entering to your profile.

(v) Select the option ‘4’ for unsubscribe the service.

2. Through Web:

(i) Go to website

(ii) At User Login enter your mobile number & passward.

(iii) Now click on to ‘My Album’.

(iv) Now click on to ‘Profiles’.

(vi) Now click on ‘Un-Subscribe’ to unsubscribe the service.

3. Through SMS:

(i) To unsubscribe the particular ringback tone through SMS send a SMS, UNSUB[space] to 56700

(i) To unsubscribe the service through SMS send a SMS, UNSUB ALL to 56700
Tariff for PRBT (Personalized Ring Back Tone) services under cellular services of BSNL





Monthly Fixed Charges (Rs.)



Access Charges (Rs.)

(a) Airtime Charges per Min for IVR access on short code “56700”


(b) Charges per SMS for SMS access on short code “56700”


(c) Charges for WAP access on BSNL wap portal (

As per wap portal

(d) Charges for Web access on

As per charges applicable from time to time


Content Charges per RBT download excluding access charges using (IVRS/SMS/Wap Site/Website)

(a) Premium RBT in Rs.


(b) Non Premium RBT in Rs.



Validity of RBT in days

30 days

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