House No. 24 Ambi Gali Taj Bagh Scheme Lahore, Pakistan Cell #: 0092-321-4772982 Cell #: 0092-331-4178664

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Waqar Ahmed

House No.24 Ambi Gali Taj Bagh Scheme Lahore, Pakistan

Cell #:0092-321-4772982

Cell #: 0092-331-4178664



To work as a broadcast engineer and use my engineering skills in servicing and maintaining latest digital broadcast automation systems for a broadcast facility.

To ensure availability of Information Technology System and infrastructure providing 24X7 Television Broadcasting through IT related software’s and ancillary Services.


My experience spent around almost 10 years working in Television Media field. During my experience I have been involved in planning, installation, Repairing and managing Special Assignments. Beside these technical skills, I possess the following non-technical skills.

  • Leadership

  • Interpersonal

  • Communication

  • Fast learning ability

  • Team work

  • Management

Key Skills

  • Excellent support for MCR, Ingest, library and Transmission when needed.

  • Strong working knowledge of broadcast automation, communication equipment, and satellite linking.

  • Skilled in installing, operating, repairing and maintaining electronic equipment’s

  • Superior communication and project-management skills

  • Manage and Monitor Software systems within the broadcast environment.

  • Physically fit to lift equipment, climb ladders, and work for long hours

  • Maintain Planning and implementing change at approved time windows.

  • Resolve any Hardware issues and liaise with suppliers for the replacement of faulty hardware.

  • Resolves software problems beginning at the lowest level (user - tech - vendor)

  • Provide technical support (including Desktop support if required) to the news room and operational team.

  • Installs and upgrades systems components and software as directed.

  • Quickly respond to operational issues to resolve platform and broadcast problems.

  • Strong Knowledge of broadcast rules and regulations.

  • Complete operation Encoder and Decoder technology.

  • Ensure all documentation and configurations are kept up to date.

  • Manage third party suppliers, chases for updates, manage products.

  • Shift/on-Call requirement within the role.

  • Strong Knowledge in RF uplink systems and experience in handling Flyaway/DSNG an advantage.

  • Ability to work in a high pressured environment.

  • Skill in both verbal and written communication

  • Fast responding to operational/technical equipment problems

Professional Experience

Express News Networks (LHR)

Broadcast Engineer

Starts Jan-2015 – to till date

  • Supporting and executing live and prerecorded programming

  • Audio Console Operation & Installation

  • Video Switcher Operation & Installation

  • C.C.U ( Sony D50) Operation & Installation

  • VTR (DSR1800p) & (DSR2000) Operation & Installation

  • Video Routing for graphics windows & Virtual cam windows

  • DDR Operation & installation (DR-1000)

  • Support play out Server ( Aveco Astra )

  • Installation Of Uplink (Dish & BUC)

  • Video Patching and Making of Audio & Video Cables (26pin ccu, Xlr, Trs, Rc, Bnc )

  • Support Viz Rt and Troubleshoot

  • Operating and optimizing analog and digital equipment required for television broadcasting, including audio boards, routing switches and video switchers

  • Participates in all aspects of video post production, including audio mixing, technical direction, C.G. operation, computer editing, video tape operation and editing

  • Setting up and operating equipment and transmission links during outside broadcasts.

  • Setting up and monitoring audiovisual links between units in different locations

  • Analyzing and rectifying technical faults on equipment and systems

  • Tests and aligns new equipment prior to installation in the broadcast facility.

  • Sets up and maintains transmission equipment for broadcast.

Saudi Binladin Group CCTV Foreman

Starts feb-2014 to jan-2015

  • Ensure that all CCTV system matters are dealt with professionally, efficiently and in accordance with laid down procedures.

  • Reporting of security incidents to the Control Room Duty Manager (Control Room Team Leader out Of Hours), and the Site Manager.

  • Co-ordination of surveillance and CCTV systems to support command and control where necessary.

  • Ensure that accurate records are kept and all actions are logged and data stored to enable reports to be generated for analysis by the Management team.

  • Ability to follow laid down response and escalation protocols.

  • Implement all processes and procedures in line with national standards (NSI) and legal requirements (DPA).

  • Generate Reports & Returns summarizing key activities.

    Express News Networks (LHR)


    Starts Oct-2007 – Jan-2014

  • Testing calibration of all transmission equipment’s before live event telecasts.

  • Assisting in quality control on all incoming and outgoing feeds

  • Performing troubleshooting, and maintenance of electronic equipment

  • Maintaining documentation of daily activities

  • Monitored and adjusted audio and video parameters and ensured network quality

  • Assisted in conducting training for junior.

  • Coordinated and offered support for internal and external broadcast events

  • Maintained clean and dust-free environment in entire technical areas

  • Inspected the integration of the wiring system

  • Operations include provisioning, routing and monitoring multiple A/V feeds to and from our facility.

  • Analyzing and rectifying technical faults.

  • Investigating new techniques and workflows

  • Audio console, cameras, microphones, sound speakers, recording equipment, sound and mixing boards and related electronic equipment for Live and recorded News bulletins, Talk shows and outdoor broadcast

  • Communicating effectively with own team and other project members.

  • Managed specialist equipment and supervised audio-visual links between different units. 

  • Set up and operate audio and video equipment, including video switcher, Camera Control Unit.

  • Resolve operational issues in Studios & production Control Room and Control Access Room.

  • Operate, install and troubleshoots complex electronic, computer based and mechanical broadcasting systems.

Royal Media Networks

Sr. Associate Engineer

Starts Nov 2006 – Oct 2007

  • I was responsible for all studio sound production either in live rolling news, live or pre-recorded current affairs/features programs.

  • Daily maintenance and operation of broadcast equipment

  • Maintain quality of Audio and video signal from MCR. Coordination with News control room, Programming control room, Ingest room, Satellite feeds For Live and recorded Material. Operate content pilot for CG.

  • Analyzing and rectifying technical faults on equipment and systems.

  • Record sound and checking its quality and making adjustments where necessary. Line up incoming feeds.

  • Making sure that the Vision Mixer is operating correctly and assigning the page meant for the studies. Rebuilding new pages (including keying, DVEs and Effects) for the new and unsaved studios designs.

  • Managing and operating the equipment in the Audio Control Room and for ensuring accuracy whilst maintaining the highest technical quality at all time.

  • Video Switching during Live News Bulletins and Talk Shows in Production Control Room. On Air Operation, cutting, mixing, wiping, using Visual effect, boxes, and keying the video elements following the director orders to make the output Video signal of the gallery ready on air.

Mega Projects during Job in Express Television 24/7 Routers and Networking in English News Installation

  • Install 1 PCR For News Bulletins & News Stories Through Octopus Software.

  • Install Master Control Room Live Bulletin Compatible

  • Install Central Engineering Room For Routing Of All Sources Communication, Devices, Video Synchronize For All Sources, Net Work Switches Etc.

Pakistan Election Coverage

  • Install Feed Room For Election Coverage, Install PCR For Special Program Of Election (Election 2008) & (Election 2013).


  • Msc (I.T)

University of Education (Township Campus) 2013

CGPA 3.59

PIMSAT University 2010

CGPA 3.2

  • B-Tech (Pass) Electronics

PIMSAT University 2008

CGPA 3.4

  • Diploma of Associate Engineering(Electronics)


Marks 67%

  • Martic (Computer Science)

Ali Al Murad High School 2003

Marks 53%

Broadcasting Equipment & Computer & IT Skills

  • Audio Console: Yamaha 02R96, TASCAM DM3200, MG124C, SOUNDCRAFT FX16.

  • Video switchers: Snell & Wilcox CP16, Echolab Overtrue1&2, Panasonic MX-70, Ross Carbonite, ODYSSEY 2B, EYEHIGHT.

  • Playback, Ingest editing systems: AVECO ASTRA Automation, MAC PRO OS, Vector Box Automation.

  • Hybrid DHY 03 (Audio conferencing)

  • Digital Audio Processor Junger DAP LM4

  • VTRs: DSR 2000AP, DSR 1800, DSR 45AP.

  • Video Disk Recorder (DDR) (DSR-1000AP).

  • Cameras : Sony PD 170, PD 150,Panasonic D50, D55.CCU D50

  • Network Router : Vikinx control panel. Black Magic

  • Trilogy talkback system

  • Encoders, decoders, Receivers, MUX, DEMUX, VIZ Engines, Evertz HDSD9545DLY-PRO, Trilogy SPG, etc.

  • Virtual studio (Ultimate)

  • Deploy new software Windows Xp, Windows 7, MS OFFICE.

  • Installing new hardware (servers, printers, computer work stations etc)

  • Operating systems – Windows / Linux.

  • Support all broadcast IT systems.

  • Installing anti-virus protection.

  • Knowledge of PHP, Html, Java Script, CSS languages.

  • Hands on experience on LAN and WAN deployment and maintenance.

Personal Information

  • Father Name: Muhammad Zaheer

  • Date of Birth: 13th February, 1988

  • Nationality: Pakistan

  • CNIC: 35202-1966951-7

  • Passport Number: NS1159512

  • Religion: Islam

Extra Curriculum

  • Reading Books and Research

  • Playing (Badminton) & Cricket

  • Meeting People & Exchanging thoughts with renowned figures of all walks of life

Will be furnished upon Request


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