Hurricane Trivia Facts

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Hurricane Trivia Facts

  • The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends November 30.

  • The first recorded hurricane to hit the modern-day U.S. struck in 1559, near what is now Pensacola.

  • September 10 marks the peak of hurricane season.

  • In 1999, Hurricane Floyd forced 3 million people in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina to leave their homes, the largest evacuation effort in U.S. history.

  • The costliest disaster in Georgia’s history was Tropical Storm Alberto, which produced catastrophic flooding and $750 million in damages in 1994.

  • The last hurricane to make landfall directly on Georgia’s coast was Hurricane David, which caused $320 million in damages and 15 deaths in 1979.

  • Georgia’s hurricane history along the East coast was much more turbulent in the 19th Century, when 14 hurricanes struck the state’s coast. Only four made landfall during the 20th Century.

  • The deadliest hurricane in Georgia’s history struck in 1893 and killed more than 2,500 people.

  • 2012’s Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic tropical storm on record. It caused 147 deaths and $50 billion in damage.

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  • #Hurricane season starts on June 1. Are you ready?

  • #Hurricane season starts soon. Prepare your home by keeping trees & shrubs trimmed, and prepare a Ready kit.

  • Did You Know? The deadliest #hurricane in GA struck in 1893 & killed 2,500 ppl. More hurricane history:

  • If a #hurricane strikes, do you know the best evacuation routes?


  • Hurricane season starts on June 1. Get ready by making a Ready kit and a family emergency plan. More at @Ready Georgia.

  • Did You Know? Georgia’s coast was struck by 14 hurricanes in the 1800s, but only 4 in 20th Century.

  • During hurricane season, it’s important to pay attention to local weather and news. You can also get a NOAA weather radio, which is the best way to stay informed.

  • Andrea, Humberto, Lorenzo, Wendy. What do these names have in common? They are the list of names for potential hurricanes in 2013, and one or more of them could become as well-known as Katrina or Sandy. Are you ready?

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