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Suggested Report Materials

For Annual Associational

Meetings, 2015

Georgia Baptist Convention state missionaries seek to reduce lostness

by focusing with Baptists on Spiritual Renewal resulting in

Kingdom Generosity,

Church Revitalization,

Church Planting,

And Authentic Evangelism.
Executive Director/Administration

J. Robert White, State Missionary
Assisting Georgia Baptists in reaching lost people in Georgia for Jesus Christ is the priority of all state missions ministries. State missionaries began aligning all ministries with the 5 Smooth Stones following their adoption at the 2011 Convention annual meeting. The 5 Smooth Stones or core initiatives of Spiritual Renewal, Kingdom Generosity, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Authentic Evangelism, will help Georgia Baptists reach the projected 8.1 million lost people expected to live in Georgia by the year 2020. It will take spiritual renewal among all Georgia Baptists resulting in our working together to accomplish these initiatives in order to make the needed impact of the Gospel upon our state.

The administration of state missions is the responsibility of the Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention. The ministries and operations of state missions are under the leadership of Executive Director, J. Robert White. State missionaries serve through the various ministries across the state assisting our churches in responding to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

The Georgia Woman’s Missionary Union and Women’s Enrichment Ministries is an auxiliary to the Georgia Baptist Convention and serves our churches through providing resources, training and mission opportunities. The Christian Index serves the interests of state missions in the publication of news and in promotion of the various ministry activities.

State missions ministry is supported through the Cooperative Program and the annual Mission Georgia Offering. It depends upon the local church family to faithfully and unselfishly share their resources through our cooperative efforts to reach Georgia with the Gospel and provide a strong base for carrying out the Great Commission throughout the world.


Mike Griffin, Part-Time Consultant

During 2014, the Georgia Baptist Convention supported several bills. There are three that stand out: Senate Bill 98 (SB 98), House Bill 1023 (HB 1023)/Senate Bill 377 (SB 377) and House Bill 60 (HB 60).

  • SB 98 was written to prohibit taxpayer-funded abortion through state and federal insurance plans. Georgia Baptists have a strong history of standing against abortion. This bill passed and became effective on April 21, 2014.

  • HB 1023/SB 377 (Religious Freedom Restoration Acts) were written to protect religious freedom in Georgia. Eighteen states have passed religious freedom legislation and judges in thirteen additional states have affirmed this important protection. Due to various interest groups, these bills were not passed.

  • HB 60 (Safe Carry Protection Act) included a section to allow churches to “opt-in” which would provide churches with the option of allowing licensed gun permit owners to possess a gun on church property. Georgia Baptists believe in the autonomy of each church and this bill allows churches to choose on this matter. This bill was signed into law by Governor Deal.

  • For more information email above or phone: 706-436-2646.


Robert A. Boswell, State Missionary
The State Missionaries of the Georgia Baptist Convention provide leadership training, conferences and resources to assist 3,600 Georgia Baptist churches. Each event, conference and resource is designed to assist churches with Mission Georgia, the 5 Smooth Stones emphasis: Spiritual Renewal, Kingdom Generosity, Church Revitalization, Church Planting and Authentic Evangelism.

  • Associational Missions

  • Church Financial Services

  • Church Minister Relations

  • Church Planting Ministries

  • Church Revitalization and Leadership Ministries

  • Collegiate Ministries

  • Communication Services

  • Cooperative Program, Stewardship and Endownment Ministries

  • Discipleship and Spiritual Renewal Ministries

  • Evangelism Ministries

  • Georgia Baptist Conference Centers – Toccoa, Norman Park

  • Information Services

  • Intercultural Church Planting and Missions Ministries

  • Men’s Ministries

  • Music and Worship Ministries

  • Regional State Missionaries

  • Research Services

  • Sunday School/Small Groups Ministries

  • Woman’s Missionary Union/Women’s Enrichment Ministries

  • Youth Ministries

State missionaries are available for consultation to associations and churches. You may contact each ministry by phone at 800-RING-GBC (800.746.4422), 770.455,0404 or visit the GBC website at to receive the latest information in each of these ministries.

In addition to state missionaries located at the Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center in Duluth, numerous field personnel are located throughout the state. Among those available are the Regional State Missionaries located in three regions of Georgia. The RSM contact information is:

Charles Drummond, North Georgia Region, Augusta

Harris Malcom, Middle Georgia Region, Monroe

Mike Everson, South Georgia Region, Valdosta

George Barnett, Part-time, North Georgia

Each ministry exists to serve the associations and churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention, strengthen churches and reduce lostness in Georgia. You may contact Robert A. Boswell, Assistant Executive Director at 6405 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 or call 800.RING.GBC, 770.936.5381 or e-mail -


Larry Wynn, State Missionary
Church Revitalization is a process that begins with the pastor, the leader of the church. The pastor is the gatekeeper and the communicator of vision for the church. Our goal is to help pastors understand and embrace the process for revitalization in the church. Revitalization begins as the pastor influences the church and leads the church into revitalization. The church makes changes and as a result the community is impacted with the Gospel.
pastor roundtables

Our most requested revitalization tool is the pastor roundtable. Pastor roundtables are being promoted throughout the state. Its foundation is Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” (NKJV) The purpose of the pastor roundtable is to strengthen pastors through the open exchange of questions, ideas, best practices, mistakes and successes. It’s an environment where pastors can come together to exchange ideas and discuss topics related to ministry in the local church. These groups typically involve five to ten pastors representing churches of similar size, demographics, etc… These churches do not have to all do church the same way. We welcome diversity in this format because we can learn a lot from each other. The meeting is a productive time of encouragement and discussion. Pastor Roundtable guidelines.

Pastor Encouragement Workshops
These regional workshops are led by pastors and ministry leaders who have experienced significant growth in their churches and ministries. Workshop topics may include: bi-vocational pastoring, how to organize effective evangelistic events, harmony in the church, effective church mergers, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Kingdom generosity and Great Commission resource centers.
Other resources
The Church Revitalization team provides resources to assist pastors with the revitalization process. These resources include personal growth and development, communicating and connecting effectively, Ten Commandments for New Pastors, embracing change, transitional pastoring, time management, bi-vocational pastoring, and consultation. We also resource the church through the existing tools of evangelism, Sunday School/small groups, discipleship, church assessments, community assessments, effective church mergers, and strategic planning.


Steve Parr, State Missionary
The ministry of Staff Coordination and Development exists to provide leadership for all Georgia state missionaries to coordinate ministries, strategies, and calendars, to develop the leadership of the staff through training and coaching, and to lead toward alignment of all of the ministries around the Mission Georgia vision and the five priorities often referred to as The 5 Smooth Stones.
The vision of the Georgia Baptist Convention is as follows:

The Georgia Baptist Convention will seek to reduce lostness by focusing with Baptists on Spiritual Renewal resulting in Kingdom Generosity, Church Revitalization, Church Planting and Authentic Evangelism.
The office of the Vice-President of Staff Coordination and Development works with all ministry areas to focus, prioritize, and serve Georgia Baptist Churches in context of this vision. Further, the ministry works with state missionaries to connect with all Georgia Baptist Churches to communicate, challenge, and celebrate the elevation and application of each component of the 5 Smooth Stones.
Responsibilities related specifically to this ministry area include but are not limited to:

-Service on the Executive Leadership Team.

-Planning and leading staff meetings to enhance communication for and between staff members.

-Planning staff fellowship opportunities throughout the year.

-Seeking to align all staff members around the vison of Mission Georgia.

-Working with staff to coordinate calendars and enhance ministry activities.

-Developing training opportunities to improve staff performance including an annual Staff Retreat.

-Working with church and associational leaders to provide quality ministry experiences to strengthen their ministries and leadership.

For more information, please go to


Frank A. Nuckolls, State Missionary
This ministry area seeks to engage Georgia Baptists in accomplishing the Great Commission through the mission of the “5 Smooth Stones.” This task is accomplished through the following ministries:

  • Associational Missions

  • Associational Ministries

  • Disaster Relief Ministries

  • Mobilization Ministries

Associational Missions Ministries engaged Georgia Baptists in accomplishing the Great Commission through:

  • Engaging associations in the development and implementation of a missional strategy.

  • Equipping associational missionaries in Great Commission ministry.

  • Encouraging and enlisting approximately 20,000 volunteers to serve on mission in Appalachia through a partnership with Appalachian Regional Ministries of the North American Mission Board. (

  • Engaging Georgia Baptists to provide 22,501 Christmas Backpacks for Appalachian Children, resulting in 701 professions of faith in Christ.

  • Equipping approximately one thousand church leaders through Continuing Education Ministries in associational, African-American, ethnic, and prison Continuing Education Centers.

For additional information on Associational Missions Ministries contact Frank Nuckolls at

Associational Ministries engaged Georgia Baptists in accomplishing the Great Commission through:

  • Encouraging, assisting, and training Georgia Baptist chaplains who serve in the military, hospitals, prisons, businesses, and institutions.

  • Supporting church and community ministries through 10 Baptist ministry centers throughout Georgia. These centers served 10,000 people.

  • Coordinating prison evangelism, ministry, and continuing education classes that ministered to 50,000 inmates.

  • Addiction Recovery Ministries through HEART Ministries and Penfield Christian Homes. These ministries served 130 men and women.

  • Enlisting, training, and supervising student summer missionaries to serve in local associations. In 2014, 35 student summer missionaries were trained and sent out to do missions and ministry in Georgia, resulting in 130 professions of faith in Christ.

  • Promoting and administering the Southern Baptist Global Hunger Offering serving 5 million meals with 22,000 professions of faith in Christ in North America.

  • Supporting and directing the Missionary Service Corp (MSC) ministry in Georgia. There are 55 MSC missionaries doing multiple ministries in Georgia, including food ministries, homeless ministries, evangelism ministries, and church support.

  • Partnering with Resort Ministries to evangelize people in the resort setting. Locations for Resort Ministries include Helen, Northeast Georgia, and the Golden Isles.

For additional information on Associational Ministries, please contact Ricky Thrasher at

Disaster Relief and Mobilization Ministries

Disaster Relief and Mission Mobilization Ministries seek to encourage Georgia Baptists to be strategically missional.

  • This ministry helps Georgia Baptist churches and associations to develop a missional strategy to engage all four mission fields of Acts 1:8.

  • We assist churches by connecting them with mission opportunities in Georgia, the nation, and internationally. GBC churches can find opportunities for service and resources for missions through the website:

  • We credential volunteers to “Serve Christ in Crisis” during times of disaster response. Even though Georgia has not had many natural disasters in recent years, we need to be ready for the next storm that comes. For additional information on Disaster Relief visit our website at

  • We provide additional opportunities for ministry through other ministries such as Baptist Builders and Campers on Mission.

For additional information on Disaster Relief and Mobilization Ministries, please contact Stuart Lang at


Keith Hamilton, State Missionary
The Church Financial Services team seeks to build partnerships and relationships with church financial leaders and church employees to provide a Biblical financial planning ministry of insurance, retirement, investment, estate planning, and tax matters. Church Financial Services seeks to encourage ministers and churches to utilize the services of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. Churches need to consider providing retirement contributions, medical, life, accidental, and disability insurance as employer-provided benefit for their church staff.
Over 200 workshops, seminars, and private appointments were conducted by the state missionaries in this ministry area by training at least 6,200 church financial leaders. Also, the church staff compensation study was offered to Georgia Baptist Convention churches free of charge because of gifts through the Cooperative Program.
Church Financial Services seeks to teach kingdom generosity through regional church money management workshops hosted by individual associations. The compliance seminars were conducted statewide. The Church Financial Services team is committed to teaching the importance of a church blessing its staff. Contact Church Financial Services to see about scheduling a conference for your association or church.
Church Financial Services seeks to enhance generosity through the ministry of the Hot Financial Topics. The one page newsletter that is offered through the website is designed to help churches comply with governmental regulations. Hot Financial Topics provide educational assistance, housing allowance, increasing church offerings, and many topics to encourage churches to be generous with their staff financially. Additionally, the Hot Financial Topics were compiled into a book to assist local church leaders.
The Georgia Baptist Convention and GuideStone Financial Resources of the SBC models the spirit of kingdom generosity by offering to pay for survivor protection benefits up to $100,000 and up to $500 monthly disability income benefits for ministers and church staff members participating in the Church Retirement Plan. What a tremendous benefit available to ministers and church employees!
Church Financial Services seeks to assist churches in church revitalization issues in legal matters through written materials. Church financial policies and designated fund management booklets are available to supplement these resources.
The website for Church Financial Services is a tool to assist ministers, budget and personnel committees, accounting professionals, church treasurers, financial secretaries, and church secretaries in financial concerns. The website contains articles or web links to assist churches in financial management issues.
Church Financial Services seeks to assist churches and their staffs with the following resources in kingdom generosity and church revitalization:

  • Providing leadership training workshops and materials in insurance, investment, estate planning, retirement, and tax matters;

  • Assisting church staff members and retirees in understanding and utilizing the services of the GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention;

  • Helping church staff members and churches understand the importance of Biblical financial planning principles; and

  • Conducting basic financial compliance seminars and workshops.


Marcus Merritt, State Missionary
Church-Minister Relations seeks to provide its ministries to ministers, churches and associations in a personal, professional and biblical manner. We always honor the autonomy of the local church, association, and the New Testament office of pastor. Our department is directly related to the office of Dr. J. Robert White, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and is funded through the Cooperative Program.
Our ministries are wide in variety but the focus remains on pointing individuals back to Christ. This focus blends itself easily onto the mission of The 5 Smooth Stones, particularly church revitalization. Our events and training opportunities are created and focused on the individual person, their relationship to Christ and turning their focus back to the spiritual health of their church. Through our staff we desire to equip them to focus on church revitalization. To access Church Minister Relations use:
Resume Services: These services are available to any minister who is open to a new place of ministry and to churches, associations, institutions and agencies that are searching for new leadership. We do not make recommendations, but share resumes as information only through a profile system determined by those making the request. During 2014, we received 303 requests for resumes and we shared 13,996 individual copies of resumes. To access the resume service use:
Committee Training/Consultation: We provide training/orientation for the local church search committee focused on open pastor and staff ministry positions. This training/orientation program is done on the local church field and can be scheduled through the Church-Minister Relations office. We are also available to meet on the church field during transitional times with search committees, personnel committees, other official church groups, or the entire congregation to help during the interim period. Last year 26 Georgia Baptist churches requested and participated in these services.
Pastoral Care: This ministry reaches out to Georgia Baptist ministers, their families, and the GBC staff with compassion, encouragement, prayer, support, and assistance during times of illness and crisis through personal contacts and on-site visits. Each month, our staff traveled an average of 7,000 miles, extending an average of 60 visits to GBC ministers and their families, 12 visits with Associational Missionaries and 20 with GBC employees. An average of 500 more contacts were made by phone, e-mail and regular mail.
Barnabas Ministry: The Barnabas Ministry is an ongoing outreach and ministry of the Georgia Baptist Convention to terminated and hurting ministers. Georgia Baptist Churches forcibly terminated 45 Pastors (full-time and bi-vocational) and 12 full time church staff members; resulting in 57 ministers being forcibly terminated during 2014. Our office gives leadership and direction to the “Barnabas Ministry: Georgia Baptists Caring for Hurt Ministers and their Families.” This ministry includes nine major areas; (1) Counseling for Ministers and Family, (2) Career Consultation, (3) Subscription to The Christian Index, (4) Resume Service, (5) Limited Housing, (6) Emergency Food, (7) Financial Aid, (8) Encouragement, and (9) Retreats. This year 26 forcibly terminated ministers were helped with financial aid totaling over $44,925.15. In 2014, 9 couples attended the Barnabas Ministry Couples Retreats for hurting ministers.
Interim Ministries: On any given day; an average of 10% of Georgia Baptist churches are seeking a pastor. Our office is available for consulting with churches during the interim time to help the church discover which type of interim ministry is best for the church and how to enter into the chosen type. As a service to both ministers and churches, our office keeps a roster of available interim ministers. In 2014, 13 churches requested resumes for an interim minister and we mailed 105 resumes in response. We offer Transitional Pastor Training in partnership with LifeWay Christian Ministries.
Deacon Ministry: Our ministry gives leadership to the Deacon ministry by providing Georgia Baptist churches with deacon training and resources that will help the church achieve its ministry objectives. We annually offer a Pastor/Deacon/Spouse Retreat that is held at one of the Georgia Baptist Conference Centers. In 2014, the theme was ‘Leading with courage and commitment’. Dr. Rick Lance and Rev. Herman Parker led our Conference. We had a total of 97 participants.

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