Hurricane Webquest Name: Cane Lab

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Hurricane Webquest Name: _________________

Cane Lab: Go to
Play the game and record your results in the table below. Then answer the questions that follow.
In order to finish the game, you have to answer all the questions correctly.

Wind Shear


Latitude Range

Sea Temperature

1. What is the most favorable range of latitudes for Atlantic hurricane formation?

  1. 5̊S to 10̊N

  2. 5̊N to 30̊N

  3. 15̊N to 40̊N

2. What is the minimum temperature (in Celsius) for hurricane formation?

  1. Below 26̊C

  2. Above 25̊C

3. To form, hurricanes need a lot of wind shear and very little moisture. (True or False)

  1. True

  2. False

Weather Wiz Kids:
Go to
Click on “Hurricanes” in the left column. Search for the answers to the following questions.

  1. How long do hurricanes generally last? ____________________________________________________

  2. How fast do hurricanes move over the open ocean? __________________________________________

  3. How to hurricanes gather heat and energy? _________________________________________________

  4. Which direction do hurricanes rotate in the…

    1. Northern Hemisphere: ___________________________________________________

    2. Southern Hemisphere: ___________________________________________________

  5. What is the center of the storm called? ____________________________________________________

  6. Describe the conditions (of wind and weather) inside the center part of the hurricane. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. What kinds of damage do hurricanes cause? ________________________________________________

  1. Look at the diagram “What does a hurricane need?” and list the five things that are necessary for hurricanes to form.

#1 ________________________________________________________________

#2 ________________________________________________________________

#3 ________________________________________________________________

#4 ________________________________________________________________

#5 ________________________________________________________________

  1. What is the storm surge? Why is it considered the most devastating part of a hurricane?

  2. Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean starts ___________________ and ends ___________________.

  1. In which part of the world are these storms called…

    1. Typhoons: ___________________________________________________________

    2. Hurricanes: __________________________________________________________

    3. Cyclones: ___________________________________________________________

  2. Use the “Tropical Tracks” link to look at last year’s hurricane records. Click the map to enlarge; this should pop up on another page.

    1. What is the name of the last tropical storm in 2013? ______________________________

    2. What is the range of dates for this storm? _____________________________________

  3. What is the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning?

  1. What is the difference between a tropical depression and a tropical storm?

  2. A storm becomes a hurricane when the wind speeds reach ___________ mph.

  3. What are some safety guidelines to follow before, during, and after a hurricane?

    1. Before a hurricane: _____________________________________________________

    2. During a hurricane: _____________________________________________________

    3. After a hurricane: ______________________________________________________

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