Northeast Region Webquest Introduction

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Northeast Region Webquest

You are about to embark on a webquest journey to learn about the Northeast region. You will use the internet to research information about each state; you’ll take the information and complete tasks showcasing what you’ve

learned. Some tasks will be completed individually, others

will be done in groups. You will have four weeks to complete

the webquest. The states in the NE region are: Connecticut,

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,

Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and



  • Playdough Physical Map

  • Vocabulary Sheet

  • Vocabulary Crossword

  • State Information Sheet

  • Paper Quilt

*Playdough Physical Map (Individual Task):

You will print off the map of the NE region from the

resource area on our class’ homepage. On this map you will

use playdough to create a detailed physical map of the

region. Your map will include major landforms such as

deserts, lakes, rivers, plains, mountain ranges, forests, etc.

The Google Earth program on the computer will help you

determine what and where the landforms are located. After

you are done you will explain your map to the teacher for a

grade. (On the map, Maryland is included- this is not a state

in the NE- do not include it as part of your Playdough

Physical Map.)

*Vocabulary Sheet (Individual Task):

You will print out the vocabulary sheet from the resource

area on our class’ homepage. Using your textbook, fill in

either the missing word or definition.

*Vocabulary Crossword (Pair Task):

You and a partner will create a crossword containing

vocabulary words from the Vocabulary Sheet. You will need

to use 15 words and clues for each. The crossword will be created using an online website whose link can be found in the resource area. Be sure to create, or make a key for your crossword. After you’ve completed the crossword you’ll switch with another set of partners and complete each others. You’ll then switch back and grade each others using your key. A combination grade will be taken on the crossword you created and the crossword you completed.

*State Information Sheet (Group Task):

The NE region is broken down into the New England States

(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode

Island, Vermont) and the Middle Atlantic States (Delaware,

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania). The class will be

split into two groups with each focusing on researching the

states from one of those two regions. Each group will have a

designated leader for this task. The leader will assign each

group member a state to complete an information sheet on.

(Some group members may complete two or more states, or

you may research some states together- it’s up to the leader

of the group to decide.) Information sheets can be printed

off from the resource area on the class’ webpage. If a

member is struggling finding answers for their assigned

state, ask the group for help. Remember- this is a group

project. After all of the information sheets for each state

have been completed, you will switch sheets with the other

Group 1: New England States

Group 2: Middle Atlantic States
*Paper Quilt (Group Task):

A new leader will be assigned for this group task to help

keep everyone on task. After switching State Information

Sheets with the other group, each group will use the new

State Information Sheets to create a paper quilt. The quilt

will have 25 squares, each 8x8 inches, with the middle square

having the name of the group of states researched, and the

region they are located in. The quilt squares are to be made

of construction paper- your group will need to pick out the

colors to use and cut the squares to the correct size. Your

group will need to decide together what information each

square will contain (each square will need to contain

different information). Be sure that information about each

state within the group of states is presented. (Example: one square may contain each states’ capital; another square may contain each states’ natural resources;) You’ll also need to

decide how to attach the blocks together so that they form a

Group 1: Middle Atlantic States

Group 2: New England States

NE Region Map.doc
Vocabulary Sheet.doc
Crossword Maker:
State Information Sheet.doc
Flag Pages to Color:
Colored Flags:
Websites for NE States Information:

Stately Knowledge-

Postcards from America-

Fact Monster-

Ben’s Guide-

America’s Story-

Visiting New England-

Tour New England-

New England Vacations-

Trip Cart-,Places-to-VisitIndex.html

Vacation Spots in Mid-Atlantic Region-

Mid-Atlantic Beach Vacations-

Mid-Atlantic Sights-


  • Playdough Physical Map

  • Vocabulary Sheet

  • Vocabulary Crossword

  • State Information Sheet

  • Paper Quilt

Congratulations! You have completed your journey of the

Northeast States! You have learned many new facts about

the region and states; share with other your new knowledge

and keep on learning!

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