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Special Education Services Division

100 West Randolph Street

Suite 4-800

Chicago, Illinois 60601-3223

Nonpublic Special Education Program Classroom Roster

Program Name: _______________________________________

Teacher: _______________________________________ Paraprofessional*: _______________________________________

Student First Name

Date of Birth


Individual Aide**

Name of Individual Aide ***

Classroom Age span (the difference between the oldest and youngest student in the class) ________ years, ________ months

23 Illinois Administrative Code 226.720

The age range of students within a special education grouping shall not exceed four years at the elementary level and six years at the secondary level. Early childhood classes and services shall serve only children from three through five years of age, except that a district shall not be prohibited from permitting a child who reaches his or her sixth birthday during a year to complete that year.

* A paraprofessional is required for any classroom with more than five (5) students.

** Place a check in this box if the student’s IEP indicates that an individual aide is required.

*** Provide the name of the individual aide assigned to that student.

Download 9.46 Kb.

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