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Borland Highlights
February 2002 v.7

In This Issue:
  • February Borland Announcements

  • Borland “In The News” Highlights

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  • February Borland Announcements

February 28, 2002

Borland Adopts New Auditor Policy Banning Auditors from Non-Financial Consulting Work

Borland announced that it has adopted a new auditor policy which bans its outside auditors from performing non-financial consulting services for Borland, such as information technology consulting.

February 27, 2002

Borland Appoints Evan Stone as Vice President of Corporate Development
Borland announced the appointment of Evan Stone as vice president of corporate development.

February 25, 2002

Apropos Selects Borland® Kylix™ 2 and IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server for Linux®-Based Retail Solution
Borland Delivers Cross-Platform Windows/Linux Development Solution to Leading Retail Solutions Provider

Borland announced that Apropos Retail Management Systems, the premier provider of chain retail management systems for small to mid-size chain retailers, has chosen Borland® Kylix™ 2 and the IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server as the development and deployment combination for their Linux®-based retail solutions.

February 22, 2002

Borland Vice-Chairman to Appear on FTC Panel on Patents
General Public and Press Invited to Attend Panel Entitled "Business and Economic Perspectives on Real-World Experience with Patents"

Borland announced that its Vice Chairman, Robert H. Kohn, will represent Borland on an FTC panel entitled "Business and Economic Perspectives on Real-World Experience with Patents".

February 12, 2002

Borland Unveils Product Strategy for Microsoft® .NET™ Platform

Announces Delphi™ and C++Builder™ Support for Microsoft .NET Platform

Borland announced its support for the Microsoft® .NET™ platform. The Borland strategy for the Microsoft .NET platform features award-winning application development environments such as Borland® Delphi™ and Borland® C++Builder™ that support the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework, including ASP.NET and application interoperability through XML Web Services.

February 12, 2002

Borland Reaffirms Guidance for Q1 and Full Year 2002

Borland reaffirmed its first quarter and full-year 2002 guidance. Borland expects revenues to increase approximately 14%-17% in the first quarter of 2002 when compared with the first quarter of 2001.

February 12, 2002

Borland Wins Again With Web Services Solution for Linux®

Borland® Kylix™ Garners LinuxWorld's Open Source Product Excellence Award for Best Developer Tool

Borland announced that Borland® Kylix™ 2, a rapid application development (RAD) environment for the Linux® operating system with support for Web Services, was awarded an Open Source Product Excellence Award in the "Best Developer Tools" category at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York. Kylix, which won the award in 2001, was recently named the most used integrated development environment (IDE) by Linux developers from Evan Data Corporation.

February 11, 2002

The 13th Annual Borland Conference Is Just Around the Corner

Borland announced early registration for BorCon™ 2002 - "Enabling a New Digital World"

February 6, 2002

Borland Joins Business Software Alliance

Gains Seat on Board of Directors and Policy Council

Borland announced today that it has joined the Business Software Alliance (BSA) as a worldwide member. Senior Vice President - Law and Corporate Affairs, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Keith E. Gottfried, will represent Borland on the BSA's Board of Directors.

February 5, 2002

Borland Targets C++ Web Services Opportunity

Borland® C++Builder™ 6 Enables Cross-Platform-Ready Windows®/Linux® Applications with Latest Web Services Technologies

Borland announced Borland® C++Builder™ 6 for rapid application development of e-business applications with Web Services support in a true C++ visual development environment. C++Builder 6 enables C++ developers, estimated at 2.6 million worldwide, to build and deploy cross-platform-ready Windows®/Linux® GUI, database, Web server, and Web Services applications with currently planned Borland C++ products for the Linux platform.

  • Borland “In The News” Highlights


Borland Software Reassembles itself Amid the High-Tech Wreck

Michael Liedtke

February 2002

(See below for complete article & list of coverage in more than 20 newspapers nationwide)
"The 19-year-old company, which makes software development tools, now has one of the strongest pulses in the ailing high-tech industry…with the company hiring again, Borland is a reminder that not every Silicon Valley company is limping away from the tech wreck."

lamboyance in check, Borland makes return to its roots

Scott Herhold

February 4, 2002
“ a year that wrote the epitaphs of dozens of software companies, Borland managed to thrive. It’s put together seven straight profitable quarters. Even more impressive, it’s been adding cash; it has nearly $300 million by last count.”

crutinizing software

Ken Spencer Brown

February 22, 2002
"During the last three years of Borland's turnaround, our financial philosophy has been to focus on the fundamentals," said Fred Ball. "This incorporates a strong focus on GAAP earnings coupled with a strong emphasis on cash flow performance and a simple and easy-to-understand balance sheet structure."

Borland leeft voort/Borland lives on

Martin Healey

February 8, 2002
"Borland is one of the (commercially) most successful IT companies of the past few years."

Borland preaches development environment variety

Robert Dutt

February 26, 2002
"'We see ourselves as the one company that’s able to bridge both worlds,' said Borland Canada president John Fisher. 'We have a very strong Java strategy, and we have a very strong Windows – and now .Net – strategy. We’re a leader in Java development, we’re a leader in Linux development, we’re a leader in the emerging wireless development world, and our goal is to be leader in the .Net developer world.'"

We are the Switzerland of the software industry

Dr. Ronald Wiltscheck

February 28, 2002
"Borland is one of the few successful players in the IT-industry. Founded 19 years ago the company already belongs to the established independent software-companies…the company has a very loyal community…With its openness to Java, Dotnet and Linux, the company remains on the right path."

Borland makes fun of the Slow down

Pierre Berlemont

February 4 2002
"Profit and revenues grow. The Java Business Unit has registered a strong growth. According to Borland, many reasons explain this growth: the setting up of a direct sales force and the success of JBuilder."

A strong message from Borland

February 4, 2002

"Borland increased its sales by 17% in the 4th quarter…An operational result of 5.4m dollars brings about an increase of 12%. The company has now completed seven consecutive profit-making quarters."

Tooling Up

Tan Ee Sze

1-21 February 2002
"For Borland, Raymond Lee says, the focus is to provide tools to develop applications and code that will allow various platforms and legacy systems to talk to each other. 'More importantly, developers will only have to write their applications once, even if their organization or customer decides to change platforms down the road,' he adds. Describing web services as 'the key to interoperability', Lee says they mark a shift to decentralized and distributed computing. 'For the near future, web services is going to be an enterprise application technology,' he says. They will be 'an inflection point on how corporations are going to build their information systems.'"

Borland Launches Delphi Training and Certificates system in China

Song Wenfeng

February 26,2002
"The press conference symbolizes the beginning of Borland’s training and certificates system in China. 'Delphi fans can now participate in Borland training and certificate testing,' said Husen Tu, General Manager of Borland Greater China. He also expressed his opinion on the cooperation with ATA and promised that Borland will continue to input efforts to support the developers to get training and certificates."

Borland partners Genovate


8 February 2002,3916,4141_971011,00.html
"Genovate Solutions, an e-services solutions provider, has been appointed by Borland Software Corporation to provide tools and CORBA-related developer training courses to its customers in Singapore and Malaysia."
"Under the partnership agreement, Genovate will run scheduled part-time public developer training courses in Singapore as well as all full-time public courses in Malaysia. This is to equip Borland's customers and partners with the skills and knowledge required to help them quickly and effectively acquire and adopt new technologies such as Java, Linux, XML and Web Services."

orland Delphi Training and Certificates system Come to China

Jin Zheng

February 26, 2002
"There are lots of customers and fans for Borland products in China and the training and certificate system in China is of great importance. Borland will fully support the development of partners in China, said Julian Quinn, VP of Borland."

Tools players eye cross-platform Web services

Tom Sullivan

February 11, 2002
"Borland's Web services strategy is about bridging the gap between the two worlds of Windows and Unix. With our C++ tools, you'll be able to create cross-platform applications," said Alison Deane, senior director of product marketing at Borland, in Scotts Valley, Calif.

New Approaches to Building Web Apps

Darryl K. Taft

February 9, 2002,3658,s=701&a=20904,00.asp
"With Borland Enterprise Studio for Windows, Borland is providing a broad range of functions for Windows development and deployment from a single vendor," said Simon Thornhill, vice president and general manager for RAD solutions at Borland.

Delphi for Linux (Borland Nordic)

March 2002

"Borland’s Kylix is more than just a sought after Linux product…With its second edition, Kylix is getting a step closer to Delphi with regard to both extent of available functions (i.e. Snap technology) and the partition into the two versions, Enterprise and Professional. This step is both natural and obvious as Borland’s marketing constantly underlines the possibility of non-platform dependent program development. A few differences aside (Delphi’s Windows-related technology), Kylix could now be known as 'Delphi for Linux."
PC MASTER (Brazil)

The new Kylix features

February 2002

"Kylix 2 does not require new programming knowledge, in fact, it does the opposite. If the user use to work with Delphi in Windows, he will find a lot of facilities, since the structure and the menus are almost the same."
ylix: Programming environment with focus on Pascal - Aid Worker

Juergen Mischke

February 2002

"Indeed, the well designed concept allows even non-Pascal programmers a quick entry. No matter if MDI-window, complex menus, buttons or colored images – Kylix enables you with a few mouse-clicks to develop a framework where the programmer has only to combine single pieces."

Enterprise Vendors Win Honors At LinuxWorld

Bill Ulrich

February 2, 2002,3658,s=201&a=22225,00.asp

"…the Best Developer Tool went to Borland for Kylix for the second year in a row. One of the few true RAD tools available for Linux, Kylix 2 takes aim at the legions of VB programmers by allowing Linux developers to deploy the final application on either Windows or Linux."
raveling by air, sea or land (Denmark)

February 2002

"Let developers deal with the routine tasks while the programmer concentrates on functionality of the applications. That is one way of expressing the philosophy behind Delphi. Borland has added another few things to the selection of functions available to the programmer using Delphi 6."

Borland brings .NET into view

Matt Berger

February 13, 2002
"During the second half of the year, Borland will release versions of Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and other development products that will be capable of building .Net applications for Intel Corp.-based systems, the company said in a statement Tuesday."

Development Tool Companies are busy to cope with MS’s Visual Studio .Net Launch

Inhye Cho

February 18, 2002
"Borland has been introducing new products which were responding to MS’s .Net strategy….Accordingly, Borland introduced Delphi, C++ that supports .Net platform."

Borland announced C++Builder 6 which supports Web Service Development

Tomoyuki Sasaki

February 19, 2002
“Most significant features of C++Builder 6 are web service development using XML technology and cross platform development with C++ development tool for Linux which will be shipped in Q2.”

Vendors home in on C++ for Web services

Tom Sullivan

February 4, 2002
"C++ Builder 6 brings Web services to the C++ development community," said Alison Deane, senior director of product marketing at Borland.

Borland announced C++Builder 6. .NET version is under development

Ryudai Yamashita

February 19, 2002
“Borland’s mission is providing new technology like Java, Web services, .Net and Linux with using existing system resources. We are providing not only development products but also designing, assurance and management products, then we will provide total solution supporting total application lifecycle management.” by Yoshio Ando.

Borland to kick off C++ for Linux

February 8, 2002
"We are taking our C++ development solution to the Linux platform. We have seen a lot of Linux developers who used to be Unix developers," Alison Deane, a senior director of product marketing at Borland.

Borland C++ apps emerge ready for multiple platforms

February 13, 2002

"In recognition of the huge demand for C++ programming support, Borland has advanced its C++ rapid application development (RAD) environment to incorporate Web services support."

Borland adds Web Services

February 11, 2002

"Borland has updated its C++ rapid application development (RAD) environment to incorporate Web services support. The C++Builder 6 visual RAD tool lets C++ developers build applications for deployment on Linux and Windows operating systems."

orland Introduces Enterprise Studio for Windows

Su Jiayou

February 2002
"The Studio enables companies to respond to accelerated development cycles while reducing the risks inherent in today’s Internet environment by providing the option of deployment to secure and reliable Web servers," said Husen Tu, General Manager of Borland Greater China.

De webservice koorts/The web service fever

Maggie Biggs

February 8, 2002
"JBuilder 6 is a valuable purchase for companies that require more efficient development methods and lower development costs."

JBuilder 6: News for Enterprise customers

Fotis Jannidis

February 8, 2002
"No doubt – for enterprise customers JBuilder 6 is an interesting option."

Borland announces new Java software platform

February 2002

"Our customers want interoperability with support of multiple software architectures and complete compliance to industry standards," Andrew Munro of Borland said.
"Borland hopes that this release and the other Java releases hitting the market will drive the 'massive adoption of Java technologies and drive the migration of Java development."
nds meet the middle

Maggie Biggs

February 2002
"Borland software has done a good job of integrating multiple tools into the latest version of its Java IDE (integrated development environment)….Altogether, JBuilder 6 is a good investment for enterprises that want to boost programmer productivity and decrease development costs. Whether you are upgrading from a previous release or purchasing it for the first time, JBuilder 6 is well-worth deploying in the enterprise."

Java refreshes developer tool

Timothy Dyck

February 26, 2002
"Borland’s JBuilder 6.0 Enterprise visual development environment has improved tools for using Java applications servers and writing Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)."

Software Frameworks come back stronger than ever

Stéphane Parpinelli

February 22 2002

"With JBuilder, recognized as the best Java development tools so far, Borland does not waive the all-in-one trend. In to its Enterprise Studio release, Borland bundles JBuilder with Rational Rose modeling tool."

  • A

Kylix 2 Wins Best Developer Tool for the 2nd Year in a Row!
Kylix wins the PC Expert Technical excellence Award!

  • Industry Analyst Highlights

Kathleen Quirk, senior analyst, Hurwitz Group

February 5, 2002

"C++Builder 6 enables the world's millions of C++ developers to build cross-platform- ready Web Services without having to learn a new hybrid language. Web Services are especially important for applications in the business supply chain, a market in which C++ has been the dominant language for years. Borland is filling a critical demand with the robust Web Services support in C++Builder."

"Eclipse’s Success for IBM Doesn’t Necessarily Translate to the Rest of the Java/J2EE IDE Vendors"

IdeaBytes by John Meyer, Giga Group

February 5, 2002

"… companies using Borland’s JBuilder…should not view Eclipse as a threat but rather they should view Borland's…participation in as an assurance that their IDE will remain a primary player in the industry."

  • Featured Article - Associated Press

Borland Software Corp. sunk so low in the 1990s that it became ashamed of itself - the company changed its name to Inprise to distance itself from a mortifying five-year slump.

Things didn't improve with the new identity. By the spring of 1999, the company was down to its last $30 million in the bank and seemed destined for bankruptcy.
"Most people in the Silicon Valley were picking us as the company most likely not to see the new millennium. We had been given up for dead," said Borland chief executive officer Dale Fuller , who took the job in April 1999 as part of a last-ditch effort to salvage the Scotts Valley-based business.
The 19-year-old company, which makes software development tools, now has one of the strongest pulses in the ailing high-tech industry.
After dropping the Inprise identity and reclaiming one of Silicon Valley's pioneering names, Fuller has engineered a renaissance at Borland , even as the recession brutalizes the tech sector.
"It's hard to find another company that has grown like Borland did in 2001. It's been a real sleeper success story," said David Breiner, a Bear Stearns analyst.
Borland 's revenue last year rose 16 percent to $221 million, and profits climbed 11 percent from the prior year to $23.1 million. Borland ended 2001 with nearly $300 million in cash.
The company's stock, at $5.53 at the end of 2000, now trades in the $14 to $15 range, but several tech analysts say they believe it is headed even higher.
"The turnaround is complete. Now, the company is in the early stages of a real growth phase," said Audrey Snell, a Brean Murray & Co. analyst.
Borland says its revenue will rise by 12 percent to 18 percent this year.
The stock still has a long way to go to return to its high of $86 in the early 1990s, when the company controlled nearly half the market for database-management software.
Bitter competition with Microsoft Corp. led to a steady slide that included the departure of the company's colorful founder, Philippe Kahn. Meanwhile, Borland 's payroll fell from 1,700 employees to about 700 workers in 1999.
With the company hiring again, Borland is a reminder that not every Silicon Valley company is limping away from the tech wreck.
Several other software companies increased their business last year, including PeopleSoft Inc., where revenue surged 19 percent to $2.1 billion, and Veritas Software Corp., where revenue increased 24 percent to $1.5 billion.
But none of those companies entered the recession fighting for their survival like Borland .
"No one cared about us a few years ago," Fuller said. "It was like we had the black plague or something."
Fuller, who helped restructure Apple Computer's laptop business, engineered Borland 's turnaround by focusing on tools for developing software that runs on the Internet and wireless devices.
He also revived the old Borland name after realizing the brand still had a loyal following among software developers.
"We had customers that were still absolute evangelists even though we had fallen off the radar screen," Fuller said.
Fuller also shored up Borland 's finances in June 1999 by reaching out to once-despised rival Microsoft and negotiating a $125 million cash infusion in return for a 10 percent stake.
The Microsoft truce represented Fuller's effort to position Borland as "the Switzerland" of the software industry, offering neutral turf for developers working on competing products.
The turnaround has not been entirely smooth. In early 2000, Fuller agreed to sell Borland to Corel Corp. for $1.1 billion. He halted the sale when Corel's fortunes plunged and the deal's value fell to $400 million.
Borland now is in much better shape than Ottawa-based Corel, and Fuller is being well-rewarded for the accomplishment. The company awarded him two million stock options worth about $20 million at current rates.
Borland also paid Fuller a salary and bonus totaling $1.2 million in 2000. The company has not disclosed Fuller's compensation for last year.
Although Fuller continues to hold his stock options, four other Borland insiders, including chief financial officer Fred Ball and chief operating officer Doug Barre, recently sold a total of 170,000 shares.
News of the sales rattled investors worried that divestiture might foreshadow another slump in business, but Fuller says the company's best days are still ahead.
"Our goal is never to go negative again," Fuller said. "We're building a company to last."
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