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Industry Advisor Review Template

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The role of the Industry Advisor is to assist the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) with the assessment of the commercialization potential of projects being considered for financial assistance.
Based on your assessment of the information provided by the Applicant or by the ACOA program officer, as well as your expertise/knowledge in the industry:

  1. Has the Applicant been able to demonstrate a strong value proposition?
    (i.e. provided an appropriate description of the need for the product, process or service, as well as tangible benefits to the customer)

Please elaborate:


  1. Commercialization:

(a) Is the proposed commercialization strategy considered achievable? Are the assumptions and analysis presented considered realistic?

(b) Does the information provided by the applicant capture the relevant commercialization challenges and opportunities associated with the project? Have potential issues been properly addressed?

Please elaborate:


  1. (a) Are there other macro issues affecting the sector that have not been adressed?

(b) Are there any regulatory barriers, licenses or trade issues, etc. relevant to the proposed project that have not been addressed in the proposal?

Please elaborate:


  1. Additional comments can be made in this section. This may be regarding certain elements not included in the previous questions, or as an overall conclusion (strengths/weaknesses).

Additional comments:


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