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The AT&T Supplier Services Matrix (SSM) is a tool designed to capture the capability of Suppliers within strategic categories across multiple global geographies. This will enable AT&T to more efficiently identify Vendors that have capability to service new requirements for AT&T and its customers.

Categories currently identified include:-

  • Data Center


  • Wireless LAN

  • VPN

  • TDM Voice

  • IPT

  • CPE

  • Supply Chain

The Matrix will be updated twice a year (in June and December), and will be updated directly by each Vendor. To maintain Vendor confidentiality, each Vendor will only be able to view and enter their own capability data.


The Supplier Services Matrix is accessed via AT&T’s main Supplier portal. This is hosted on the internet at the following location:-

Once the main page has loaded, select ‘login’ under the section entitled ‘Supplier Services Matrix’. A screenshot of the home page is shown below, with the SSM link in the lower right hand side:-

Access is granted via Company- id and password, and the following company authentication screen will display after you selected ‘login’ from the home page:-

Your company id and password will have already been confirmed to you via the email you received inviting you to take part in the Supplier Services Matrix Program. Enter these in the boxes shown and click the Login button.

On successful login you will be taken to the main ‘Landing Page’.


The Landing Page is where you can choose one of several actions, including:-

(B.1) Updating your individual and company contact details

(B.2) Reviewing/Cloning your previous (Historic) input

(B.3) Reviewing your current SSM details

(B.4) Commencing a new SSM for the current period

(B.5) Updating one or more individual SSM modules

B.1 Updating Contact Information

The Contact information is the top most section displayed on the Landing Page, a sample of which is shown below:-

Enter as much information as possible in this screen as it will enable AT&T to efficiently contact you. Note that Firstname, Lastname and Email are mandatory fields. Please make sure you click on the

Save Contact Info Update button to save your updated information.

B.2 View/Clone Historic Input

This section allows you to copy the previous period data into the current period without you having to manually re-enter. Selecting this option will copy all matrix data for all Categories (and their sub-categories). Once a period has been copied you can then access and update each individual category as necessary or required.

The Clone Historic Input screen is shown below:-

Click on the radio button under ‘Copy To Current Period’ to copy the data from a previous period to the current .

When you are finished, or to return to the Landing Page without copying period data, click the
Back to Landing Page button.

B.3 Services Matrix – View Current Matrix

Clicking this option allows you to view (not update) your latest Supplier Capability Matrix data for the current survey period. All categories are displayed, with any verbatim input displayed at the bottom of the screen (scroll down using your mouse to see this information).

A typical screen view of the current report data is shown below (abridged for this example):-

Note that the Period number and last updated datestamp are displayed just above the table of results so that you can check which survey period you are viewing – in this example: Plan Year 2011 Period#2; Last updated 3/28/2012

To return to the main landing page, click the Back to Landing Page button at the very top of the screen, or use the back arrow key on your browser.


If this is the first time you have populated the SSM, then refer to the ‘Survey Completion Status -- Plan Year: 2012’ section in the lower section of the Landing Page. Each category will be listed (Data Center, IPT, WAN/LAN etc) with a status and an Action column. For new SSMs then the status will show as

Not Started. When you click Open survey under the Action column the status will subsequently show as
In Progress.

Refer to section B.5 below for instructions on updating each category component.


From the Landing Page, this section is the lowest section under the heading ‘Survey Completion Status -- Plan Year: 2012’.

Use this section to update individual categories of the current survey in progress. For example, if you wish to update the IPT section of your current survey, then click on the ‘Open Survey’ link under the Action column for the IPT row.

User Hint

When commencing a new survey, you may want to copy the previous survey first, and then just update the category capabilities that have changed. Refer to section B.2 Clone Historic Input in this guide for instructions how to do so and save time.

First time entry of Supplier Survey Matrix data, will require that all categories will need to be manually entered, and then subsequently you need only update the sections that have changed using the process described above.

After clicking the Open Survey link, the screen will load the Category section for which you have selected. As an example, a portion of the IPT Category is displayed below:-

Each subcategory under IPT is listed in columns across the top, with the list of countries displayed in rows down the left hand side. Drop down boxes constitute the matrix which needs to be populated. When you click a drop down you will be presented with a Yes or No selection. Selecting Yes indicates that you have capability for the IPT subcategory in the country whilst selecting No indicated you do not.

Note – you must select either a Yes or a No before the survey is able to be completed.

You have several options available when filling out the survey. These are shown in the buttons below:-

Use the Save Survey (In Progress) button to save data just entered but not to submit it (i.e. you can come back to it again later). After the survey has been saved you can either carry on entering updates or click the Back to Landing Page button.

Use the Submit Completed Survey when you have filled in the entire survey and are ready to load it into the system. Once the survey has been loaded you will be taken back to the Landing Page.

To go back to the Landing Page at any time – click the Back to Landing Page button. Note – clicking this button will not save any updated input – so if you have entered updates, be sure to click the
Save Survey In Progress button first.


To report a problem, please use the SSM email address listed below. You can enter this into your email program directly, or you can select ‘Contact Us’ from the top of the main Landing Page – which will then display a new email with the ‘To’ address’ already populated with the email address shown below:-

Do not send emails to any individual contacts at AT&T as the email address shown above is specific to the supplier Services Matrix and receipt of any email into this address identifies it as an SSM related fault or query.


To logout and exit the SSM, select the ‘Logout’ option at the top right of the Landing Page.


Proprietary and Confidential
This Amendment and information contained therein is not for use or disclosure outside of AT&T, its Affiliates, and third party representatives, and Supplier except under written agreement by the contracting parties.

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