J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) Done Changed The Lock On My Door Bluesville

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NOTE: REVISION – Vol. 3 (TITLES (A – C)) starts on Page 244 after REVISION – Vol. 2 (CATEGORIES)
Artist Name(Country)(Alias) Song Title Orig./Def. Original Label Australian Label


Accents(USA)(Alias = Lynn Howard + Accents) Don’t Go Accent

Accents(USA) Howlin’ For My Baby Bangar

Accents(USA) Road Runner (Version 3) Bangar

Accents(USA) Searchin’ Bangar

Johnny Ace & Big Mama Thornton(USA) Yes Baby Duke

Ad Libs(USA)(Alias = Ad-Libs) He Ain’t No Angel Blue Cat

Ad-Libs(USA)(Alias = Ad Libs) Just A Down Home Girl Blue Cat

Alicia Adams(USA) Oom Dooby Doom Capitol

Bobby Adams Orch.(USA) Crying The Blues Buckingham/Palace

J.T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(USA) Done Changed The Lock On My Door - Bluesville

J.T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(USA) Kansas City Bluesville

J.T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(USA) Matchbox Blues Bluesville

Marie Adams(USA) I’m Gonna Latch On (DV) Peacock

Adele(Britain) That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On XL

Adventurers(USA) Shame Shame Shame (Version 2) Columbia Coronet/CBS

Ray Agee(USA) Blues After Midnight (OV/DV) Elko

Ray Agee(USA) Count The Days I’m Gone (DV) Jewel

Ray Agee(USA) From Now On Hi-Fi

Ray Agee(USA) Gamble, The Shirley

Ray Agee(USA) Real Real Love (OV/DV) Krafton

Ray Agee(USA) Tin Pan Alley Sahara

Christina Aguilera(USA) Merry Christmas Baby RCA/Jive

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Aitken’s Boogie Kalypso

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Bartender (prev. shown as Reggae)

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Boogie In My Bones Starlite

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Boogie Rock Blue Beat

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Jenny Jenny Blue Beat

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Little Sheila Starlite

Laurel Aitken(Jamaica) Lucille Blue Beat

Garfield Akers(USA) Dough Roller Blues Vocalion

(Jewel Akens(USA) (Dancing) The Mashed Potatoes Capehart/Crest/Minasa

((Alias = Jewel Akers/Jewel & Eddie/Fascinators (Group 3)/Four Dots/Rainbows/Turn-Arounds)

Al & Bunky(USA) Homework (OV/DV) Exodus

Steve Alaimo(USA) Hully Gully With Me Checker

Arthur Alexander(USA) Black Night Dot

Arthur Alexander(USA) I Need You Baby (OV/DV)

Little David Alexander(USA) Sweet Patootie (OV) Ebony

(George Alexander(USA)(Alias = Jaybird Coleman) –

((Alias = Jaybird Coleman)) - Ah‘m Sick And Tired Of Telling You (To Wiggle That Thing) - Conqueror

Ora Alexander(USA) Rider Needs A Fast Horse Columbia

Texas Alexander(USA) Broken Yo Yo Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Crossroads Freedom

Texas Alexander(USA) Evil Woman Blues (Version 3) Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Mistreatin’ Woman Vocalion

Texas Alexander(USA) Range In My Kitchen Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Rolling And Stumbling Blues Okeh

(Chad Allan & the Expressions(Canada) Shot Of Rhythm N’ Blues Quality W & G

(Alias = Guess Who/Randy Bachman/Bachman-Turner Overdrive)

(Adrian Allen + Five Discs(USA) When Love Comes Knocking Yale

((Alias = Five Discs)

Fulton Allen(USA)(Alias = Blind Boy Fuller) Mama Let Me Lay It On Me (OV/DV)

Henry “Red” Allen(USA) Patrol Wagon Blues (OV)

(Gene Allison(USA) Reap What You Sow (del.OV)

(Note: Not the same song as You(‘ve) Got To Reap What You Sow by Tampa Red.

Animals(Britain) Gin House Blues (Version 2) Decca

Animals(Britain) I Put A Spell On You Decca

Animals(Britain) Squeeze Her – Tease Her (But Love Her) Decca

Annisteen Allen(USA) Blues Done Got Me And Gone. The King

Annisteen Allen(USA) Don’t Nobody Move (OV) Decca

Annisteen Allen(USA) Fujiyama Mama (OV) Capitol

Annisteen Allen(USA) I Want A Man (Who‘s Gonna Do Right) King

Annisteen Allen(USA) I’m Still In Love With You (Version 3) Capitol

(Annisteen Allen(USA) I‘ve Got Big Bulging Eyes For You King

((Alias = Lucky Millinder + O. (V: Ernestine Allen))

Annisteen Allen + Home Town Boys(USA) Give It Up (Version 2) Queen/King

Annisteen Allen + Home Town Boys(USA) I Know How To Do It Queen/King

Connie (Connee) Allen + Kansas City Five(USA) Rocket 69 King

Fulton Allen(USA)(Alias = Blind Boy Fuller) Mama Let Me Lay It On You ARC

Tony Allen(USA) Check Yourself Baby Specialty

Alley Cats(USA) Puddin’ ‘n’ Tain (DV)

Gene Allison(USA) Reap What You Sow (DV) Vee Jay

Gregg Allman(USA)(Alias = Allman Bros.) Blind Man Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) Checking On My Baby Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) Devil Got My Woman Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) Floating Bridge Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) I Believe I’ll Go Back Home Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) Just Another Rider Rounder

Gregg Allman(USA) Rolling Stone Rounder

Amidie, Ophy & Cleoma Breaux(USA) Ma Blonde Est Partie (OV) Columbia

Gene Ammons(USA) My Foolish Heart (del.OV)

Amos (Easton)(USA) Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On (OV/DV) Bluebird

Louise Anderson(USA) Papa, You’re Too Slow Supertone

Mildred Anderson(USA) I Ain‘t Mad At You Bluesville

Vicki Anderson(USA) If You Don’t Give Me What I Want (I’m Gonna Get It Some Other Place) - King

Vicki Anderson(USA) I’m Too Tough for Mr. Big Stuff (Hot Pants) (Answer song) – Brownstone Records

Vicki Anderson(USA) You’ve Got The Power Polydor

Lee Andrews & the Hearts(USA) Sipping A Cup Of Coffee Gotham

Andy & the Cruisers(Australia) Little Darlin’ AC

Johnny Angel(USA) Mashed Potato Stomp (OV/DV)

Susan Angeletti(USA) Don’t Want Your Love Got Sole

Susan Angeletti(USA) Go To Hell Got Sole

Susan Angeletti(USA) Love Doctor (OV/DV) Got Sole

Animals(Britain) Talkin’ ‘Bout You (del.DV)

Barrel House Annie(USA) Ain’t Gonna Give It Away ARC/Document

Barrel House Annie(USA) Must Get Mine In Front (OV/DV) ARC/Document

Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) I‘m On The Outside (Looking In) (OV/DV)

Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) Merry-Go-Round (del.OV)

Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop (del.OV)

Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) That Lil’ Ole Lovemaker Me (OV/DV)

(Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) Traveling Stranger (OV/DV)

((add Alias = Duponts/Du Ponts/Chesters)

Anthony & the Sophomores(USA)(Alias = Tony & the Dynamics) I Promise To Remember – Red Top

Rey Anton & the Peppermint Men(Britain) Mary Lou Oriole

Rey Anton & the Peppermint Men(Britain) You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover - Parlophone

Apollos(USA) Bandstand Baby (Version 2) Rome

Aquatones(USA) Solid Gold Cadillac Fargo

Tom Archia + All Stars (V: Buster Bennett)(USA) Fishin’ Pole Aristocrat

Tom Archia + All Stars (V: George Kirby)(USA) Ice Man Blues Aristocrat/Columbia

Tom Archia + All Stars (V: Dr. Jo Jo Adams)(USA) Cryin‘ By My Window - Aristocrat

Tom Archia + All Stars (V: Sheba Griffin)(USA) Mean And Evil Baby - Aristocrat/Chess

Earl Archive(USA) Deep Sea Diver Gotham

Joan Armatrading(USA) Ma-Me-O-Beach A & M

Lil Armstrong(USA) Brown Gal (OV) Decca

(Lillian "Hardin" Armstrong + Hardinaires(USA) I Can‘t Dance With Ants In My Pants (OV/DV) – Ebony

((Alias = Little "Hardin" Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong + All Stars (V: Velma Middleton)(USA) Big Mama’s Back In Town – Decca Festival

as above Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby AFRS Spotlight Bands

Louis Armstrong + All Stars(USA) Long Gone (Version 3)

Louis Armstrong & his Hot Seven(USA) Keyhole Blues (OV/DV)

Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden(USA) Fifty-Fifty Blues RCA

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Christmas Time (Part 1) Stony Plain

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Cut That Out Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) I Ain’t Got You (del.OV)

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Move On Down The Road (OV/DV)

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Polly Put The Kettle On (Version 2) Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Shake That Thing Decca

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Somebody Help Me (Version 6) Testament

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Tell Me Baby (Version 11) Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) $1,000 Dollar Bill Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Twelves, The (Dirty Dozens) Proper/Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Big Leg Mama Okeh/Chess/Catfish

Kokomo Arnold(USA) ‘Cause You’re Dirty Document

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Milkcow Blues No. 2 Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Milkcow Blues No. 3 Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Milkcow Blues No. 4 Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Sissy Man Blues (OV/DV) Decca

Charline Arthur(USA) I’ve Got The Boogie Blues Bullet

Charline Arthur(USA) Welcome To The Club RCA

Astors(USA)(Alias = Chips/Duntinos) I Found Out Stax

Atlantics (Vocals: Johnny Rebb)(Australia) I Put A Spell On You Sunshine

Billy Austin + Keynotes (Hearts)(USA) Angel Baby (Version 2) Apollo

Jesse Austin Band(USA) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water Roesch

Mildred Austin(USA) Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage (DV) Champion

Mildred Austin(USA) I‘m All Broke Out With The Blues Champion

Mildred Austin(USA) My Papa Doesn’t Two Time No More Champion

Avantis(USA) Keep On Dancing (Version 2)(OV/DV) Argo

Mary “B”(USA) Ain’t Nobody’s Business Enjoy

Mary “B”(USA)(Alias = Mary Banks) Something For You Baby Fling

Haji Baba + Arabian Knights(USA) Baby Don’t Put Me Down Gotham

Smoky Babe(USA) Bad Whiskey Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

Smoky Babe(USA) Going Back Home (OV/DV) Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

Smoky Babe(USA) My Baby Put Me Down Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

Smoky Babe(USA) My Baby She Told Me Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

Back Porch Boys(USA) Big Hip Mama Delmark

(Back Porch Boys(USA) Friday The Thirteenth Blues Delmark

((Alias = Alec “Guitar Slim” Seward/Louis “Jelly Belly” Hayes)

Bad Detectives(Britain) Leave My Kitten Alone Western Star

De Ford Bailey(USA) Cow Cow Blues Revenent

De Ford Bailey(USA) Down The Road A Piece Revenent

De Ford Bailey(USA) Gotta See Mama Every Night Revenent

De Ford Bailey(USA) Kansas City Blues Tennessee Folklore Society

De Ford Bailey(USA) Muscle Shoals Blues Vocalion

Kid Bailey(USA) Rowdy Blues Brunswick

Pearl Bailey(USA) 5 Pound Box Of Money Roulette

William “Buster” Bailey(USA) Squeeze Me Banner

(Bea Baker with Maurice King & his Wolverines(USA) Good Daddy Columbia

((Alias = LaVern Baker/Delores Williams/Joan Shaw/Little Miss Sharecropper)

Belle Baker(USA) Hard-Hearted Hannah Victor (1924)

LaVern Baker(USA) Baby Doll Atlantic

LaVern Baker(USA) Baby Don’t You Do It (Version 2) (OV/DV) Brunswick

LaVern Baker(USA) Batman To The Rescue Brunswick

LaVern Baker(USA) Bumble Bee (del.OV)

LaVern Baker(USA) How Long National

LaVern Baker(USA) Humpty Dumpty Heart (Version 3) (OV/DV)

LaVern Baker(USA) Romance In The Dark Atlantic

(LaVern Baker(USA) There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight Atlantic

((Alias = Bea Baker/Delores Williams/Joan Shaw/Little Miss Sharecropper)

Mickey “Guitar” Baker(USA) Strange Blues Groove

Willie Baker(USA) Rumours About My Baby Boulevard Vintage

(Willie Baker & Charley Lincoln(USA) If It Looks Like Jelly, Shakes Like Jelly, It Must Be The Gela –

((Answer song to It Must Be Jelly ‘Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like That) - Document/P Vine

Long John Baldry(Britain) Every Day I Have The Blues In Akustik

Long John Baldry(Britain) I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water In Akustik

Long John Baldry(Britain) I’d Rather Go Blind In Akustik

Long John Baldry(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Long John Baldry(Britain) It Ain’t Easy (DV) add In Akustik

Long John Baldry(Britain) On A Christmas Day Stony Plain

Long John Baldry(Britain) Seventh Son Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Long John Baldry(Britain) You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Marcia Ball(USA) Big Shot Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) Hot Tamale Baby Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) I’m Gonna Forget About You Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) La Ti Da Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) That’s Enough Of That Stuff (OV/DV) Rounder

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Daddy Rollin’ Stone King

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Deep Blue Sea King

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) In The Doorway Crying King

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Keep On Dancing (Version 3) (del.OV/DV)

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Look At Little Sister (OV/DV) King

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Open Up The Back Door (OV/DV)

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Stingy Little Thing (OV/DV) Federal

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Tore Up Over You (OV)

Classie Ballou(USA) Crazy Mambo Nasco

Eddie Banks & the Five Dreamers(USA) Sugar Diabetes Josie

Chris Barber Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) Baby Please Don’t Go – Columbia

Chris Barber Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) Blueberry Hill Columbia

Chris Barber Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby - Columbia

Chris Barber Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) Kay-Cee Rider Pye

Chris Barber Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) Lawdie Lawdie Blues Pye

Chris Barber’s Jazz Band (V: Ottilie Patterson)(Britain) Jail House Blues Pye

Cecil Barfield(USA) Bottle Up And Go Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Crawling King Snake Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Georgia Bottleneck Blues Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) I Can’t Go Home Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) I Told You Not To Do That Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Left My Poor Baby Crying Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Let Papa Ride Trix

Cecil Barfield(USA) Paparia, Open Your Big Fat Thighs Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) See What You Do To Me Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Step It Up And Go Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Sugar Coated Love Trix

Cecil Barfield(USA) Tell Me Rider Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA)(Alias=William Robertson) That’s All Right Mama Fat Possum

Johnny Barfield(USA) Soul Butter SSS International

Blue Lu Barker(USA) Don’t You Feel My Leg (OV/DV) Apollo/Delmark

Blu(e) Lu Barker(USA) Don’t You Make Me High (OV/DV) Decca

Juke Boy Barner + Group)(USA)(Alias = Juke Boy Bonner) Rock With Me Baby - Irma

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) Hallelujah (I Love Her So) Liberation

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) Keep A Knocking Liberation

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) My Baby Just Cares For Me Liberation

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) Rockin’ Pneumonia Liberation

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) You Can’t Judge A Book Liberation

Jimmy Barnes(Australia) Young Blood Liberation

Mahalia Barnes(Australia) So Fine Liberation

Barrel House Five(USA) It‘s Nobody‘s Business (How I Love That Man) – QRS/Paramount

Barrel House Five(USA) Mama Stayed Out All Night Long QRS/Paramount

Barrel House Five(USA)(Alias = Clarence Williams) Some Do, Some Don’t QRS

(Richie Barrett(USA) Some Other Guy (OV/DV)

((Alias = Richard Barrett/Dickie Barrett)

Richie Barrett(USA) Tricky Dicky (OV/DV) Atlantic

(Jeff Barry(USA) Movin’ On Up Motown

(Theme from the TV show “The Jeffersons”.

Dave Bartholomew(USA) Four Winds (OV) Imperial

Dave Bartholomew(USA) Ice Man, The Imperial

(Dave Bartholomew(USA) I’m Walkin’ Imperial

(This song was written by Dave Bartholomew with Fats Domino, who had the original version.

Dave Bartholomew(USA) Messy Bessie (OV) DeLuxe/Aladdin

Tippy Barton(USA) Double Crossing Woman (OV/DV) Vocalion

Basement Jaxx(USA) Do Your Thing (Version 2) Atlantic/Jaxx/XL Recordings

Otto Bash(USA) Elvis Blues RCA

Otto Bash(USA) Later Alligator RCA

Otto Bash(USA) My Babe HDS

Count Basie Orch,(USA) Good Morning Blues (I Want To See Santa Claus) Victor

Count Basie & his Orch. + Jimmy Rushing(USA) - Boogie Woogie (Version 2) – Decca

Count Basie & his Orch. (V: Big Joe Williams)(USA) Honeydripper, The Pablo

Count Basie & his Orch. + Joe Williams(USA) Please Send Me Someone To Love - Verve

Basin Street Boys(USA) I Sold My Heart To The Junkman (OV) add Exclusive

Fontella Bass(USA) Honey Bee (Version 14) Bobbin

Will Batts(USA) Cadillac Baby (Version 2) Yazoo

Nora Bayes(USA) Lovin’ Sam, The Sheik Of Alabam Columbia

Rose Bayless(USA) Black Dog Blues Gennett

Duke Bayou + Mystic Six(USA)(Alias = Champion Jack Dupree) Rub A Little Boogie (OV/DV) – Apollo/King

Beale Street Jug Band (V: Joe McCoy)(USA) Give Me Some (OV/DV) Vocalion

Dean Beard(USA) Egad, Charlie Brown (Answer song) Challenge

Jimmy Beasley(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 8)

Good Rockin’ Sam Beasley(USA) Sneak, The (Version 2) (del.OV)

Good Rockin’ Sam Beasley + State Street Ramblers(USA) Georgia Grind (OV) – Champion/Superior

Good Rockin’ Sam Beasley + State Street Ramblers(USA) Roadhouse Blues (OV) – Gennett

Beat Merchants(Britain) So Fine Columbia

Beatles(Britain) I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout You (Version 3) (Rec. in Germany) Bellaphon

Beatles(Britain) Leave My Kitten Alone Swingin’ Pig/Apple/Capitol

Beatles(Britain) Oh Darling! (OV/DV)

Sidney Bechet(USA)(Alias = Sydney Bechet) Rip Up The Joint Victor

(Sydney Bechet(USA)(Alias = Sidney Bechet) Old Stag O’Lee Blues - Blue Note/Image Entertainment

(From the 2009 Movie “In The Electric Mist”

Carlton Beck + Hollywood Saxons(USA) Girl I Left Behind, The Troy/Penney/Carlton

Johnny Beck (The Blind Boy)(USA) You’ve Got To Lay Down Mama Document

Bel-Airs (Group 2)(USA) Rockin’ An’ Strollin’ Decca

Archie Bell & the Drells(USA) Do The Hand Jive Atlantic

Archie Bell & the Drells(USA) Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys Glades

Archie Bell & the Drells(USA) Here I Go Again (Version 2) (OV/DV) Atlantic

Bells Of Joy(USA) Merry Christmas To Everyone Dialtone

Belvederes(USA) Pepper Hot Baby Baton

Ben & Bea(USA) Gee Baby Philips

Ben & Bea(USA) Let The Good Times Roll Philips

Boyd Bennett(USA) Everlovin’ (del.OV)

Boyd Bennett & the Rockets(USA) Cool Disc Jockey King

Boyd Bennett & the Rockets(USA) Put The Chain On The Door King

Boyd Bennett & the Rockets(USA) Rabbit Eye Pink And Charcoal Black King

Buster Bennett Trio(USA) Dive To The Bottom Blues Columbia

Buster Bennett Trio(USA) Reefer Head Woman Columbia

Buster Bennett Trio(USA) Signifying Woman Columbia

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Another Saturday Night Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Barefootin’ Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) C.C. Rider Blues Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Crazy ‘Bout My Baby Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Don’t Knock It Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Dr. Feelgood Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) I Like It Like That Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) Roadrunner (Version 2) Parlophone

Cliff Bennett + Rebel Rousers(Britain) See-Saw (Version 2) Parlophone

Eloise Bennett(USA) I Can‘t Be Satisfied With One Man Black Patti

Gladys Bentley(USA) Lay It On The Line Okeh

Gladys Bentley(USA) Notoriety Papa Excelsior

Brook Benton(USA) After Midnight (Version 5)

Brook Benton(USA) Boll Weevil Song, The (del.DV)

Brook Benton(USA) Thank You, Pretty Baby (OV/DV)

(Bernie & the Cavaliers(USA) Waddle, The (Version 2) (OV/DV) Personality

((Alias = Don Barber & the Dukes/Donnie & the Dukes/Bernie Milton)

Chuck Berry(USA) Don’t You Lie To Me (del.DV) Chess Chess

Chuck Berry(USA) Runaround (Version 3)

Dave Berry + Joe Brown’s Bruvvers(Britain) I Love You Baby (Version 9) Decca

Dorothy Berry(USA) I Stopped The Duke Of Earl (Answer song) BNH

Mike Berry + Outlaws(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3) Rollercoaster

Richard Berry(USA) Yama Yama Pretty Mama (OV/DV)

(Richard Berry + Dreamers(USA) Good Love RPM

((Alias = Dreamers (Group 5) + Richard Berry/Rollettes/Echoes (Group 2)/Blossoms)

Richard Berry & the Pharaohs(USA) Rock Rock Rock (Version 5)

Jimmy Bertrand’s Washboard Kings(USA) I Won’t Give You None Vocalion

St. Louis Bessie with Roosevelt Sykes(USA) He Treats Me Like A Dog Vocalion

Bethea & the Cap-Tans(USA) Crazy About A Woman Loop

(Wailin’ Bethea + Cap-Tans(USA) Rockin’ In The Jungle (del.OV)

((Alias = Masked Man & the Agents)

(Beyonce(USA) At Last Sony

(Beyonce(USA) All I Could Do Was Cry Sony

(Beyonce(USA) I’d Rather Go Blind Sony

(Beyonce(USA) Once In A Lifetime Sony

(Beyonce(USA) Trust In Me Sony

(All above selections from the 2008 Movie “Cadillac Records”

Eric Bibb(USA) Goin’ Down Slow Shanachie

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Big Time Operator (Version 3) (OV/DV) Coolsville/Vanguard/Interscope

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Calloway Boogie Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Come On With The ‘Come On’ Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Ghost Of Smokey Joe, The Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Hey Now, Hey Now Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Is Zat You Santa Claus? Vanguard/Big Bad

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Jumpin’ Jive, The Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) Reefer Man Coolsville/Vanguard

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy(USA) 13 Women Big Bad

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) Milk Cow Blues Bluebird (1934)

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) Black Widow Spider Melotone

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) Down In The Alley Melotone

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) Evil Hearted Man Melotone

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) I’ll Start Cutting On You Melotone

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) It’s Your Turn Now Melotone

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) Keep Your Hands Off Her (DV) Mercury

Big Bill & the Cool Tones(USA) Prowling Ground Hog Blues (DV) JSP

(Big Bill & the Thomps(USA) House Rent Stomp (OV/DV)

((Alias Big Bill = Big Bill Broonzy)

Big Bill (Broonzy) + Memphis Five(USA) Rider Rider Blues Vocalion/Conquest

Big Bill (Broonzy) + Memphis Five(USA) You Can’t Sell ‘Em In Here – Vocalion/Conquest

Big Three(USA) It’s All Over Now (Version 2) Okeh

Big Three(USA) Signifying Monkey Bullet

Big Three(USA) You Don’t Love Me No More Okeh

(Big Three(USA) You Sure Look Good To Me Columbia

((Alias=Four Jumps Of Jive/Five Breezes/Willie Dixon)

Big Three (Group 2)(Britain) I Know You Rider Decca

Big Time Operator(USA) Big Time Operator (Version 3)

Boogie Bill (Webb)(USA) Bad Dog (del.OV/DV)

Boogie Bill (Webb)(USA) Drinkin’ And Stinkin’ Imperial/Flying Fish

Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) Howlin’ Dog Blues Bluebird

Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) Long-Eared Mule Bluebird

Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) My Stove Won’t Work Bluebird

Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) Somebody’s Been Talkin’ To You Bluebird

Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) You Just As Well Let Her Go Vocalion

(Casey Bill (Weldon)(USA) Your Wagon’s Worn Out Now Bluebird

((Alias – Casey Bill Weldon/Kansas City Bill Weldon/Washboard Rhythm Kings)

Lazy Bill & his Blue Rhythm(s)(USA)(Alias = Lazy Bill Lucas) She Got Me Walkin’ – Chance

Black Billy(USA) Chickens Will Come Home To Roost Paramount

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