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Jada Walker
Fashion Fundamentals
25 April 2021
Career Exploration Assignment (Worth 20 points)
Choose a fashion-related career you are interested in. Think BIG—see Chapter 18 for examples!
(worth 1 point)
1. Fashion Stylist
Identify a job or internship posting for that type of position.
Use: us.fashionjobs.com and https://www.businessoffashion.com/careers
Please answer the following for 1 point each:
2. Job/ Internship Title: Atelier Direct Stylist/Sales Professional
3. Company: Lafayette 148 4. Location: New York City, New York
5. Salary: $40,000
Skills/experience required for the position:
1. Strong interpersonal skills

2. Strong organizational skills
3. Strong communication skills
4. Proficient computer skills
5. Customer service minded
What skills do you already have:
1. Problem solving skills
2. Customer service minded
3. Organizational skills
4. Decision-making skills
5. Proficient computer skills
What skills do you need (use this list for Career Planning Worksheet 2):
1. Communication
2. Time-management
3. Teamwork
4. Assertiveness
5. Public speaking
LinkedIn Information http://linkedin.com/in/jada-walker-452925210
Jada Walker

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