Jncc work programme highlights from the last four months

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Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies (OTCD) News Bulletin 16

JNCC work programme HIGHLIGHTS from the last FOUR months

August 2015:

  • South Atlantic Biosecurity technical workshop on Ascension.

July 2015:

  • OT and CD Steering Group face to face meeting in Gibraltar – 11th July

  • OTBG meeting – 21st July.

Forward look – next three months

November Student workshop – 29th


Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to issue the latest edition of our Quarterly Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies News Bulletin.

As always, thoughts, comments, and feedback welcome.

Best wishes, from the JNCC OT and CD team.

TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS – South Atlantic biosecurity

JNCC co-ordinated a regional South Atlantic Biosecurity workshop hosted by the Ascension Island Government from the 14th – 18th August. Participants came from across the South Atlantic Islands and UK to discuss best practice and share experience and ideas. More information available online.


From the 1st September 2015, Tara Pelembe will be seconded to the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) for 80% of her time.

National reporting/MEAs


  • Continue to provide advice and responses to Environmental Impact Assessments and Oil Spill Response Plans for the current oil exploration work being conducted in the Falkland Islands, in relation to all biota including ACAP species.

  • Working with Falkland Islands Government and local NGO Falklands Conservation to plan for and source funding/in-kind assistance for the forthcoming Black-browed Albatross and Southern Giant Petrel census in the Islands.

additional Support to HMG

In addition to general advice and the support on MEA’s and National reporting, one of the roles of JNCC is to provide the secretariat for the Overseas Territories Biodiversity Group (OTBG). The last OTBG meeting was held in July 2015.

JNCC_NGO group

JNCC has created an NGO group which meets to discuss common areas of interest in OTs. The latest notes and papers are now available online


JNCC is currently directly involved in leading, managing, partnering or financially contributing to the following projects:

Contributions to research projects

JNCC has contributed to the following research projects:

Adapting the Bradley Method to Peak Dale gumwoods (Commindendrum robustum).

This research project aims to develop an effective working method for the conservation of endemic St Helena gumwoods at Peak Dale and their associated ecosystem. It is being led by the St. Helena Nature Conservation Group. The Project Manger is Jason Courtis.

Island-wide census of black-browed and grey-headed albatrosses

The primary aim of this project is to census black-browed and grey-headed albatrosses colonies around mainland South Georgia to determine if the annual trend, of declining population size, recorded on Bird Island is applicable to the wider South Georgia population. It is being led by the South Georgia Government. The Project Manager is Jennifer Lee

Overseas Territories biodiversity data access project

The projects aim is to consider the options and opportunities for improved access to OT ‘core’ biodiversity data by working with OTs and other international (including UK) organizations to identify and address barriers to access where they exist. More information is available online.

Developing a Falkland Islands and wider South Atlantic Information management system

JNCC received funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth office to develop a Falkland Islands and wider South Atlantic Information Management system. JNCC is working with the South Atlantic Environment Research Institute who are the main implementers of the project. The project manager is Dr Ilaria Marengo. The most recent update on progress is here>>.

Additional resource has been provided to the Ascension Island Government and the St. Helena Island Government to feed into this project.


Keep up to speed with training and advice from the UK National Life Focal Point sign up to their newsletter here>>

Overseas Territories Student CONFERENCE - UK.

Start date: January 2015; end date November 2015.

A workshop for UKOT students based in the UK to be held at UCL November 2015. More details are available online where you can also register.

Publications and reports

  • Turks and Caicos Green Economy (report online)

  • Second OT and GIS meeting (report online)

  • St. Helena marine mapping Darwin project

  • Turks and Caicos Islands GIS workshop report

All JNCC’s publications and reports on Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies can be found here>>

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