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2014 –1975. Thirty-nine years experience creating art for civic agencies and private clients in varied situations. Site-specific Installations, Exterior/Interior murals for cities, corporations, restaurants, freeways and cruise ships. Museum & Gallery exhibitions. Language of Realism, Curator, CSUMB Guest Lecturer 2012, De Young Museum residency, 2011. Richmond Art Center Board of Directors 2006-2012, President. 2012. AC5 Achievement Award, 2006. RACC Public Art Advisory Committee. 2005-06. Vacaville State prison mural program 2003. Djerassi residency1998.

JUDGEMENT OF PARIS. 4 part painting, ARTSWA, Bellingham. 2014

McCARTHY BRIDGE. 16 x 98’ exterior painting. Chevron Tech Center. 2013

WORDS AND DEEDS. 6 x 40’ photo installation. BI Corporation. Fremont. 2012

TIME FLOATS BY. Installation Aylen Jr High. WA State Arts Com. 2010

SHOREBIRDS. 13 x 58’ Exterior mural (Mak Roote) Berkeley, CA. 2010

MILLER-KNOX,8:30A.M.. Interior Mural 34x74’ Richmond Plunge, CA. 2010

BIRDS EYE VIEW. 6 x 20” mural, Richmond, CA City Council chambers 2009

LEARNING EDGE. installation WSAC. Edgerton School, Puyallup WA. 2008

NEPTUNE’S GHOST 16 x 88 ft. exterior mural for Alameda Towne Center. 2007

MAK ROOTE. Installation for Berkeley CA Transit Plaza. BDA Award. 2006

RESCUE. Ceramic tile mural & interior relief. Fire St.#83, Encino, CA. 2005

WORDS FLY AWAY. Installation, Ocean View Library, San Francisco. 2004

UCR GATEWAY. Murals and painted freeway structure for UC Riverside. 2001

MAKING HISTORY, 15 x 60 ft. exterior mural for City of Hayward, CA. 2000

CENTURY XING. 24,000 sq. ft. Richmond Redevelopment Agency project. 2000.

SCRIBES. Mid Valley Library, LA. Award winning installation 25,000 sq. ft. 1996.

REVISIONIST HISTORY. I-80 freeway 265 ft. mural/archway, Richmond CA. 1995.

LAS BRISAS /PUMP JACKS. Valencia Town Center. interior murals. 1992.

KNOCKOUT. Mural /Morphosis, Kate Mantilini restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA.1986.

GALILEO, JUPITER, APOLLO. 24’x207’ Olympic Mural. LA.1984. Restored 2004

FALL OF ICARUS. 20’x90’ exterior mural. CA Arts Council grant. Venice, CA 1978.

POSITIVELY FOURTH STREET.16x60’ exterior mural. De Young Museum. SF,1976.
1969-73. Assistant Professor, California College of Arts and Crafts. Oakland.

1966. Combat Artist, Vietnam, 1966. Leader of first Artist team documenting the Vietnam War for Army Military History Division, Smithsonian Museum


M.F.A. Painting and Printmaking. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N Y. 1969.

BA Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, 1964. Yearbook artist, Cartoonist.


2013 Our Veterans. Sculpture Drawings, San Pablo Art Gallery

2012 Location of Place. Photo installation, Arts Princeton, NJ

2012 Rising Tide painting/performance, Richmond Art Center

2011 Rising Tide residency, de Young Museum, San Francisco

2011 Retrospective San Francisco City College, San Francisco


2011 Public/Private Skyline College, San Bruno, CA

2010 Art of the Soldier National Constitution Center , Philadelphia

1999 The War Room, Intersection Gallery, San Francisco

1993 Six Los Angeles Muralists, Koplin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1993 TV Times, The World Through the Box, R.A.C., Richmond, CA.

1993 A Sense of Place, Public Art.(Curator) Richmond Art Center.

1992 From Devastation to Creation, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

1991 North By Northwest, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

1990 ICI Exhibition, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York, NY

1992 A Different War, traveling exhibit curated by Lucy Lippard.

1987 The Extended Figure, Hayward State university, Hayward, CA.

1987 Vietnam 15, University of Pacific, Stockton, CA.

1986 Solo Exhibition, Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1983 Social Statements, Civic Arts Center, Walnut Creek, CA.

1983 Introductions. Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1964-67 Smithsonian Institute, Museum of Fine Art, Dallas, TX.


2008 Mural Art. Losifidis

2008 500 Tiles. Tourtillott. Lark books.

2007 All Manner of Murals. Gowing and Pender. English Heritage.

1997 Painting the Towns Dunitz & Prigoff

1987 Wall Art. Merken and Merken, Running Press.

1987 The Big Picture. Levick and Young, Little Brown.

1983 Street Murals. Barthelmeh, Knoph (NY)

1981 Mur Mur Documentary film, Agnes Varda.

1980 California Murals. Clark and Hama, Lancaster Miller

1977 Big Art. Greenberg, Running Press.


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Dec. 15, 1975 Wall Street Journal "Artists Perform Public Service".
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Macdonald Avenue Gateway

Michelle Seville

Richmond Art and Culture Commission (510) 620-6952
Time Floats By

Michael Sweney

Washington State Arts Commission (360) 586-2422
Judgement of Paris

Rebecca Solverson

Washington State Arts Commission (360)586-2419
Berkeley Transit Plaza

Mary Ann Merker

Berkeley Art Commission (510) 981-7533

Richmond Art Center

Ric Ambrose: Executive Director (510) 620-6777

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