Judaica library accreditation due Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Please fill out this form on a computer; it should not be handwritten

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Association of Jewish Libraries

Synagogue, School and Center Division


Due Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Please fill out this form on a computer; it should not be handwritten.
Name of Library: _______________________________________________________________________
Librarian and Title: _______________________________________________________________________
Name of Institution: ____________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________Telephone: ___________ FAX: ____________

E-mail(s): _______________________________ Website of Library or Institution __________________

Member of AJL? ________ since: _____________

Names of Rabbis and/or executive officers whom you would like us to notify of your new accreditation status:




If you have not previously been accredited at the Basic Level, then please complete that application form as part of your submission for Advanced Level accreditation.

___ I have previously received Basic Level accreditation.

___ My Basic Level application is enclosed.

Please use additional pages, if needed, to answer all of the questions below, and send in copies of supporting documents. Following the questions, you will find a Checklist that should be used as an outline to help you respond.

1. Describe the Library's administrative structure. Is there an active Library Committee? (required for synagogues and centers; recommended for schools)
2. Describe staffing and job responsibilities for each position. If volunteers are on staff, explain the way

in which they are trained, assigned tasks and supervised.

3. How is the Library Budget determined? Who determines the Budget? List sources of funding for the

library. Are they adequate? Is there a specific Library Budget Line in the Institution's overall budget?

4. Describe the policies and procedures, formal and informal, which guide the acquisition and use of library materials, explaining how teachers and others are involved.

  1. Describe method for reviewing, weeding, and taking inventory of the collection.

  2. Describe the extent to which the library's collection addresses the varieties of Jewish experience. What strengths and weaknesses are apparent in these aspects of the library?

5. Describe how patrons are guided in accessing the information resources available to them through the library.

a. Is technology currently integrated in the Library?

b. Is there a long-range plan for further integrating technology in the Library? If so, describe the plans for meeting present and future technology needs.

6. Describe the different groups of Library users you serve and how they use the library.

  1. Describe the Library Program and the ways in which it supports and complements the programs of the synagogue, center, and/or school.

  2. Evaluate the adequacy of the collection and services in relation to programming needs.

7. In what ways could the Library program, facilities or collection be improved? Describe any plans for changes or improvements in the near future. Include photographs of the facility.

8. Describe library outreach efforts to the following constituencies: institutional affiliates; local community; parent body if in a school setting; library groups (Jewish and general)


The following is for your use in preparing your application; please include with your application form.

I. Library Administration

  1. Library Committee or Board of Directors

B. Written statement of Mission, Goals and Objectives (please include even though a mission

statement was included with your application for basic accreditation)

C. Procedure manual including job descriptions

D. Clearly defined collection development policy

E. Additional policies including selection, complaints, gifts, etc. (please attach)
II. The Staff:

A. Librarian: Qualifications

B. Other staff: Professional, Volunteer

C. Hours during which the Library is open?

D. Hours during which the Library is staffed?

__________Paid __________Volunteer

III. The Budget:

A. Librarian salary (optional)

B. Other salaried employees (aides, clerical)

C. Amount budgeted for collection development

D. Other expenses (rent, supplies, etc.)
IV. The Collection:

  1. Annual review of the collection

  2. Periodic inventory and weeding / Size of collection

  3. Comprehensiveness of collection / Strengths and weaknesses

D. Reference collection / Basic works represented

E. Number of acquisitions in previous year

F. Percentage of new acquisitions published in past five years

G. Media: Videos, DVDs, CD-ROM

H. Online Catalog – available in-house only or also on the Internet

I. Patron access computer station(s) or card catalog

J. Classification System

K. Online databases

L. Teacher resources

V. Programming (may vary greatly according to your patron population) (include samples)

  1. Coordinates Jewish Book Month program(s), or other regularly scheduled program(s)

  2. Communicates with patrons via bulletins, flyers, website, etc.

  3. Maintains regular exhibits, displays, etc.

  4. Programs that serve the library’s mission statement

VII. The Physical Plant

  1. Adequate lighting and signage

  2. Adequate, well-spaced shelving meeting standards for service to patrons with special needs.

  3. Used mainly for Library activities or also for other activities

  4. Has a separate workroom

E. Has a separate children's space
VIII. Intra-Organization and Inter-Library Relations

  1. The library is a member of the Association of Jewish Libraries and a local or regional

AJL chapter (if available)

  1. Other professional memberships and activities

  2. The library cooperates with other libraries and organizations

(presenting programs, promoting libraries and literacy, publicizing Jewish books to the larger community, networking, sharing programs, etc.)
Application Submission

Please email this form and, if a day school, please make sure to include the supplementary school application form to accreditation@jewishlibraries.org and mail all supporting documents to: Rachail Kurtz, Yeshivah of Flatbush H.S., 1609 Avenue J, Brooklyn, N.Y.  11230.

Download 19.7 Kb.

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