Cad: 10K hrs catia., 3K (also V3, V4, enovia, vpm) Very good with cad and spatial relations

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James D. Zongker

Home: 316-729-6319 1360 S. Maize Road

Wichita, KS 67209
Mechanical Engineer experienced in systems engineering, requirements and interface definition, analysis, layout, design (CAD), development, validation, certification, functional (production) and flight testing, troubleshooting, inter-department and vendor coordination. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

  • CAD: 10K hrs CATIA., 3K V5. (also V3, V4, ENOVIA, VPM) Very good with CAD and spatial relations.

  • Excel, MATLAB, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visual Basic, C, Fortran, Flowmaster, GaBi (LCA), Minitab.

  • Graduate work in FEA (ANSYS Stress), fluids, thermodynamics, thermal systems, heat exchangers, FLUENT (CFD), statistics, life cycle assessment, environmental issues and sustainability.

  • Mechanical systems: fuel, propulsion, bleed air, plumbing. Structures: nacelles, firewalls.

  • Metal and composite parts, compliance for HIRF, lightning, ignition avoidance and fire protection.

  • Experience and coursework in metal cutting, bending, machining, corrosion, fastening, casting & welding.

  • 14 CFR Parts 23 & 25, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160, ISO 9000, ISO 14000.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. Total Quality Management (TQM) Team Leader Training.

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 3.75 GPA 12/2013

BS, Computer Science, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 3.93 GPA (Summa Cum Laude) 1992

BS, Mathematics, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 3.11 GPA 1984
WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY, Wichita, KS 2011 – 12/2013

Full Time Student, Completed MSME and most undergraduate work for BSME.

Statistics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) stress (ANSYS), thermal system design, heat exchangers, fluids, energy, sustainability, life cycle assessment (LCA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

BOMBARDIER LEARJET, Wichita, KS 2009 – 2010

Fuel System Specialist, Lear 85 Propulsion Group

Guided and supported fuel design team to achieve safe, reliable, maintainable design and minimize unusable fuel. Coordinated vendor and internal design efforts. Identified key system issues, proposed and contributed to solutions. Recovered schedule by taking on and finishing late fuel certification plan.

CESSNA AIRCRAFT, Wichita, KS 1993 – 2009

Design Engineer, Specialist. JPATS, Bravo, Excel, Sovereign, Mustang and CJ4 Development

Fuel systems, propulsion and auxiliary power unit (APU) installations for Citation Bravo, Excel, Sovereign, Mustang and CJ4 business jets, including analysis, layout, design, development test, FAA Part 23 & 25 certification, functional test, system troubleshooting and technical documentation.


Full Time Student, Completed BSCS (Summa Cum Laude)


Sr Engineer, Military Avionics Systems Requirements, Integration and Test

B-52 EMP hardening and OAS navigation, V-22 avionics, C/KC-135

System, software, hardware and interface requirements. Functional test definition and support. Flight data and system analysis and troubleshooting. Held SECRET SAR security clearance.
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Design and Documentation

  • Layout, design and drafting propulsion, fuel, bleed air, environmental, and fire protection installations, nacelles and firewalls, accounting for equipment weight, operating loads, motion, thermal effects and hazards.

  • Worked with manufacturing to assure producible, safe, reliable, maintainable designs. Used CAD and physical models to assure ergonomics. Made systems fit where others thought there was inadequate space.

  • Accounted for hose and push-pull cables stiffness in installed shape to repeatedly achieve good first article fit.

  • Greatly improved inadequate ECS airflow by valve and plumbing redesign.

  • Accounted for tolerance build up. Worked with manufacturing to assure tooling could meet accuracy.

  • 10K hrs CATIA, 3K V5, used sheet metal CATIA tools and design tables for automated configuration updates.

  • Produced high quality readily fabricated, installed and maintained designs with minimal revisions.

  • Wrote well received functional tests, troubleshooting procedures and user manuals for factory and field use. Provided information and procedures to technical writers, reviewed and approved their work.

Systems Engineering and Coordination

  • Researched and allocated requirements. Wrote system, functional, hardware, software and interface requirement and control documents. Set a well received high standard for documentation.

  • Coordinated with manufacturing, structures, stress, materials and processes and others to optimally meet all stakeholder needs within schedule and resources. Coordinated avionics, electrical and cockpit interfaces.

  • Discussed needs and capabilities with vendors, defined requirements, explored options, identified risks, agreed on plans, coordinated schedules and managed development issues for timely delivery of qualified components. Reviewed designs and test results, provided feedback and approved solutions.

  • Coordinated fuel design and structure for rapid refueling, accurate gauging, and minimizing unusable fuel, fuel migration and venting pressure without spilling fuel throughout flight envelope.

  • Advised new engineers, explained analysis, design, test and certification approaches, laid out design, guided and checked work. Identified key issues. Proposed and contributed to solutions. Supported other’s ideas.

Analysis Experience and Education

  • Developed and enhanced fuel system analysis to assure fuel system performance with minimal system complexity and redesign during development testing. Identified hidden mechanisms for gauging inaccuracy, fuel transfer in adverse maneuvers and system risks due to proposed design changes.

  • Used bounding analysis to assure performance when standard analysis, simulation and test were impractical.

  • Completed graduate FEA (ANSYS) course in structural analysis (hand calculations and computer modeling).

  • Sized tubes, orifices, and components to meet pressure and flow requirements.

  • Derived and defined medical/industrial/power heat exchanger designs for graduate thermal design courses.

  • Studied wind turbine design (under Dr Wentz), assessed life cycle, EROEI and practicality of solar chimney power plant (Master’s Thesis), and used FLUENT to model airflow in solar chimney power plant.

Development, Validation, Certification and Production Functional Test

  • Defined, coordinated and conducted development and certification lab, ground and flight tests, analyzed data, troubleshot issues, determined and implemented fixes and found compliance.

  • Led new program production functional test (FT) efforts. Coordinated with manufacturing, wrote procedures, ran, corrected and validated procedures and added diagnostic troubleshooting sections.

  • Devised less invasive fuel system functional test quickly locating any issues, saving production ½ day/aircraft.

  • Determined compliance methods for FAA 14 CFR (FAR)/EASA (JAR) Part 23 and Part 25 regulations. Compiled compliance and verification matrix. Authored and reviewed cert plans, test plans, flight test procedures, results reports, engine installation manual compliance and system compliance reports.

  • Simplified vent certification and provided better data for subsequent product development.

  • Supported and worked with Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA, DFMEA)

Fuel Systems, Engines, Nacelles and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

  • Technical leader of fuel engineering team taking conceptual fuel system to certified production form. Spearheaded design with studies, analysis, sizing, layout, 3-D design, and drafting. Designed fuel supply, motive, scavenge transfer, single point refuel (SPR), defuel, vent and gauging systems.

  • Technical leader of engine installation. Designed cowls, exhausts, fuel and bleed air lines, throttle cables, fire protection and drain installations. Worked Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) interface requirements, functional test, flight support and troubleshooting.


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