Julio Bermudez, Phd courses Taught

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Julio Bermudez, PhD
Courses Taught: (last two academic years)

ARPL 202 Architectural Design I (studio coordinator).

ARPL 601/603/701 Concentration Studio I, II, and III (Sacred Space & Cultural Studies).

ARPL 636 Design Process & Methods..

Educational Credentials:

Diploma Architect. Universidad Católica de Santa Fe, Argentina, 1982.

Master of Architecture, University of Minnesota, USA, 1990.

PhD. in Education, University of Minnesota, USA, 1994.

Teaching Experience: (selected, longest appointments)

Instructor, College of Design, University of Minnesota, 1997-1993.

Assistant/Associate Professor (tenured), College of Architecture+Planning, University of Utah, 1993-2010.

Associate Professor (tenured), School of Architecture & Planning, Catholic University of America, 2010-now.

Awards & Honors: (selected, within last 10 years)

2004-05 ACSA Creative Achievement Award (w/J.Agutter). Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

2005 Premio Trayectoria Creativa Arturo Montagú. Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi).

2006 ACADIA Award for Teaching Excellence. Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture.

2010 Sasada Award. Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA).
Research Experience: (selected, within last 10 years)

fMRI Study of Architecturally Induced Contemplative States. CUA 2012 & U of Utah 2009 ($10,100). PI.

Defining Architectural Quality: The Empirical Mapping of Delight. U of Utah 2008 ($2,750). PI.

Cyber-Security Visualization for Increased Situational Awareness. IC-ARDA Grant, 2003-05 ($750K).Co-PI.

Data Display to Detect-Diagnose-Treat Critical Events, NIH Grant, 1999-2004 ($2,236,853). Co-PI.

Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Dynamic Cardiovascular Function Using … (# 7,413,546 B2, 2008).

Systems and Methods for Displaying and Querying Heterogeneous Sets of Data (# 7,593,013 B2, 2009).

Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Dynamic Systems Using N-Dimensional … (#7,603,631 B2, 2009).
Selected Publications: (last 10 years, 8 selected, out of 44)

Barrie, T; Bermudez, J; and Tabb, P. (2015) Architecture, Culture and Spirituality. Ashgate Press, UK.

Bermudez, J; Krizaj, D; Lipschitz, D; Yurgelun-Todd, D; Nakamura, Y (forthcoming) “fMRI Study of

Architecturally-Induced Contemplative States,” 2014 ANFA Conference, La Jolla, CA.

Bermudez, J. (in press) Transcending Architecture. Contemporary Views on Sacred Space. CUA Press.

Bermudez, J. (2013) “Fenomenología, Arquitectura y Espiritualidad,” ANDINAS No. 2 (December), p.9-23.

Bermudez, J and Ro, B (2012) “Fenomenologías Extraordinarias de la Arquitectura Sagrada,”Arquitectura

del Sur, No.42, p.88-101.

Bermudez, J. (2011) Profound Experiences of Architecture.” 2A Magazine, Spring, No.17, p.20-25.

Bermudez, J. (2009) “Amazing Grace. New Research into ‘Extraordinary Architectural Experiences’

Reveals the Central Role of Sacred Places,” Faith & Form XLII:3-June, p.8-13.

Barrie, T and Bermudez, J. (2008) Editors, Journal of Architectural Education Special Issue: “Immateriality

in Architecture”. JAE Vol.62 No.2.
Service: (selected, within last 10 years)

Co-founder and Executive Committee member, Architecture, Culture & Spirituality Forum, 2007-present Director, Sacred Space and Cultural Studies Graduate Concentration. CUArch, 2010-present.

Co-founder & Director, Int’l Exchange between U of Utah and UNL, Argentina, U of Utah, 1995-2010.

Co-founder, Executive Committee Member, and US representative, SIGraDi, 1997-2010.

Board Member, the Journal of Architectural Education (JAE), 2006-2009.

Steering Committee Member, ACADIA, 1998-2007.

Int’l Advisory Board Member. International Society for Art, Science and Technology (Leonardo), 2003-06.

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