June 26th, 2015 Dear Parents, Our 1

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June 26th, 2015

Dear Parents,

Our 1st term is almost over. Preparations for FA 2 have started. Syllabus has been uploaded. It will be a written test

But students will stay at school as usual.
Yokohama Grade 1 students will go to Zoorasia next week 1st July Wednesday for the field trip. Cost 200 yen.
Tokyo UKG A will go to Ueno Zoo on Tuesday 30th June

UKG B and UKG D will go on Wednesday

And UKG C and LKG will go on Friday

Cost 300 yen (inclusive of a cap )

All students must wear sports T-Shirt
We request Tokyo 1st and 2nd grade parents to put lunch in a separate cloth bag which can be taken out of the knapsack and kept separately.
We request also Tokyo mothers not to gather in front of people’s entrances and talk. They are really disturbed and complaining about it to Koto Ku Authorities.
Parents please note that elementary students are not permitted to come to the school on bike or parents riding along with them. If the students below 13 year old are found riding the bicycle without helmets, the bicycle will be confiscated. Please refer the new bicycle rules in the link given below:

Myself and School Principal would like to meet all Tokyo school parents for a open discussion on July 4 from 10 am to 12 noon.

PA members will also be there. Please do come and clear your doubts with us if you have any. Will try to get some teachers also if possible.
Our regular school session will end on July 10th. After that we

Organize summer school for 4 weeks. If you want to register your child for that please down load the form from our website and send online.
Parents who have not yet paid their tuition are reminded to pay by Monday. All dues of 1st term must be cleared before FA 2

Silverzone Olympiads will be conducted during November to January in following subjects: Computer Science, Science, Mathematics,  English, GK, Social science, Hindi and French.  The competitions are open to all the students, from Class-I-XII. Please refer the following table to find which Olympiads your ward would be eligible to attend.

Math, Science, English and Computer Science

Classes 1st to 12th

General Knowledge       

Classes 1st to 10th

Social Science and French

Classes 6th to 10th 


Classes 3rd to 10th

Refer this link for syllabus and sample question papers: http://olympiads.asia/newweb/iom_syllabus_question_paper.html

The reference books for all the above subjects for all grades will be available in the school library. The participation fee is 1000 yen per subject. Please send the confirmation slip that is given at the end of this document, along with the fee, to enroll your ward to the Olympiad.

Have a nice weekend

Nirmal Jain

Participation confirmation slip for Silver Zone International Olympiad-2015
(Fee: 1000 yen per subject)
Name of Participant: ________________________________________
Grade: __________________
Gender: Male Female
Father’s Name: __________________________________________
Subjects : (circle/tick the opted subjects):



Computer Science



Social science



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