Kaiser Permanente, Builds Bikes For 40 Kids To Ride The Trails in Atlanta

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Kaiser Permanente, Builds Bikes For 40 Kids To Ride The Trails in Atlanta

KP means what it says, every body walk, ride, run - just get moving. Families of Kaiser Permanente met along Atlanta’s Beltline for the second year to Build-A-Bike for kids along the old railroad track bed. The rails have been ripped up, and wood chips laid down as part of the “Rails To Trails” program.

Folks from Kaiser Permanente want families along the old route to get healthy, to have what other kids have – a bike. So 250 Kaiser Permanente employees, plus their children, came together to do a little team building and make some lives more mobile. Together they earned the pieces of the bikes, put them together, and made them shine.

Kids from along the old rail line, came to see that people outside their immediate family care that they do well in life. Mayor Kasim Reed came by to meet the kids with their new bikes, and people from Kaiser Permanente got to feel really good about themselves. Since 1945 KP has been at the forefront of healthy living, providing local jobs and giving back to the communities where they do business. This day, it was all about the kids, living healthy, and having a little competitive fun. 40 new bikes are ready to be tried out along the Beltway, yes, safety first, always – a helmet. By Connie Timpson/Sr. Instructor/Performance Coach/The Leader’s Institute.

Download 2.99 Kb.

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