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6.3Settlement and Housing

6.3.1Settlement Patterns and Geomorphology

Settlements in the district can be defined as compact and random. Each settlement established itself according to resource availability; some especially the headquarters were located according to defensive positions. There are those that aligned themselves along the Marico river. The geomorphology of the district is varied, consisting of resistant sedimentary and volcanic rocks to the south and west and the sand veldt made of Kalahari sands.

6.3.2Physical Development Growth

Most settlements grow spontaneously without any form of control and direction. The settlements grow according to availability of services. In locations where there are difficult conditions such as rock outcrops; sand and gullied ground these would be avoided. Therefore development growth of villages is not limited to any direction in particular. The only area of growth control is the Mochudi Planning Area where detailed layout plans are prepared thereby guiding developments and consequently growth directions for development. Currently a study is being undertaken in the villages of Malolwane;Ramonaka;Mathubudukwane;Mabalane and Sikwane so as to guide their future growth.

6.3.3Housing Demand

The demand for housing in the district especially in those villages around Gaborone have increased significantly in the past years. The freedom to settle anywhere by citizens has also contributed to this increase.
The demand for services, amenities and resources in the district has tremendously increased within the past 7 years because of migration to the district from other Gaborone and within the district. There are a number of factors that have aggravated this situation. Among these are policies like the Financial Assistance Policy (FAP), the Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME), and now CEDA. These have attracted to a great extent economic development to the entire District hence the demand for services and resources. Another major factor is the declaration of Mochudi together with four other immediate settlements of Pilane, Rasesa, Morwa and Bokaa as a planning area in 1995. This opened up wider investment opportunities to the whole District but with the main focus on Mochudi village. As a result there has been rapid economic developments particularly in the Mochudi Planning Area. However, these developments require provision of not only commercial or industrial plots, but to a great extent they require land for residential development.
The demand therefore, for residential plots as well as the demand for social services provision has increased.

6.3.4Housing Supply

The provision of housing is mostly done by individuals through their own financing or loans from financial institutions. A certain portion of housing supply is done by government institutions and parastatals as well as private companies.
In terms of provision of services, amenities and resources all responsible government agents play very important roles. Kgatleng District has made provision for about 210 housing units for the District. These are estimated at P 62 750 000 (Sixty Two Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pula).
These units will be distributed to various settlements of the District in accordance with the National Settlement Policy and the National Policy on Housing whose goal is to facilitate the provision of decent and affordable housing for all within a safe and Sanitary Environment.
Private individuals in Kgatleng District will benefit from the newly introduced Self-Help Housing Agency programme (SHHA) whose main goal is to facilitate the provision of affordable housing to low-income households.

6.3.5General Infrastructure and Services

Infrastructure development is fair to good in the entire district The Mochudi Phase II infrastructure development is currently underway, this includes street lighting; upgrading 17 kilometres of roads to bitumen standard and the provision of storm-water drains. Another development in Mochudi is the provision of sewer lines, this would go a long way in improving sanitation in the village and also reduce the chances of underground water contamination. The provision of most services covers the whole district.

6.4Settlement and Housing Sector Goals and Objectives

Table 6.23 Sector goals and Objectives




To provide detailed layout plans to direct village growth and improve infrastructure provision

To guide village growth

To prepare village development plans so as to improve land utilisation

To zone land for various uses


To provide affordable and durable housing to the communities in the district.

To decentralize SHHA scheme to other villages.

To devolve SHHA scheme to the rest of the district so that all benefit from it.

To decentralize SHHA to other villages.

To reduce sharing of accommodation by public officers so as to improve their social welfare.

To provide adequate housing to public servants

To strive to provide infrastructure in residential areas to improve services.

To improve the social welfare of communities.

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