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13.7Resource Requirements for DDP6

13.7.1Issues and Strengths

Road transport and communication network in the district is fairly good, However the number of road accident is still high despite the efforts of the District Roads Safety Committee to promote road safety.
Performance of the sector will be adversely affected by shortage of skilled manpower as well as ancillary staff. Poor performance of contractors is still a problem as some contractors continue to abandon projects before completion.

13.7.2Proposed Projects, Performance Targets, Budget and Plan Monitoring

Table 13.61 Proposed Projects, Performance Targets, Budget and Plan Monitoring



Performance indicators

Plan Monitoring Programme

Vehicle Testing Station


Vehicle testing station constructed

Quarterly progress reports

Weighbridge, office and Staff houses

8 992 000

Weighbridge, office and staff houses constructed

Quarterly progress reports

Driver Testing Grounds

15 million

Driver Testing Grounds constructed

Quarterly progress reports

Airport Circle–Rasesa II

98 million

Airport Circle–Rasesa II constructed

Quarterly progress reports


36 million

Mmamashia-Oodi-Mabalane constructed

Quarterly progress reports

Matsieng Dikgonnye Road bridge


Matsieng Dikgonnye Road bridge constructed

Quarterly progress reports

Upgrading of DABS Depot

Not available

Depot upgraded

Quarterly progress report




This chapter deals with the security of the nation. It also describes the various institutions associated with law, justice and security, and sets out strategies for DDP 6 with the view towards realisation of Vision 2016: Sustainable and Diversified Development through Competitiveness in the global markets.

14.1.1The Institutional Framework

Institutions which have been mandated to make and enforce laws in the country are as discussed below.

Parliament, which was established under Chapter Five of the constitution is responsible for enacting laws, authorising public expenditure, raising of national revenues and also serves as a medium for representing and articulating the will, aspirations and needs of the people. It has the House of Chiefs as its advisory body. Constituency offices were established in Kgatleng East and West during DDP 5. of Justice

The Judiciary of the Republic of Botswana was established by Chapter VI of the constitution. In Kgatleng District it is represented by the Magistrate Court. Customary law enforcement is the responsibility of the Ministry of Local Government through Customary Courts. In Kgatleng there is the main Customary Court in Mochudi and subsidiary courts in other villages. Police Service

The Police is charged with the responsibility to protect life and property, prevent and direct crime, repress internal disturbances, maintain security and public tranquillity, apprehend offenders, duly enforce laws with which it is charged, generally maintain peace.
The Police district comprises 3 police stations, which are situated at Sikwane, Olifants Drift and Mochudi. and Citizenship

The role of the department is to protect society against the entrance, residence and movement in and out of the country of people with undesirable behaviour and at the same time ensures smooth passage of genuine travellers. It also offers immigration-related services such as passport service and acquisition of citizenship to the public through its field office in Mochudi. and Rehabilitation

The department is responsible for the safe custody and rehabilitation of people detained under the law. It also monitors and recommends the existence of committees such as Parole Boards, Prisons Councils, Prison visiting committees etc. Mochudi Prison is the only state prison in the District. Defence Force

The Botswana Defence Force was formed by an Act of Parliament in 1977, as a response to guard against the spill over of conflicts in neighbouring states into Botswana. Since its establishment, the Botswana Defence Force has played a significant role in security operations and anti-poaching activities. It periodically undertakes patrols along the borders with neighbouring countries and also mounts roadblocks to prevent entry of weapons from neighbouring countries. Electoral Commission

The IEC, which was established by Section 65A of the constitution in 1997, has the responsibility to ensure that elections of members of Parliament and Local Authorities are conducted efficiently, properly, freely and fairly and thereby upholding one of national principles of Botswana, which is Democracy. In the District IEC has an office in Mochudi covering the entire district.

14.1.2Strategic Plan of Respective Ministries

The Ministry of Local Government

Ministry of Local Government, through the District Local Authorities is responsible for enforcing law and providing security and justice. It ensures understating of laws and policies that govern the activities of customary courts through dissemination of information. It also ensures satisfaction through acceleration of cases put before the customary courts.

Botswana Police Services

The mandate of the Botswana Police service is to provide a professional law enforcement service for a peaceful, safe and secure nation; in partnership with the community.

Botswana Prisons Services

The Prisons Services is mandated with the provision of safe custody of prisoners through improved prison facilities, reforms and adequate basic human needs. It is also mandated with the responsibility to facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders through training and counselling.

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs (Immigration and Citizenship)

The Ministry’s role is to protect society against the entrance, residence movement in and out of the country of people with undesirable behaviour while at the same time ensuring smooth passage of genuine travellers.

14.1.3The Role of the Private Sector

The private sector normally participates in the provision of security services through various security companies throughout the country.
Kgatleng District Council, as well as other private and parastatal institutions including private citizens in the district, engages the services of such companies to guard their premises and properties on a contract basis.

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