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Louisiana State University

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Louisiana State University

Who We Are

Through collaboration between the university and the business community, LSU Executive Education offers creative learning experiences that are focused on the most pressing needs of the business community and its most important resource—people. Key topics include business acumen, leadership, self-development, teamwork, strategic planning, innovation, problem solving, conflict management, and communication.

What We Offer

  • Professional Leadership Development Programs:

Developing strong leaders is one of the most important investments an organization can make to ensure future growth and sustainability.

Our Executive Development Program is designed for senior-level professionals who typically have five or more years of work experience and who lead one or more functional areas within the organization. This 10-day program infuses cutting-edge learning techniques and business topics to prepare professionals for the top levels of leadership within their companies.

The Rising Stars Program is designed to groom emerging leaders who typically have at least one to five years of work experience or who are heads of business projects. The program focuses on leadership growth, advancement, and success. This three-day program can serve as a stepping stone to the LSU Executive Development Program.

  • Open Enrollment Courses & Certificate Programs:

Throughout the year, we offer programs and courses that are open to all professionals wishing to develop their skills in business, strategy, and leadership.

Courses topics may include Navigating Office Politics, The Art of Effective Feedback and Communication in Organizations, Dealing with Difficult People, Performance Management and Improvement, Building and Leading Effective Teams, Negotiations and Conflict Management.

We also offer the open enrollment Louisiana Economic Development Certification Program designed for those who wish to understand, support, and lead economic development in communities.

  • Custom Courses, Consulting & Retreats:

We custom design courses to address specific needs of a company by linking learning goals with business strategy. The need can be general, such as building leadership skills or advancing strategic thinking. Or it may be more specific, such as organizational interventions to address issues specific to your department, location, or entire organization.

For more information on any program, please call 225-578-5516 or
visit us online at

Executive Development Program

Developing a pipe line of leaders is one of the most important investments an organization can make to ensure future growth and sustainability. In fact, the ever present existence of change and the transformation of today’s workforce demographics demand that an organization purposefully manage their human capital in ways that have never been done before. Those organizations that fail to develop individuals so they can assume increasing management responsibilities will fall behind their competitors.
LSU Executive Education’s Executive Development Program serves as a resource and partner to all organization searching for a way to transform their managers into strong and effective leaders--the kind that can ensure growth and the future of a company.


Spring 2013 Program: January 28-30, February 6-8, and March 11-14

Fall 2013 Program: September 9-11, September 18-20, and October 21-24

Location: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Costs: $7,595 USD Standard Rate

$6,895 USD Non-profit Rate

Contact Number: 225.578.913
Table of Contents

Rising Stars Program

This three-day highly interactive program is designed to groom high potential employees for professional growth.

  • Foster leadership succession plans

  • Inspire employees

  • Educate individuals on how to be a leader in situations where they may lack formal authority or title

  • Provide educational and development opportunities that could lower employee attrition or turnover

  • Groom high performing individuals for growth and advancement by offering participants unique learning opportunities and experiences in the areas of:

o Leadership vs. Management

o Defining a Personal Leadership Framework

o Leading Projects and People

o Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

o Personal Branding in Leadership

o Positioning Oneself for Growth

Dates: March 19 – 21, 2013

June 25 – 27, 2013

October 8 – 10, 2013

Location: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Cost: $1,645 Standard Fee, $1,595 Non-profit Fee

Contact Number: 225.578.9132

Table of Contents

Loyola University Chicago

High-Impact Leadership: Maximizing your leadership potential

Take your leadership potential to the next level. Great leaders are not born – they are made. But how? We believe that highly effective leadership skills are learned through a process of self-reflection, training, experience, and a willingness to challenge oneself and challenge conventional ways of problem solving.
High-Impact Leadership: Maximizing Your Leadership Potential combines the best practices and latest research into the art and science of leadership, decision-making, problem solving and organizational effectiveness.
The program focuses on three key areas:
Understanding oneself: Through a rigorous 360-degree evaluation process you will gain a full understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and potential career "derailers." An additional suite of leadership and conflict-management style assessments will provide further insight into the role these styles play in leadership effectiveness. After the program you will receive a one-on-one coaching session with a skilled executive coach who will help you make use of the rich data provided in the assessment process.
The Psychology of Leadership: Through stimulating exercises and engaging discussions that explore the latest research in managerial psychology, you will learn the best practices for improving individual and organizational decision making, how influence and power is leveraged in organizations, and powerful tools for removing obstacles for employee productivity.
Leading Others: Building upon the perspectives gained earlier in the program, we take a deep dive into a number of diverse leadership models. By understanding these different models, you will walk away with a tool-kit of approaches for managing others using the model best suited for each situation. Through exercises and discussion you will also gain the tools to build successful teams, manage conflict more effectively and link individual performance to organizational strategy.
Courses: For course descriptions, click here.

Dates: 2013 schedule, click here.

Location: Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower Campus (Chicago, IL)

Cost: $3,350

Apply: To apply online, click here.
For more information on this program, please contact: 312-915-6761 or visit http://www.luc.edu/quinlan/executive-education/executive-leadership-training/index.shtml.
Table of Contents

Mini-MBA Certificate Program

The Loyola mini-MBAsm is a comprehensive management development program that provides cutting-edge business skills, coaching and leadership training to help propel your organization and your career forward.
To succeed in business, individuals must be able to see beyond their own functional area and understand how the organization operates as a whole. During this 10-week program, expert faculty exposes participants to the key management levers that drive organizational success. The program begins by exploring how organizations develop and implement strategy. Then, core functional areas of business are explored – from marketing to finance to accounting – to provide participants with a solid understanding of each function and how it contributes to organizational success.
We also recognize that in order to succeed, individuals must understand how their own individual leadership and management styles impact their performance. This program includes a series of assessment tools designed to evaluate participants’ unique motivations, work styles, and conflict-management approaches. Each participant will have the opportunity to review their results in a one-on-one coaching session with a leadership development expert. The program concludes with a leadership simulation exercise and an interactive session on the balanced scorecard approach to management, in which participants develop a strategy map for an organization in order to integrate the key take-aways from throughout the program.
Courses: For course descriptions, click here.

Dates: 2013 schedule, click here.

Location: Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower Campus (Chicago, IL)

Cost: $3,350

Apply: To apply online, click here.
For more information on this program, please contact: 312-915-6761 or visit


Table of Contents

Marquette University

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies (online)

The certificate is designed for working professionals who are preparing themselves for leadership positions in government, corporations or not-for-profit organizations. It balances practical skills with a values-based foundation, making you a better leader wherever you choose to go!
Program Outcomes

  • Apply leadership principles and theory, cognitive theory, and critical thinking skills in order to creatively solve leadership challenges.

  • Identify an ethical issue and apply ethical principles, values, theories or frameworks to leadership practice.

  • Possess the cultural and communication skills necessary to interact in a reciprocal exchange that honors the human dignity of all persons.

  • Apply theory and principles of group dynamics in assuming multiple group roles and responsibilities.

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative research methods relating to leadership practice and the selected specialization, if applicable.


  • To earn the certificate students will complete the five required courses noted below and earn 15 graduate credits.

  • Students spend an average of 12-14 hours a week on course work for every three-credit course.

  • On average, students complete the program in one to two years. The certificate must be completed within three years.

  • After completing the graduate certificate program, you may choose to apply all 15 credits earned to Marquette's master of arts in public service or master in leadership studies degree.

Class No.

Class Title

Credit Hours

LEDR 6000

History and Theory of Leadership and Ethics*

3 credit hours

LEDR 6005


3 credit hours

LEDR 6010

Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Team Leadership

3 credit hours

LEDR 6015

Influence of Leadership on Behavior in Organizations

3 credit hours

LEDR 6020

Leaders as Worldly Citizens

3 credit hours


* Prereq for all LEDR courses

Fees: $985 per credit hour

Location: Online
For more information on this program please contact: (414) 288-3153 or (800) 793-6450, extension 2
Table of Contents

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