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Duke University

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (Dubai)

Learn more or apply today: www.ee.fuqua.duke.edu
Everyone Should Know the Basics of Business

Finance for Non-Financial Managers is a unique program for those who work on teams that analyze financial data and general managers who evaluate data for operations and performance management. During the 3-day intensive course you will learn to better evaluate budgets, understand profit and loss statements, and analyze capital investment decisions.


The program combines short lectures, hands-on activities, and cases taken from a variety of industries, including those specific to the Middle East, such as oil and gas and real estate. You’ll work on small teams with other business professionals to practice new skills in a supportive educational environment.


Finance for Non-Financial Managers is taught by U.S.-based Professor Peter Wilson. His course provides a strong foundation in financial analysis to help you:

    • Understand ratios and pricing analysis for financial reporting and control then study organizational incentives and optimization, performance management, and value creation.

    • Increase your ability to read, interpret, and use accounting and financial information in your daily business

    • Gain confidence in preparing and analyzing budgets to better manage scarce resources in your company

    • Explain "best practices" used by managers to create alignment around necessary key strategies to make your business successful

Program Dates: February 17-19, 2013
Program Length:
3 days

Location: Dubai, UAE

Program Tuition: $4,300 USD (general registration)

Application Deadline: Register by January 17th and pay $3,900 USD (early registration)
Contact Number: Duke Executive Education


+ 9714.401.9306

+1 800.372.3932

DIFC - Centre of Excellence

Gate Village | Building 2, Level 3

PO Box 74777 | Dubai, UAE

Tel: +9714.401.9306 | Web: http://www.fuqua.duke.edu

Table of Contents

Emory University

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager is a two-day course that helps participants learn basic financial principles and apply them in a real-world context. The first day is devoted to understanding financial statements and analysis; the second day focuses on the links between strategy and finance. This experiential program relies upon the use of Microsoft Excel; participants are assumed to have a working knowledge of this software.
Learning Objectives: After completing Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager, you will have the ability to

  • Understand the language associated with finance

  • Read and Assess financial statements

  • Understand basic financial terms and analysis techniques

  • Recognize the link between organizational strategy and financial objectives

  • Use "the numbers" to your best advantage to make more informed decisions 

Dates: April 2-3, 2013; August 19-20, 2013

Fees: $1,995

Phone: 404.727.2200
Website: www.EmoryExecEd.com
Email: ExecutiveEducation@emory.edu
Table of Contents

Management Development Program

As organizations grow and change with the times, so must managers and leaders.  The Management Development Program develops individuals to lead within the complex enterprise. This program broadens perspective, focusing on the interplay between business functions, and it provides participants with a well-rounded set of tactical skills that are immediately applicable to their jobs. 
Program Overview: This focused and intensive program covers crucial business management skills including:

  • Strategy and Competitive Advantage

  • Operations Strategy and Execution

  • Marketing

  • Human Capital Management

The Management Development Program concludes with the Capstone Simulation, a rigorous and engaging team-based business simulation that merges all of the topics covered through the week, emphasizes strategic thinking, and the impact of decisions across the organization.

Dates: June 10-14, 2013

Fees: $5,995

Phone: 404.727.2200
Website: www.EmoryExecEd.com
Email: ExecutiveEducation@emory.edu

Table of Contents

Georgetown University

McDonough School of Business

Demystifying Finance – Balance Sheet Basics for Non-Financial Managers


All executives and managers today need to have a basic grounding in finance. As the recent financial crisis underscored, financial decisions, reporting, and results can affect an entire organization and its condition, performance, people, and future. The program will give non-financial managers a crash course – or refresher – in the basics of finance, accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis.

Harnessing Georgetown’s unique global perspective and academic resources, the coursework looks at financial practices, policies, regulations, and trends in the United States and internationally. This approach recognizes that global lines are blurring and that companies and organizations take a broad view of their market and missions. Emphasizing real-world, practical steps, the program allows participants to apply what they learn immediately and effectively within their organizations.

Program Dates: May 21-23, 2013
Location: Georgetown University campus
Program Tuition: $4,250 USD

Contact Number: 202.687.4065
Table of Contents

Innovating Sales – Strategic Management and Leadership Development


In today’s competitive market, the ability to help your sales organization evolve to address the rapidly changing buying environment will separate the winners from the losers. The shift to insight-driven selling has implications for the entire sales organization, from individual reps to managers, all the way up to chief sales officer.

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Georgetown McDonough Executive Education have joined forces to deliver a powerful and dynamic four-day executive course in successful sales strategy and leadership.

The program begins by presenting a critical framework for assessing your sales force and developing winning initiatives for performance enhancement. Over the course of four days, you will explore relevant issues and create solutions in terms the customer will be able to understand and implement.

Program Dates: TBD
Location: Georgetown University campus
Program Tuition: $5,800

Contact Number: 202.687.4065
Table of Contents

Brand Advantage – Standout Marketing in a Saturated Market


Marketing expertise is not just for marketing experts. Every executive and manger involved in advancing an idea, product, service, process, or policy before it goes to market needs a basic understanding of the target market, the competition, the customer, and the client. Professionals of all disciplines who understand marketing essentials can instill the rigor and discipline of “what works” into their organization’s processes and decision-making, engage more effectively with marketing experts, mitigate market risk, and ensure the return on investment and capital their organizations are seeking.

The program will address effective marketing and the importance of market segmentation today, examining how to analyze competitors and compel customers, and how to understand customer differences and needs. Participants will learn about the significance of “branding,” “positioning,” and the price/value equation and they will study the growing role of creating and keeping customer loyalty.

Program Dates: TBD
Location: Georgetown University campus
Program Tuition: $4,250 USD

Contact Number: 202.687.4065
Table of Contents

Georgia State University

Certificate Program in Finance and Accounting

The ability to understand the financial implications of business decisions is essential for both individual and organizational success. This program gives a comprehensive overview of the financial and accounting concepts that every manager and executive needs to know in order to make better business decisions and advance your career. Attend this fast-paced and highly-interactive program and you will dramatically improve your financial knowledge and skills. You will learn how to apply financial concepts to enhance strategies while at the same time enhancing your value to the organization.
It is taught by award-winning GSU professors who make learning finance and accounting easy and fun. This program requires little or no previous experience in the fields of accounting and finance. It is designed for non-financial and non-accounting professionals who want to better understand the “language of business” and better communicate with financial professionals within their organization.

If you want to improve your decision-making skills, while at the same time advancing your career, then this program is designed for you.

This program gives a comprehensive overview of the financial and accounting concepts that every manager and executive needs to know in order to make better business decisions. The program’s major content areas include:

Topic One: Finance and Accounting Concepts, Economic Context and GAAP Influence
Topic Two: Dimensions of Analysis, Interpretation of Financial Statements
Topic Three: Time Value of Money, Risk and Return Relationships
Topic Four: Debt and Equity Instruments, Utilization, Innovation, and Valuation
Topic Five: Managerial Accounting and Performance Measurement Best Practices
Dates: March 18-22, 2013; October 8-11, 2013

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Program Tuition: $2,950 per person for non-profits

Contact Information: 404.413.4707 or dstotz@gsu.edu
Table of Contents

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