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University of Arkansas

Certificate in Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate will provide participants with enhanced skills in the fields of business intelligence and analysis. In a dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, relevant knowledge and expertise is of utmost importance. Those with key business acumen will be well prepared to address the challenges that face their organizations. This program will help participants tackle common issues including accessing and collecting data, as well as deciphering results in order to make or support decisions related to products, processes & procedures, operations, and trends.
Business Intelligence comprises business analytics, as well as the information technology, databases, and systems that support the mission of the firm including decision support and business processes. These business analytics certificate sessions focus on strategic issues of data analysis, data management, and data mining. Participants study analytics concepts and develop skills needed to utilize decision-centric business intelligence, knowledge management applications, and data mining.
Over the duration of this six-day course, participants will be exposed to the following tools:

    • SAS Enterprise Miner

    • IBM SPS Modeler

    • SAS Enterprise Guide

    • Qualtrics

    • Structured Query Language (SQL)

    • SQL Server

    • Cube Building and Analysis using SQL Server BI Tools (SSIS/SSAS/SSRS)

Courses: For course descriptions, click here

Dates: Program will occur in Spring 2013. Please refer to our website for future dates.

Location: University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR)

Cost: $2,900

Register: For registration information, please visit our website

For more information on this program, please contact: 479-575-2856 or go to http://execed.uark.edu/default.asp
Table of Contents

University of California Berkeley

Action Planning and Management for a New Business Venture

Learn the critical and practical aspects of managing a small business venture and implementing solutions that work. Focusing on the business owner, you study the skills needed to successfully start and effectively manage a small business, including project management, time management, decision making and the ability to manage others. In addition to gaining an understanding and appreciation of basic business operations and management systems, learn how to implement a specific business action plan that focuses on effective management solutions.
Dates: Mondays, January 28 – April 8 (no meeting February 18), 2013
Application Deadline:
January 28, 2013

Location: San Francisco, CA

Contact Number: 510-642-4231
Table of Contents

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Executives

The program’s modern approach focuses only on financial topics that the non-financial executive uses in their day to day activities and management. The FANFE program avoids being highly technical, and instead creates an environment in which executives can build their “intuitive” understanding of financial terminology and concepts. Faculty work with participants to go beyond the “mechanics” of finance and create an action plan that allows for strategical and practical application in their daily management.

  • Our approach to developing your financial literacy emphasizes the following:

  • We distill complex financial issues into actionable insights and practical applications.

  • We apply the program content to your own business realities.

  • We build your confidence to discuss financial trade-offs and to ask the right questions.

  • We offer you insights drawn from our experience as researchers, teachers, and consultants for world-class global companies.

  • We provide comprehensive program materials, readings and glossaries that will serve as helpful resources in the future.

Dates: May 7-11, 2012; November 5-9, 2012

Location: UC Berkeley campus

Fee: $6,500 (send 5 for the price of 4 when registering all together)

Table of Contents

University of California San Diego

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Finance is about making investment and managerial decisions in the face of uncertainty, based on economic information gleaned from the balance sheet and income statements, macroeconomic announcements or other economics news.

Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers is divided into two, one-day sections: corporate finance and investments. Over these two days, this course will guide you through the financial decision making process from start to finish.

Learning Objectives:

Reading and interpreting balance sheet and income statements

Synthesizing that information into financial models

Making decisions based on these models

Understanding the limits of financial modeling

Topics Covered:

Valuing a project from start to finish

Capital budgeting and project choice: which project to undertake

How to finance a project

Valuation in the presence of debt

Thinking and quantifying financial risk

What we can do to mitigate risk exposure

Optimal portfolio allocation: investing for retirement

Understanding financial statistics

Advanced topics

Dates: TBD

Fees: $1450

Contact: Rachel Van Gorp (rvangorp@ucsd.edu)

Table of Contents

University of Chicago

Finance for Executives

In this challenging economic environment, it is critical for executives to use financial data effectively when making business decisions. This seminar will enhance your ability to interpret and use financial information, to better communicate with your financial officers, and to make sound, strategic financial decisions that will improve the profitability of your firm.

Finance for Executives presents the main elements of modern finance from the manager’s viewpoint. The purpose of this seminar is to help you make decisions that will measurably improve your personal effectiveness and the profitability of your organization. The program provides sufficient familiarity with financial information to enable you to interpret and comfortably use financial data in your daily decisions.

Finance for Executives will help you communicate more effectively with the CFO as well as financial specialists, including treasurers and controllers. It concentrates on the uses of financial information rather than on its preparation. You will develop skills to understand financial decisions that affect the business and operational strategy of your organization. It will also give you the knowledge and confidence to choose among the different financing sources available to your company and to assess the desirability and value of investment projects, corporate assets, and acquisitions.
Dates: February 11- 15, 2013; May 20-24, 2013; September 9- 13, 2013

Location: Chicago campus

Fee: $8,675

Table of Contents

Financial Analysis for Non Financial Managers

This five-day program will enhance your ability to understand financial reports, better communicate with financial officers in your organization, evaluate your unit's financial performance, and make sound financial decisions.

The purpose of this course is to help you interpret data from financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, budgets, and divisional performance reports to make better business decisions based upon this information. The program will teach the analysis of historical performance of financial reports and forecasting financial performance. After attending this program, you will be better able to communicate the financial goals and performances of your department within your organization as well as to outside sources.

Dates: April 29- May 3, 2013; August 12 - 16, 2013; December 9 - 13, 2013

Location: Chicago campus

Fee: $8,675

Table of Contents

University of Michigan

Advanced Human Resource Executive Program

Human Resource management has never been more vital than it is in today's tumultuous business environment. This program, Michigan's premier HR program, has helped many an executive put HR at the strategic table by equipping them with the capabilities for linking HR strategy to organizational strategy.
Designed for HR executives and general managers, this program will substantially enhance your knowledge and competence to perform your dual roles as a member of your senior management team and as a leader of the human resources function.
Led by Michigan's world-renowned HR faculty, our Advanced Human Resource Executive Program is a two-week intensive immersion in best practices and leading-edge thinking, with a focus on the strategic role of HR in achieving business objectives and competitive advantage. As part of an engaging group of peers from other leading organizations around the globe, you will interact closely with the top researchers and teachers in the field of human resource management as you forge a leadership agenda and strategy for HR in your firm.


18 Feb - 01 Mar 2013

Ann Arbor, MI - $23,250 USD

08 Jul - 19 Jul 2013

Ann Arbor, MI - $23,250 USD

For further information on this program please contact: 734-763-1000
Table of Contents

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