Logan's second big drum of the day!

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Logan's second big drum of the day!

Daryl Sloop and family filling the cooler with pompano on 9/4/10.

Mullet continue to stream by on 9/4/10.

Logan Bass with a nice drum caught on 9/4/10.

Floyd Kennedy caught this 6 lb. puppy drum on 8/31/10.

Brian Collins caught this 40 lb. king mackerel on 8/31/10.

Rob Orr caught this 8 lb. puppy drum on 8/26/10.

Chris Hagar caught this 8 lb. 15 oz sheepshead on 8/19/10.

Jackie Weathersby caught this 34 lb. king on 8/18/10.

Becky Bass caught this nice trout during the week of 8/7/10.

Joey Kellum caught and released this 66 lb. tarpon on 7/31/10.

Josh Sloop caught this 5 1/2 lb. speckled trout on 7/31/10.

Travis Chapin caught this 4 1/2 lb. Spanish mackerel on 7/31/10.

Alan Pleasant caught this 25 lb. king mackerel on 7/28/10.

Angelo DePaola caught this 13 lb. king mackerel on 7/25/10.

Stacy Pleasant caught and released this 100 lb. tarpon on 7/17/10.

Alan Pleasant caught this 20 lb. king mackerel on 7/17/10.

Rob Orr caught and released this 60 lb. tarpon on 7/15/10.

Alex Padgett caught and released this 70 lb. tarpon on 7/15/10.

Rob Orr caught this 8 lb. sheepshead on 7/15/10.

Jerry Sowers caught this 7.25 lb Atlantic Spadefish during the week of 7/10/10.

Stacy Pleasant caught this 26 lb. king on 7/10/10.

Becky Bass with a 7.25 lb. black drum she caught on 7/3/10.

Bennet Tolar caught this 33 lb. king mackerel on 6/12/10.

Chris Hager caught this 9 lb. (!!!) sheepshead on 6/10/10.

Chris Hager caught this 7 lb black drum on 6/5/10

Hong Ung caught this 6 lb. Spanish on 5/22.

Pheng Nop caught this 7.2 lb. Spanish on 5/21/10.

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