Louisiana state university health science center new orleans emergency medicine residency program policies to supplement lsuhsc house officer manual

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Educational Stipend

The program has a Fund for the EM residents, which is managed by LSU. A total of $1,000.00 is allotted to each resident for conference expenses and medical texts aside from those that the program provides. You must obtain ADVANCED approval by Dr. DeBlieux to use these funds.

The residency program will reimburse residents participating in conferences as presenters of case reports and research above the allotted $1,000.00. Meetings located outside of the continental U.S. are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
In order to obtain reimbursement for books, palm pilots, software and subscriptions, the original receipts must be turned in to the coordinator of the section of emergency medicine. This is different from the forms for travel and the travel reimbursement. Laptops and personal computers CANNOT be covered by the stipend.
For travel expenses and conference fees reimbursement, the request MUST be made 1 month BEFORE the conference, NOT afterwards (or you may not be paid). Information that should accompany the request is the following:
1. Name and location of the conference.
2. Date of conference.
3. Registration Fee.
4 . Airfare.
5. Official brochure of conference.
The amount of money that is reimbursed for travel expenses is determined by state regulations and may only partially cover airfare, food and lodging expenses.
In order to receive money, residents must be in good standing and must not have any outstanding obligations to the residency program. All procedure logs, rotation evaluations, rotation study guide answers, remedial assignments, faculty resident meetings, etc. must be completed before checks can be issued.

Travel Forms


Get the Prior Approval Request For Travel Form PDF format, and

Travel Expense Voucher Form PDF format

For air travel you need to pay with the LSU corporate credit card

 VISA Application Form for Corporate Travel Card PDF format

Mailboxes/ Email

Residents have a mailbox in the residency office on the 5th floor which serves as a major means of communication in the program. Residents are expected to check their box daily and are required to do so once a week in order to receive important memos and messages on a timely basis. Ignorance of assigned activities due to failure to check your mailbox will not be considered a legitimate excuse. The boxes in the residency office are for program communications only. Please have journals and other mail sent to your home or your mailbox in the Mailroom in the basement of the hospital. If you have email and wish to have your memos delivered via this method as well as your traditional mail box notify the secretary of your request. Each resident is required to maintain an active LSUHSC email account. You are required to check your LSUHSC email at least once a week. Official LSU communications are provided by LSU email.


You are LOANED a beeper for your use during your residency. The beepers are leased by and coordinated through LSU which gives a certain number to each residency program. The program is given the responsibility of issuing beepers to you and receiving them back from you at the end of your residency in order to reissue them to incoming residents. You are responsible for the proper care and use of the beeper and for returning it in working condition to the residency whenever requested.

If your beeper is stolen, lost, or broken, you must report this immediately to the residency program. A $50 charge is assessed to the resident by the medical school to replace the beeper. A check for $50.00 payable to LSU Medical Center should be given to the residency program secretary who will forward it with appropriate paperwork in order to obtain a new beeper.
Replacement batteries are available in the Residency Office.

The residency program must be able to reach you by phone or beeper at all times.


Each HO I receives 3 weeks of vacation which must be taken in one 2 week period and one 1 week period. The 1 week vacations must be taken during the first or last week of the month and the 2 week vacations during the first or second half of the month, not during the middle. HO II, II, and IV receive (2)two week vacations totaling 28 days. Interns and Residents who request vacation during the second half of February must be in town to take the National InService Exam which is given near the end of the month. Interns and Residents may not request vacation during the last half of December.

Indicate your first and second choices for each of your vacation periods..
Two week Vacation Two week Vacation
lst choice ____________ ____________ _____________ ____________

(month) (1st or 2nd half) (month) (1st or 2nd half)

2nd choice ____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

(month) (1st or 2nd half) (month) (1st or 2nd half)

We will try to honor your requests but cannot guarantee that you will receive the choices indicated above.

Yearly Schedule Requests

Vacation requests  Vacation will be assigned based on seniority.

Once the annual schedule has been published, NO changes are allowed, other than due to extraordinary circumstances. (Example: marriage, or birth of a child).
Concerns or questions regarding the annual schedule should be addressed in writing to the Residency Director.
If a schedule change is made an official notification will be sent to the Residency Director, the LSU payroll, the resident and the resident file.

ED Schedules

  1. Seniority: Preference will be given to 5th years, then 4th years, then 3rd years concerning upper level schedules. Please be mindful of this when choosing your selections. The scheduling chief has data sheets on all residents in the program, and will be tracking your choices, special requests, schedule given, disaster calls, etc. The purpose is to accommodate all, while maintaining parity within the schedule.

  1. Final Schedule: The final schedule for a month will be finished by the 1st of the month prior. After the final schedule is made, the scheduling chief will not make changes to your schedule unless speaking with you first. If glaring concerns arise or if someone is pulled off the rotation, then the chief will have to readjust the schedules. Otherwise, the only changes made to a monthly schedule after being finalized will be switches among residents or switches make only after consultation with that individual resident/s.

  1. Resident Switches: When a switch occurs, the switch must be emailed to the Scheduling Chief. BOTH RESIDENTS MUST EMAIL THE CHIEF THE SWITCH. Please always remember when you are working, as forgetting that you are working will not be tolerated by any of the Chiefs or the program director. Missed shift will result in (at minimum) making up that shift and being assigned an additional penalty shift. Once the switch is made and both residents have emailed me, then the switch is final and valid. The responsibility of the shift is then on the resident who accepted the shift, not the original resident who was working the shift. If both residents do not email me, then the responsibility of the shift lies with the resident who is on the original schedule. When switching occurs, be mindful that 2nd years can only switch with 2nd years. 3rd 4th and 5th s can switch with each other. The only exception is if the 2nd year switches a shift with an upper level into an area where second years are allowed. As long as there exists a 3rd and 4th year in the MER at all times, then the switch can occur.

  1. Penalty Shift: This is something we all would like to avoid. Penalty shifts will be assigned at the discretion of the disciplinary chief resident and the program director. A penalty shift will be assigned to a resident exhibiting inappropriate behavior. This includes but is not limited to not showing up for an assigned shift without calling, forgetting that you were working a shift, two unexcused absences from conference in a quarter, being on disaster call and being unable to be found for an activation, or other inappropriate behavior that will be interpreted on a case-by-case basis

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