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Assignment 10. Preparation Monolingual Elicitation

Assignment 10
Due Wednesday, April 17, 2019

TOPIC: Preparation for Monolingual Data Elicitation

(This assignment is for preparation it won't be graded, unless you don't do it, or it is
evident you did not put any thought into it)
We discussed ideas for our monolingual elicitation, with the visitor in our class (Monday, April 22), Prof. Edgard Sankara. This assignment just pulls together what we discussed, with any additional updates or refinements following the class discussion. Please submit this assignment before the class on Wed, and send a slide or two with the basic points so I can include them in the class slides.

1. What area / type of structures do you plan to elicit
2. Briefly describe what you will do to elicit the materials.
3. What types of props or materials will you bring for your elicitation.
4. Do you have any additional thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions, etc. you would like us to discuss in class before we do the elicitation

Download 65.64 Kb.

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