Minutes eastern North Carolina Shag Club Monthly Business Meeting Monday, November 14, 2016 Graham Mills Party House, 6016 nc 43, Greenville, nc 7: 00 p m

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Eastern North Carolina Shag Club

Monthly Business Meeting

Monday, November 14, 2016

Graham Mills Party House, 6016 NC 43, Greenville, NC 7:00 p.m.
President, Brenda Brooks called the meeting to order.
President’s Comments: Brenda Brooks asked if there were additions to the agenda posted on the website and there were none. The October 10, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting was cancelled due to Hurricane Mathew. Therefore, the September minutes had to be approved. Motion was made to approve the September 12, 2016 minutes. There was a second and the motion was approved.
ENCSC: Items for sale include huggies, license plates, decals, and t-shirts. See Brenda Brooks or Cynthia Cox.
Vice Presidents Report: Cynthia Cox reported on the Holiday Inn dances. The total profit at the Holiday Inn was $314.
Treasurer’s Report: Brenda Tew presented the Treasurer’s Report for the months of September and October since there was no meeting on October 10th. September 2016 deposits were $2,200.22. We received $0.22 interest. Expenses were $3,201.58. Our current balance is $7,338.67. October 2016 deposits were $1,312.17. Interest was $0.17. Expenses were $977.62. Our current balance is $7,673.22. Motion to approve both Treasurers reports. There was a second and the motion was approved.

Ways and Means: This position has still not been filled.
Social Committee: Janet Cowen and Tanya Brown co-chair this committee. They are presently working on the Christmas party which will be held at the American Legion on Saturday, December 3rd from 7 – 11 p.m. Janet and Tanya have been coordinating the menu for the Christmas party. They are looking for volunteers to make an item for the evening. Volunteers are needed for the Decorating Committee and Clean-up committee. Please contact Janet Cowen or Tanya Brown to volunteer. Motion was made to give Janet a $1,000 check to purchase items for the Christmas party. There was a second and motion was approved. Teddy bears will be donated and given to the Teddy Bear Foundation. There will be a 50/50 drawing at the Christmas Party. See website for flyer regarding the Christmas Party.
The Filling Station catering might be considered for the Valentine Party or Mardi Gras. The price would be $15 a person.
Emails and Website: Edna Denton had no report.
REMEMBRANCE: A get well card was sent to Brian Hennessy.
Membership: Mike Folk stated that the club has 7 new members to vote in. This would bring the total membership to 190 members. Motion was made to approve these new members. There was a second and motion was approved.

DJ REPORT: Jackie Haislip gave the DJ report. Billy Layton will be playing November 16th at Tie Breakers. There will be no shagging on November 23rd at Tie Breakers. They are having a live band Spare Change. November 30th, Jackie Haislip will be playing at Tie Breakers and Billy Layton November 26th at Memories in Atlantic Beach.
UNFINISHED/OLD BUSINESS: November 9th was the clubs first night back at Tie Breakers. Shag lessons will be available from 7 – 8 p.m. No music at that time. Janice Dunbar will fill in with lessons until Charles Dew returns to Tie Breakers. In order to collect monies for the DJ, which the club is responsible for, ideas were to either have a tip jar or follow Attitudes whereby the shaggers get a name tag after they pay a $5 fee. Brenda Brooks is still deciding which way is better.
The DJ Policy: There was discussion on possibly making changes to the DJ Policy. Attendees/members requested that the options be written up and distributed by email to all club members. Motion to table this discussion until next meeting so members have a chance to receive a copy of this information in order to make an informative decision. There was a second and motion approved. A decision on changing or remaining the same will be voted on in December.

There was discussion about having a float during the parade at Spring Safari at S.O.S. The club has participated in the past. There was discussion if the club would like to get involved in this but no decision has been made at this time.

The Valentine Party is February 14, 2017 at the American Legion. Motion to give a deposit to secure this venue. There was a second and motion was approved.
There was discussion to establish an Eastern NC Shag Club Hall of Fame. Interest was shown in establishing a committee for an ENSC Hall of Fame. Motion was made to establish a Hall of Fame committee. There was a second and the motion was approved. Volunteers were as follows to chair this committee: Addie Lou Leggett, Edna Denton, Billy Layton, Phyllis Nixon and Fred Tetterton. Hall of Fame recipients are recognized for the significant contributions they have made to the club. They can include teaching shag lessons, being a DJ, any events they have handled and how they pull members together during these events to make them successful, fundraising for the club, years in the club, and keeping the shag dance alive.
ACSC Meeting: Mike and Christy Folk were the representatives at this meeting which was held on September 24, 2016 during Fall S.O.S.
Highlights of the ACSC Meeting:

  1. S.O.S. cards were distributed. The club has 75 cards. They are $5 cheaper through the club.

  2. Mike Folk received the club’s reimbursement check from S.O.S. in the amount of $400.

  3. The ACSC chairman, Ken Akin, presented Ellen Taylor with the ACSC Fellow’s Award for her work with the junior shaggers. Checks were presented to Ellen Taylor to her foundation for the junior shaggers.

  4. The York Shag Club of Rock Hill, SC, Eno Beach Shag Club of Durham, NC, and Carolina Shag Club of Greenville, SC gave presentations to compete in the 2018 summer workshops.

  5. There was a ballot to vote on which club would attend this workshop. The Eno Beach Shag Club won. This event will be held July 13th through July 15th at a hotel in the Research Triangle Park.

  6. The new parade chairman was introduced. The parade theme will be announced at the Midwinter S.O.S. workshop.

  7. A Facebook page was utilized on Fun Monday and Fun Sunday to announce changes to the schedule due to inclement weather.

There was discussion about half-time dancing at the ECU Women’s game. Catherine Good has 20 tickets at $3 each. Looking for volunteers for January 7th at 5 p.m. Motion to approve our participation in this event. There was a second and motion was approved.

The Christmas Party will be held at the American Legion on December 3, 2016. See flyer on the website.
December 12, 2016 will be the next business meeting.
Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Hennessy

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