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Mobile: +91-9818691759

Email: misbah78@gmail.com

Linked In: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/misbah-ur-rahman/5/781/93a

Seeking a challenging senior technicaL management role, where my knowledge and skills can be extensively applied.

Professional Synopsis

  • Working as Technical Account Project Manager (TAM) for Android Smartphone platform solutions offered to SAMSUNG NOIDA Engineering Lab.

  • Working as Point of contact for all platform related issues raised by the customer.

  • Coordinating with different CSL2 teams across different regions /timezones for issue resolution

  • Leading a CSL1 team of 10 engineers with Average experience of 8-9 years.

  • Successfully executed many projects with a large number of them deployed in market.

  • Around 12 years of embedded software experience on Different OSs like ANDROID, WINDOWS MOBILE /WINDOWS CE, SYMBIAN and QNX.

  • Proficient in architectural study, driver development and framework integration, System Integration and Validation and client interaction for resolving issues.

  • Functional expertise in analyzing the feature requirements, translating them into requirement documents, providing solutions, delivery, support & analysis.

  • A senior team skill leader with excellent communication, presentation and relationship management skills.

  • Mentor to new comers in the team.

  • Specialist in new team ramp ups.

Areas of Exposure/Expertise:

  • Technical Project management

  • Effective People Management

  • Effective Customer Management

  • Camera and Imaging subsystems, Video systems, System Integration/Validation.

  • Driver Development/testing.

  • Integration of multimedia drivers into OS middleware multimedia frameworks.

  • Exposure to latest multimedia standard like Open MAX.

  • Android , StageFright , GingerBread

Skill set:

Operating Systems


Project management tool

Rational Requisite PRO

Configuration Management Tool

Clearcase, CVS , GIT

UML Tool

Rational Rose

Experience Details:

  • Oct 2012 – Till date as Project Manager with ST-ERICSSON (JV between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) Greater NOIDA

  • Jan 2012 – Sept 2012 as Team Leader for SYSTEM team in ST-ERICSSON (JV between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) Greater NOIDA

  • Jan’11 – December 2011 as Technical Specialist with ST-ERICSSON (JV between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) Greater NOIDA

  • Jan’09- December 2010 as Technical Leader with ST-ERICSSON (JV between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) Greater NOIDA

  • June’ 04 to Dec’ 08 as Senior Software Engineer with STMicroelectronics, NOIDA/Gr NOIDA.

  • June’01 to June’04 as Software Engineer with Bharat Electronics Ltd , Uttaranchal.


  • B .Tech (Computer Engg) from AMU Aligarh in 2001 with 77 % marks

  • 10+2 from AMU in 1997 from AMU with 70 % marks

  • High School from AMU in 1995 with 81 % marks

Professional Work.

ST-ERICSSON / STMicroelectronics : June 04 – till date

  1. Working as TAM (Technical Account /Project Manager) for SAMSUNG Mobile products based on STE’s smartphone solutions.

OS/Framework: ANDROID

Technology: C/C++

Role: Client POC, technical coordination between CSL1/CSL2 , across different geographies.

Client: Samsung NOIDA Engineering Lab.
Acting as a single POC between Samsung NOIDA and STE for resolving the platform issues raised by the customer .

Role includes customer interaction, people management, program management, schedule tracking, technical coordination.

The goal is to contain the escalations , control customer sentiments and the smooth working of the customer program so that the product can be launched at right time into the market .

  1. Provided Technical/people leadership to a team of 5 engineers with average exp of 7 years, providing technical support to Samsung Noida for 2G feature phone business based on ST-Ericsson platforms in system domain.

OS/Framework: RTK, Samsung MMI

Technology: C/C++

Role: Technical Support/Client interaction

Client: Samsung NOIDA and Bangladesh
We are responsible for providing CSL1 support to Samsung 2G feature phone business on STE platforms.

  1. ANDROID Video Playback Pipeline integration in Stagefright for U8500 platform (SMP Dual core ARM Cortex BaseBand + Multimedia Application Processor SOC)

OS/Framework: ANDROID 2.3 GingerBread , 1.6 DONUT , 2.0 Eclair

Technology: C/C++, OpenMAX

Role: Architecture / Design / Development / Testing

The purpose of this activity is to adapt the Stagefright Middleware Framework provided by the Android to the STE’s Open MAX based Video architecture.
I am the tech leader /owner of the job.

  1. ANDROID Camera development for U8500 platform (SMP Dual core ARM Cortex BaseBand + Multimedia Application Processor SOC)

OS/Framework: ANDROID 1.5 Cupkake , 1.6 DONUT , 2.0 Eclair

Technology: C/C++, OpenMAX

Role: Architecture / Design / Development / Testing

The purpose of this activity is to adapt the Camera Middleware Framework provided by the Android namely the Camera Service library to the STE’s Open MAX based camera architecture. The use cases targeted are Preview, photo capture in JPEG, Video Record in MPEG4.

I am the module leader /owner of the job and did the total design development and final testing of the entire use cases. The Hardware Camera involved is 8MP CCD Toshiba sensor.

The work involved the complete understanding of Camera stack in Android as well as the camera technologies. It also involves the understanding of OPEN CORE Packet Video framework for recording pipeline. The Android Camera application was also modified for supporting 8MP still capture

Demo of the use cases will be shown in Mobile Congress Barcelona.

  1. Linux Camera development for U8500 platform

OS : Linux

Technology : C / OpenMAX

Role : Technical leader

Client : Internal Teams and Other Frameworks like Maemo
The purpose of this activity is to make the camera system available on Linux platform as a BSP+ program, so that it can be integrated seamlessly into any Linux based Camera application frameworks like ANDROID and Maemo.

Here I was responsible for leading a team of two engineers for making Camera available. It involved the development of Linux based physical memory allocator and Camera MMIO driver. Camera MMIO driver is responsible for doing board level settings required by camera module like setting clocks, GPIOs etc. The Memory allocator infrastructure was developed for allocating physical memory required for camera buffers.

Then the Open MAX IL based applications were written to test the use cases at Linux OS level.

  1. Windows Mobile Camera driver development for STE’s Stn8810/15 NOMADIK Multimedia Application Processor family.

OS : Windows Mobile 6.0

Technology : Platform Builder, Direct Show, Camera framework

Role : Module leader/Owner

Client : Samsung, Elektrobit (Both the projects are now in market)
The purpose of this activity was to develop a camera driver exposing the STE’s underlying imaging system technologies to the camera framework of Windows Mobile. The job was to program the camera hardware through exposed interfaces and to interact with the top level camera APIs. It required control/exposure of all the camera hardware features like whitebalance , saturation , brightness , scene modes. Also it involved the interaction with the underlying Video driver for STILL JPEG Capture use cases.

Here I was the complete owner for the activity and also responsible for the mentoring of some newcomers to the task.

Also I was responsible for the camera compliance testing (LOGO Test Kit) with Microsoft as without passing these compliance tests no product can come in the market.

  1. Windows CE based Video driver development for STE’s Stn8810/15 NOMADIK Application processor family.

OS : Windows CE 5.0

Technology : Platform Builder,

Role : Module leader/Owner

Client : Internal teams
The purpose of this activity was to develop WinCE based device driver exposing the video codec, imaging functionalities of the hardware to the above software layers like Camera driver, DSHOW framework. This was a stream based driver and interacted with the Hardware Abstraction Layer. The driver exposed services like MPEG4 encode / decode, JPEG Encode/Decode, Camera Image Signal Processor. I was the sole owner of the driver for design, development, testing and maintenance.

  1. System Integration / Validation of Multimedia components on Windows CE BSP (Microsoft certification) STE’s Stn8810 NOMADIK Application processor family.

OS : Windows CE 5.0

Technology : Platform Builder,

Role : Team Player

Client : Microsoft LTK certification
The purpose of the activity was to get the BSP of our system, Microsoft LTK certified. Here I was responsible to write the integration/test plan and develop test cases for system verification. Most of the bugs were fixed and then the LTK were run. After achieving the required success rate the system was sent to Microsoft for final testing / certification.

  1. Basic study on Symbian OS

For a brief period I was assigned the task to study the Multimedia architecture of Symbian OS and to write a feasibility document / action plan to integrate our multimedia BSP to the Symbian frameworks.

  1. Miscellaneous :

Besides other routine works I was assigned the task for mentoring new joinees into the team.To write Debugging strategies. To write System Integration plans. Experience ranges to all the activities in SDLC right from specs, system integration to deployment. Also I was contributing a lot towards the software configuration Management, evolving ClearCase deployment policies.

Bharat Electronics Ltd : June 2001 – June 2004
Main Project: Tactical Communication System

Client : Indian Army

Technology : RTOS QNX, AM186, VC++

BEL was given the task of replacing the existing old army switching network (Radio Based) to modern ATM based digital switch network. The Digital switch consist of the combination of all the switching capabilities prevailing at that time like ISDN , PSTN , Junction Lines , CCS7 , CAS. A digital switch was designed based on these technologies.

  1. Low level drivers for Telephone switch hardware

OS : OS Independent

Technology : AM186 microcontroller,

Role : Team Player
Apart from main call processing and Signaling software the low level drivers for the hardware cards were required. I was assigned to write low level OS Independent drivers for PSTN, ISDN and junction line cards. All the cards were AMD186 Microcontroller based. Here the work involved extensive study of components and controller datasheets and to write the controlling software for the card. These drivers interacted with the Main Call Processing software of the switch.

  1. Call Processing software for a Digital Switch.


Technology : C/C++,

Role : Team Player
The main call processing software was written in RTOS QNX and run on Pentium based Single Board Computer. The software has many modules like data base, Call Manager, Modules to handle different kind of calls, signaling modules like CCS7 and CAS. I was handling some of the modules like different call handling and exchange configuration management.

  1. Network Monitoring / Switch configuration software

OS : Windows

Technology : VC++, GUI

Role : Team Player/Module Owner

The digital switch and the network was configured and managed by GUI based application software written in VC++. It was run on a laptop and interfaced with the digital switch over LAN. Earlier the software was written in Borland C++. I was given the task to design the same software on VC++. Later on I was responsible for the overall maintenance of the software.

Trainings and Achievements:

  • Got Kudos Award from STE for best project management .

  • Executive Management Training from MDI Gurgaon.

  • Information Security management training BS7799

  • Got unit level star performer award in R&D at BEL.

  • Got best Mentor award in STMicro (Internal Deptt).

  • Jury member for EINBLICK: Research Paper Competition held in AMITY School of Engg and Tech. NOIDA

Address : B2-506, Tower 13

Purvanchal Silver City –II

Sector PIE-02

Greater NOIDA -201308, UP

DOB : 17 April 1978

References: Available on Request


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