Mukhamedova Nigina "My Values"

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My Values Essay

Mukhamedova Nigina
“My Values”
When a human was born, he starts to be an individual. And by the time his point of view changes many times. However, human always tends to live in a more comfortable environment. What creates a peaceful and comfortable environment? Of course, it is companionship and sincerity between people. I always valued these qualities in my life: being friends with the people with whom I am more comfortable around, being sociable and associating with people, and spending my precious time with them. Yes, these may seem like typical things of a person’s lifetime. But it is more than “typical”. This everything is significant for living as a human.
I have observed many people’s lives through my mind and almost all of them always said that they are hurrying or they do not have time. And in that time I realized that time is a really valuable thing because it consists of irreversible events that go in order. No one can change the past or predict the future and they are always proportional to actions in the present. Sometimes we want to invent the time machine and change the time flow. Although it is impossible, still there is plenty of fictional stuff about the time machines such as books, movies, and artworks about it. It proves that humanity still tends to change the time. But I do not want this to happen because I have always valued the actual time flow; I appreciate the moments which I spent as an alive person whether these moments are good or bad. Because every moment you spent always teaches you something new in sententious aspect.
Health is also a valuable thing in human life. Being able to speak with the people that you appreciate, to see wonderful moments, to hear beautiful music, to live – isn’t that amazing? And it all depends on health, it is key to living your life fullest. Unfortunately seeing people with bad health conditions always makes us sad and at the same time makes us grateful for our health. Because their actions are limited due to their health – they can’t normally do things as they want. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who are fighting against these conditions. So we should appreciate and take good care of our health.
“Birds who are born in cages think that flying is an illness”,- said some wise man. Every person has a distinct opinion, and it’s not tragic. Thanks to social media everyone can share their thoughts and can be understood. Human solidarity is one of the most valuable virtues in our lives along with empathy. It helps us to not misunderstand people and exchange opinions with them. I respect the people who are considerate of their surroundings.
And also there is one thing that I highly value is intelligence. Being able to understand things deeply and take an action following them is never been bad. Intelligence keeps a fair balance in life which is very important.
I admire intelligent people who love learning and I enjoy having a conversation with them. Because they somewhat understand how things work and what we are going through. To be honest, I don’t really like small talk, for me, it is a waste of time even though some people like to have this kind of conversation. Instead of small talk, I like to have deep conversations with people with whom I share the same interests.
Reading books is of my favorite hobbies. Because they teach many things that I do not know. In addition to this, they help me to expand my vocabulary skills which I am using to write my current essay. I love learning, it is one of the purposes of my life. There are a lot of things in the world to learn, observe and discover.
In conclusion, what I was going to explain is that in life there is plenty of opinions about the values of people. But this essay was about my values, and my opinion about life, people, and society. I hope that someone finds this writing meaningful because here I expressed my point of view about my morality.
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