Museum of Pinball Inventory of Pinball Machines 1/1/2018

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Museum of Pinball

Inventory of Pinball Machines 1/1/2018

300 Gottlieb EM

2001 Gottlieb EM

4 Queens Bally EM

4 Square Gottlieb EM

Abra Ca Dabra Gottlieb EM

AC/DC Let There Be Rock Limited Edition Stern SS

Aces & Kings Williams EM

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Data East SS

Agents 777 Game Plan SS

Air Aces Bally EM

Airborne Capcom SS

Aladdin's Castle Bally EM

Algar Williams SS

Alien Poker Williams SS

Aloha Gottlieb EM

Alpine Club Williams EM

Al's Garage Band Goes On a World Tour Alvin G SS

Amigo Bally EM

Andromeda Game Plan SS

Aquarius Gottlieb EM

Asteroid Annie and the Aliens Gottlieb SS

Astro Gottlieb EM

Atlantis Gottlieb EM

Atleta Inder SS

Attack from Mars Midway SS

Attila the Hun Game Plan SS

Austin Powers™ Stern SS

Aztec Williams EM

Baby Pac-Man Bally SS

Back to the Future Data East SS

Bad Cats Williams SS

Bally Hoo Bally EM

Bank Shot Gottlieb EM

Bank-A-Ball Gottlieb EM

Banzai Run Williams SS

Barracora Williams SS

Baseball Gottlieb EM

Batman Data East SS

Batman (66 Limited Edition) Stern SS

Batman (Costco Version) Stern SS

Bazaar Bally EM

Beat the Clock Bally Midway SS

Big Bang Bar (1996 version) Capcom SS

Big Brave Gottlieb EM

Big Casino Gottlieb EM

Big Game Stern SS

Big Guns Williams SS

Big Shot Gottlieb EM

Big Show Bally EM

Big Star Williams EM

Bike Race Petaco SS

Black Hole Gottlieb SS

Black Jack Bally SS

Black Jack Bally EM

Black Knight Williams SS

Black Knight 2000 Williams SS

Black Knight Limited Edition Williams SS

Black Pyramid Bally Midway SS

Black Rose Midway SS

Blackout Williams SS

Blackwater 100 Bally Midway SS

Blue Note Gottlieb EM

BMX Bally SS

Bon Voyage Bally EM

Bone Busters Inc. Premier SS

Bounty Hunter Premier SS

Bow and Arrow Bally EM

Bowling Queen Gottlieb EM

Bowl-O Bally EM

Bram Stoker's Dracula Williams SS

Breakshot Capcom SS

Bronco Gottlieb EM

Buccaneer Gottlieb EM

Buck Rogers Gottlieb SS

Buckaroo Gottlieb EM

Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball Midway SS

Butterfly Sonic SS

Cactus Canyon Midway SS

Cactus Jack's Premier SS

Camelot Bally EM

Capersville Bally EM

Capt. Card Gottlieb EM

Capt. Fantastic Bally EM

Capt. Fantastic Alt Backglass Bally EM

Captain Hook Game Plan SS

Card Whiz Gottlieb EM

Catacomb Stern SS

Centaur Bally SS

Centigrade 37 Gottlieb EM

Central Park Gottlieb EM

Challenger Gottlieb EM

Challenger Gottlieb EM

Champ Bally EM

Charlie's Angels Gottlieb EM

Checkpoint Data East SS

Chris cross pop up Chicago coin EM

Circus Zaccaria EM

Cirqus Voltaire Midway SS

City Slicker Bally Midway SS

Cleopatra Gottlieb SS

Cleopatra Gottlieb EM

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Gottlieb EM

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Gottlieb SS

Combat Zaccaria EM

Comet Williams SS

Congo Williams SS

Contact Williams SS

Corvette Midway SS

Cosmic Gunfight Williams SS

Cosmic Princess (Australia) Stern SS

Cosmos Bally EM

Cosmos 2nd machine Bally EM

Counterforce Gottlieb SS

Cover Girl Gottlieb EM

Cow Poke Gottlieb EM

Creature from the Black Lagoon Midway SS

Cross Town Gottlieb EM

Cybernaut Bally Midway SS

Cyclopes Game Plan SS

Daffie Williams EM

Dale Jr. Stern SS

Darling Williams EM

Dealer's Choice Williams EM

Defender Williams SS

Delta Queen Bally EM

Deluxe four bagger Williams EM

Demolition Man Williams SS

Devil Riders Zaccaria SS

Devil's Dare Gottlieb SS

Diamond Jack Gottlieb EM

Dimension Gottlieb EM

Diner Williams SS

Dipsy Doodle Williams EM

Disco Stern EM

Disney TRON Legacy (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Dixieland Bally EM

Doctor Who Midway SS

Dogies Bally EM

Dolly Parton Bally SS

Domino Gottlieb EM

Doodle Bug Williams EM

Dracula Stern SS

Dragon Gottlieb EM

Dragonfist Stern SS

Drop-A-Card Gottlieb EM

Dungeons & Dragons Bally Midway SS

Duotron Gottlieb EM

Earthshaker Williams SS

Eclipse Gottlieb SS

Egghead Gottlieb EM

Eight Ball Bally SS

Eight Ball Champ Bally Midway SS

Eight Ball Deluxe Bally SS

Eight Ball Deluxe 2nd machine Bally SS

El Dorado Gottlieb EM

El Toro Bally EM

Elektra Bally SS

Elvis® Stern SS

Embryon Bally SS

Evel Knievel Bally SS

Evel Knievel Bally EM

Excalibur Premier SS

Expressway Bally EM

Extra Inning Gottlieb EM

Eye Of The Tiger Gottlieb EM

F-14 Tomcat Williams SS

Family Guy Stern SS

Fan-Tas-Tic Williams EM

Far Out Gottlieb EM

Farfalla Zaccaria SS

Fathom Bally SS

Fire Mountain Zaccaria SS

Fire! Williams SS

Fireball Bally EM

Fireball II Bell SS

Fireball II Bally Midway SS

Firecracker Bally EM

Firepower Williams SS

Firepower II Williams SS

Fish Tales Williams SS

Flash Williams SS

Flash Gordon Bally SS

Flicker Bally EM

Flight 2000 Stern SS

Flip a Card Gottlieb EM

Flip Flop Bally EM

Flipper clown Gottlieb EM

Flipper Cowboy Gottlieb EM

Flipper fair Gottlieb EM

Flipper Football Capcom SS

Flipper Pool Gottlieb EM

Flying Carpet Gottlieb EM

Fore Bally EM

Four Million B.C. (german) Bally EM

Four Million B.C. (usa) Bally EM

Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Premier SS

Free Fall Gottlieb EM

Freedom Bally EM

Freedom (rare edition) Bally EM

Freefall Stern SS

Frontier Bally SS

Fun Land Gottlieb EM

Funhouse Williams SS

Future Spa Bally SS

Galahad Bally EM

Galaxy Stern SS

Game of Thrones (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Gay 90's Williams EM

Genie Gottlieb SS

Ghostbusters (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Ghostbusters (Premium) Stern SS

Gilligan's Island Midway SS

Godzilla Sega SS

Gold Ball Bally Midway SS

Gold Wings Premier SS

Golden Arrow Gottlieb EM

Golden Cue Sega SS

Gorgar Williams SS

Grand Lizard Williams SS

Grand Slam Bally Midway SS

Granny and the gators Bally Midway SS

Gridiron Gottlieb EM

Gridiron Williams EM

Guns N' Roses Data East SS

Hang Glider Bally EM

Hardbody Bally Midway SS

Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Bally SS

Harley-Davidson Bally Midway SS

Harley-Davidson® (3rd Edition) Stern SS

Haunted House Gottlieb SS

Hercules Atari SS

Hi score pool Chicago coin EM

High Roller Casino Stern SS

High Speed Williams SS

Hi-Lo Ace Bally EM

Hit the Deck Gottlieb EM

Hokus Pokus Bally EM

Home Run Gottlieb EM

Hook Data East SS

Hot Tip Williams SS

Hot Wheels Zaccaria SS

Hotdoggin' Bally SS

Hurdy Gurdy Gottlieb EM

Hurricane Williams SS

Ice Fever Premier SS

Indiana Jones Stern SS

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Williams SS

Jack·Bot Williams SS

Jackpot Williams EM

Jacks Open Gottlieb EM

Jet Spin Gottlieb EM

Jive Time Williams EM

Johnny Mnemonic Williams SS

Joker Poker Gottlieb SS

Jokerz! Williams SS

Jolly Park Spinball SS

Joust Bally EM

Joust (table) Williams SS

Joust (table) 2nd machine Williams SS

Judge Dredd Midway SS

Jumping Jack Gottlieb EM

Jungle King Gottlieb EM

Jungle Lord Williams SS

Jungle Queen Gottlieb EM

Junk Yard Williams SS

Jurassic Park Data East SS

Kick Off Bally EM

King Kool Gottlieb EM

King of Diamonds Gottlieb EM

King Tut Bally EM

Kings of Steel Bally Midway SS

Kiss Bally SS

KISS (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Klondike Williams EM

Knockout Bally EM

Lady Luck Bally Midway SS

Laser War Data East SS

Last Action Hero Data East SS

Lectronamo Stern SS

Legends of Wrestlemania (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Lethal Weapon 3 Data East SS

Lightning Stern SS

Little Joe Bally EM

Little Joe 2nd machine Bally EM

Locomotion Zaccaria SS

Lost World Bally SS

Lucky Seven Williams EM

Magic Stern SS

Magic Castle Zaccaria SS

Magnotron Gottlieb EM

Majorettes Gottlieb EM

Mariner Bally EM

Mars God of War Gottlieb SS

Mars Trek Sonic SS

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega SS

Masquerade Gottlieb EM

Mata Hari Bally SS

Mata Hari Bally EM

Mata Hari (plastic PF) Bally SS

Maverick The Movie Data East SS

Medieval Madness Williams SS

Medusa Bally SS

Melody Gottlieb EM

Memory Lane Stern SS

Metallica Master of Puppets (Limited Edition) Stern SS

Meteor Stern SS

Mibs Gottlieb EM

Mini Cycle Gottlieb EM

Mini Pool Gottlieb EM

MiniZag Bally EM

Monday Night Football Data East

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