Music monday extravaganza credit Union Place, Summerside, pe, 10: 00-2: 20, May 2nd, 2016 Focus Groups in the Conference Centre

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Credit Union Place, Summerside, PE,

10:00-2:20, May 2nd, 2016

Focus Groups in the Conference Centre, 10:50-11:55

  1. Movement and Music with Maria Brychuk

  2. Sound Scapes with Linda MacIsaac-Gallant

  3. Contour Drawing with Linda Shaw-Packard

  4. Song Writing with Meghan Blanchard and Don Quarles

Showcase performers in the lobby

12:00-12:20: Jordan Cameron, ukulele

12:25-12:50: TOSH R&B Band

2:20-2:50: UPEI Brass Quintet

Musical Program in the Eastlink Arena, 1:00pm

Entrance of Their Honours,

Lieutenant Governor H. Frank Lewis and Mrs. Dorothy Lewis,

with aide de camp, Deputy Chief Sinclair Walker
Vice Regal Salute

Sean McIntrye, trumpet; Susan Duncan, piano


Meaghan Blanchard, Island singer/song writer


Vicki Allen-Cook, Arts/Music Specialist, PEI Dept. of

Education, Early Learning and Culture
PEI Intermediate Honor Band, directed by Rowan FitzGerald

“Night Song” - Richard Saucedo

“Bohemian Rhapsody” - Freddie Mercury/Paul Murtha

“Changed Forever” – Shari Ulrich, arr. Kate MacColl

“One Voice” – Ruth Moody
Westwood Primary Adventure Group


“ Music Rocks “
Montague Regional High Choir directed by Christie Beck

“Everyday People” - Sylvester Stewart/Mike Brymer

“Since You Been Gone” - Sandberg-Gottwald/Deke Sharon

Bluefield High School Band directed by Chrissy Blanchard

“Among the Clouds” - Brian Balmages

“Eighties Flashback” - Paul Murtha
112 Accords, Acadian Group

Meaghan Blanchard

Music Monday Mass Choir

“Canoe Song” - Ruth Morris Gray

“The Beginning of Love” - Greg Gilpin

Closing Remarks

Don Quarles, Board Member of the Coalition of Music Education in Canada

Finale: All Performers singing

“We Are One” - Connor Ross; Visual artists, Linda Shaw-Packard and TOSH students

Departure of their Honours


-All lovers of the arts who are here today, acclaiming the benefits of music education in schools and beyond.

*Credit Union Place

*Summerside Lobster Festival

*City of Summerside

*Journal Pioneer

*Music PEI

*Schools Out Tours

*Atlantic Music Festivals

*Points East Audio

-PEI Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture -English Language School Board

-French Language School Board

-Lieutenant Governor of PEI, His Honour H. Frank Lewis and Mrs. Lewis, and aide de camp, Deputy Chief Sinclair Walker

-All special guests

-Virtual Studios

-Holly Nimmons, executive director, Coalition for Music Ed. in Canada

-Focus Group session leaders: Maria Brychuk, Linda MacIsaac-Gallant, Linda Shaw-Packard, Meaghan Blanchard, Don Quarles

-The performing artists who enthusiastically contributed to Music Monday, 2016, in support of music education in our schools

-Each student, teacher and administrator from the following schools for their support of this event: Amherst Cove Consolidated, Athena Consolidated, Birchwood Intermediate, Bluefield Senior High, Donagh Regional, East Wiltshire Intermediate, Ellerslie Consolidated, Greenfield Elementary, Gulf Shore Consolidated, Hernewood Intermediate, Kensington Intermediate, ME Callaghan Intermediate, Montague Intermediate, Montague Regional High School, Mount Stewart Consolidated, Parkdale Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Queen Charlotte Intermediate, Souris Regional, Spring Park Elementary, Stonepark Intermediate, Stratford Elementary, Three Oaks Senior High, Tignish Elementary, Vernon River Consolidated, West Kent Elementary, West Royalty Elementary

-Planning team: Vicki Allen-Cook, Ellen Davis, Kirsten MacLaine, Kelsea McLean, Don Quarles



May 2nd, 2016

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