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Report to the PSAC Atlantic Regional Council


Bill Bennett


June 2014 To April 2015

Constituency (area, equity, etc.): Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer - NL

Activities Since the last Regional Council meeting


How it fulfilled my role on the Regional Council

PSAC Atlantic Triennial Convention June 2014

Re-elected as a member of Atlantic Council, representing Non-Treasury board and separate employer members.

UNE National Exec. Meeting Aug 7-9, UNE Triennial Convention Aug 10-15; re-elected as ARVP NL, UNE Atlantic

Acquired additional leadership skills & responsibility, networking within my NL Region with other members. Can speak to member’s issues at Council for the NL Region.

Leadership Summit Sept 2014

Participate in the Days of Action, encourage members to participate, & take a lead in activities.

Oct 2014, attended UNE Training Session & National Executive Meeting

Gained additional leadership skills that will assist me in my role as Provincial Director.

Atlantic Council Retreat & Team Building – October 2014

Provided skills and tools to assist in networking and working with other Council Directors.

Participated in Local 90265 General Meeting - Oct 2014.

Provided update on Council Activities.

PSAC Council Meeting. Halifax, NS Nov 21-23, 2014

Attended the two Regional Council Committee Meetings for which I am part of: Health, Safety & Environment Committee & Education Committee.

Teleconference Call - Education Committee Jan 15/ 2015.

Discussed the upcoming Atlantic Union School & the Young Workers Committee.

Leadership Training Halifax. Jan 23-24 / 2015

Giving extra skills to fulfill my role as Provincial Director on the Regional Council.

UNE Meeting Team Meeting. Jan 25 2015 Halifax.

Provider information off Council Activities. And upcoming Action happening within the region.

Teleconference call UNE Atlantic Regional Team Meeting Mar 12 2015.

Additional team building skills. And provided Regional Council information and additional Activities to UNE Executive.

Teleconference Call Education Committee. April 1 / 2015.

Discussed logistics around the School and must continue to promote Atlantic School to increase volume of applications.

What would you like to work on next?

I would like to be able attend the PSAC Convention to network, promote our Regional Action Plan, & Day of Action events, meet members in NL Region to further the Atlantic Region.

I would also like to be more visible in NL Region and be able to meet face to face with members.

Download 13.02 Kb.

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