Name: Erin Asiedu Poem title: Bright Star

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Name Erin Asiedu Poem title Bright Star Poem Reflection Before you start your video poem, you want to first analyze your poem your video, after all, is a visual analysis. Today, we’re going to focus on considering your poem’s tone and theme. When you’re done with this sheet, turn it in. If you do not have it turned in by today at 3:00, you will have an automatic office hours meeting with me Wednesday to address your poem analysis.
Make a copy of this document, fill in your name and poem in the space above, and answer the questions below.
Tone: Tone is the speaker or author’s attitude It is an adjective. You probably talked about this in a previous English class what
attitude does the author have To figure this out, you’re going to dissect the poem at a bit by considering the following questions.
My Answer
Example from
Stopping By the Woods on ab bSnowy Evening”

What words or phrases appear in the poem
that I could classify as being similar?​ You can also note the syntax to help pick out important words - what is emphasized in the sentence structure What words begin or end lines You’re picking out words that are repeated or are related to each other what words can you group together and why The words patient “priestlike,”
“soft-fallen,” “pillow’d,” soft and tender are similar due to their connotations meaning soft and gentle things. This connects to the title of the poem as well since the author is trying to make the star seem soft and gentle, something he strives to be. The words/phrases snowy woods and without a farmhouse near emphasize the poem as being connected to nature more than to manor civilization. What tone could I use to describe these words/phrases? ​The tone must bean
adjective. You can pick multiple here your
video poem will hone in on just one or two,
Gentle, tranquil, slow Isolated, quiet, contemplative

Theme: Theme is a message that the text conveys. This is definitely an idea you’ve talked about in previous English classes what life
lesson or universal message is the author trying to tell the reader
My Answer
Example from Stopping By the Woods on ab bSnowy Evening
What is a life lesson from the poem A universal truth A revelation that would apply to all readers, regardless of age, gender, social class, time, geography, or culture One cannot choose between tranquility and chaos if they want to truly live. One must continue striving to fulfill obligations, rather than get distracted by the pleasures in life Notice the word one It’s clunky - but it keeps out the word you (too informal) and also the phrase the narrator (too specific to the poem, making it not applicable to everybody. Now, provide two quotations that support the tone. For each, briefly explain how they support the tone.
1. Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art The author wants to be a bright star, not moving and being at peace. Just being able to look down at the earth and do nothing
2. “No—yet stedfast, still unchangeable This line explains why the author no longer wants to become a star. It doesn’t move which would mean he would not be able to lay on his lover’s breasts. He doesn’t want that so this con negates his path to peace as a star and his jealousy.
1. He will not see me stopping hereto watch his woods fill up with snow This shows that the author could stop here and stay to enjoy the beautiful woods without judgment from others.
2. But I have promises to keep This shows that he cannot stop here and enjoy the woods without judgment from himself - he needs to keep pursing the promises he’s made.

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