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Co-operation Agreement


Cambridge Maritime College-CMC


(Name of Agent)

  1. Parties:

Cambridge Maritime College Bangladesh: whose principle place of business at sector # 09, Road # 04, House # 02, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka- 1230, Bangladesh. Here refer as “the College”



Here refer as (“the Agent” of the information Center)

  1. Intention:

The College provides British Qualifications like Higher National Diploma- HND in Marine Engineering, Nautical Science Accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority-SQA, Edexcel- the largest awarding body in UK as well as Bachelor degree accredited by British Computer Society-BCS-UK and Approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Shipping, Bangladesh. The College wishes to engage the Agent as and education Agent to promote the course offered by the college to introduce interested students in ….. and in that region.

  1. Appointment:

The College appoints the Agent to undertake the services for the term in return for the commission.

  1. The agents obligations:

    1. Services to be provided by the Agent.

    2. To promote those courses (“the courses”) provided by the College which the College shall notify to the Agent time to time.

    3. To provide sympathetic guidance to prospective students on all aspects or studying the Scottish Qualifications Authority-SQA of UK govt. BTEC form Edexcel or British Computer Society-BCS-UK approved courses at the College.

    4. To assist prospective students in completing applications for admission to the Courses but to exclude any students who do not possess minimum academic qualifications.

    5. Where practical, to provide individual students with additional test of competence when required by the College as part of the admission process and forward these the College for assessment.

  2. Relations

    1. Not to undertake any promotion which may be counter-productive for any advertising campaign or publicity drive undertaken by the College.

    2. Not to seek or accept payment from any potential student for carrying out those services intended to be performed hereunder for the commission.

    3. Not to delegate any duties or obligations arising under this Agreement otherwise than as may be expressly approved by the College.

  3. Indemnity

To indemnify and keep indemnified the College from and against any and all loss damage or liability (whether criminal or civil) suffered and legal fees and costs incurred by the College resulting from a breach of this Agreement or other negligent acts or omissions by the Agent.

  1. The College’s obligations:

    1. To support the Agent in his duties and in particular:

    2. To make available to the Agent free of change adequate information of the course together with full details of the fee structure.

    3. To advise the Agent promptly of any new or additional courses or of any substantive variation in the syllabus covered by any particular course.

  2. Duration:

This agreement will be valid for two years from the date of issue. Both parties reserve the right to terminate this agreement upon three months in advance written notice to the other party.

  1. Costs

The College will supply all necessary promotion materials such as prospectus, application forms and the like so. But will not be responsible for advertising or other promotional expenses in the Agent local area.

  1. The College will approve several scholarship and financial grants through, The

Agent only for brilliant students which will be provide by the ship-owner & shipyard.

Besides, the College will provide partly promotional cost for prospective and

dedicated Agents.

  1. The commission payments:

    1. The college agrees to pay commission to the Agent from the students first year paid tuition fees only.

    2. The commission payable shall be 10% for the first five (05) student, 15% for the Six to ten (06- 10) students and 20% for the next eleven or more students group.

We hereby agree to the above terms and condition and promise to uphold the integrity of both organizations.

Print Name: Captain Subrata Kumar Saha Name of the Agent

Vice Principal, Cambridge Maritime College Company Name:

Signed: Signed:

Date: Date:

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