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The Crusades

The Crescent and the Cross





Knights Templar



1095 A.D.

Alexis I

Kilij Arslan I


1. While watching the introduction segment, create 2 questions you would like answered during this video. Answer them as you discover the information.

  1. What makes the city of Jerusalem a religious Center (the Kingdom of Heaven)?

  1. When did the Muslims take Jerusalem from the Christians?

  1. Who were the “Franks”?

  1. Give one reason why people would risk their life to travel thousands of miles for the Crusades?

In nearly all the circle of the earth, belief had failed. The fear of the lord no longer prevailed among men. Justice had perished from the world. Violence held sway among the nations. Fraud, treachery, and chicanery, overshadowed all things. All virtue had departed and ceased to exist as useless. Evil reigned in its stead.”

--- William of Tyre
7. Explain whether you believe that this quote is applicable to today’s world. Be complete.

  1. Who was Pope Urban II (1088 C.E.)

  1. What religion became dominant in the Middle East in 1095 C.E.?

  1. What city was the capitol of the Byzantine Empire?

  1. What was the motivation for Pope Urban II’s Crusade in 1095 C.E.?

  1. What was a non-spiritual motivation for the Pope to order the Crusades?

  1. What did Pope Urban II promise those who fought against “the barbarians” in Jerusalem?

  1. Who were the enemies of the First Crusade?

  1. Who led the First Crusade?

  1. How were the Crusades financed?

  1. In what city did the armies meet before going into enemy territory?

  1. Who was the Byzantine leader?

  1. What did the Byzantines do during the battle of Nicaea?

  1. Who was Kilij Arslan I?

  1. How did the battle of Nicaea end?

  1. What was significant about the Battle of Dorylaeum?

  1. What type of warriors did the Turks use in the Battle of Dorylaeum?

  1. What was different about the Anarquia Archers?

  1. Who won the Battle of Dorylaeum?

  1. What event caused Baldwin to change his motivation for the Crusades?

  1. How did Baldwin become the governor of Edesea?

  1. What city was the second most important for the crusaders?

  1. Give two reasons why taking Antioch was important?

  1. What did the starving crusaders do to stay alive during the famine?

  1. How did the Turks send for help when they were under siege?

  1. How did the Crusaders (Franks) get into Antioch?

  1. What did the crusaders do once they were inside Antioch?

  1. Faced with all the continuous turmoil, how could the crusaders still think that their Crusade would be successful?

  1. What object did Peter Bartholomew seek when going into Antioch?

  1. What did the Franks have that frightened off the Muslim Turks?

  1. What atrocities did Crusaders commit at Maarrat al-Numanin 1098 under the leadership of Beaumont?

  • What happened after the killings?

  • Why would they do this?

  1. The Fatimans of Egypt were the Muslims in control of Jerusalem. What did they want?

  1. What year did the Crusaders reach Jerusalem?

  1. What did the crusaders find that indicated that God was on their side?

  1. What did the crusaders use to get into the city?

  1. Who became the new Christian ruler in Jerusalem while refusing the title of King?

  1. How many non-Christians did the crusaders kill in Jerusalem?

44. How do the Crusades of 900 years ago affect the world today?

End of Part One of The Crusades – The Crescent and the Cross

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