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Natalie SERKOVA, Ph.D.

Current Title

Associate Professor



Pharmacology (secondary)

Radiology (secondary)





Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France




University of Kiev, Ukraine



Biophysics/ Medical Physics

University of Bremen, Germany



Biochemistry/ Radiol Sciences

magna cum laude”

University of California, San Francisco



Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Denver, March 3rd, 2014 natalie_unterschrift_3
Specialty; Subspecialty

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy/ Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Animal Imaging (MRI, PET, CT)

Molecular Imaging


Targeted Cancer Treatment

Directing Imaging Core Facility


1998-1999 Head of animal MRI laboratory, Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biopharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco
1999-2000 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco
1999-2002 Assistant Professor, NMR Metabolomics Division, Institute of Chemistry and Biology, University of Bremen, Germany
2002-present Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado
2003-present Assistant Professor (secondary appointment), Department of Pharmacology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado
2004-present Director, Biomedical MRS Core, University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center, Denver, Colorado
2005-present Director, Animal Imaging Shared Resources (AISR), University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center, Denver, Colorado
2005-present Assistant Professor (secondary appointment), Department of Radiology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado
July 2006 Promotion to an Associate Professorship Rank
2008-present Director, Translational Imaging and Metabolomics Core, Colorado Clinical Translational Science Institute (CCTSI)
2009-present Director, Animal Imaging Center, Colorado Translational Research Imaging Center (C-TRIC)

Awards and Honors

1993 Postgraduate Scholarship, German Research Foundation (DFG), Bonn, Germany
1997 Postdoctoral Scholarship, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Bonn, Germany
1998 Young Investigator and Travel Award of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems
1999 Emmy-Noether Award Grant of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Bonn
2004 New Strategic Research Initiative Award by the Academic Enrichment Fund (AEF) of the School of Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
2004 External Reviewer for Canadian National Institutes of Health Research (CIHR/ IRSC)
2005 NIH Reviewer for the National Institutes of Health, Shared Instrumentation Grant Study Section
2005 University of Colorado Cancer Center Start-Up Fund Gift
2006 Harry Vars Award for the top manuscript at the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Meeting
2006 Generations Cancer Foundation Award
2006- Reviewer for The Wellcome Trust (Great Britain)
2007 Reviewer for South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
2008 Reviewer for NASA and US Department of Energy
2008- Reviewer for ACS and UCCC Seed Grants (UCD Anschutz)
2009- Reviewer for CCTSI Grants (UCD Anschutz)
2009- NCI Reviewer, Technology in Cell Biology Study Section
2009- Member of the Student Cancer Research Fellowship Review Committee (UCD Anschutz)
2009- NCI Reviewer, the Cancer Biomarker Study Section (ZRG1 BDA-A(58)).
2009- NIBIB Reviewer, the Challenge Grant Panel #23 (ZRG1 SBIB-V(58)).
2009- NCI Reviewer, the Challenge Grant Panel #10 (ZRG1 BDA-A(58)).
2009- International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) Award for the 2009 Best Molecular Imaging Project (2nd place)
2009- NCI Reviewer, Integrative Cancer Biology Program/ System Biology (ZCA1 SRLB-C (J1)R)
2009- NIBIB Reviewer, Bioengineering Research Partnerships and Imaging (ZRG1 SBIB-V (50))
2010- External Reviewer for Cancer Research UK/ Biomarkers and Imaging Development Committee
2010- Reviewer for Colorado Boettcher Foundation Webb-Waring Grants
2010- NIH Reviewer, Recovery Act Limited Competition: Director’s Opportunity 5 Themes Oral, Musculoskeletal and Imaging (2010/08 ZRG1 MOSS-G (55)R).
2011- External Reviewer for the ANR/ French National Research Agency (ad-hoc)
2011-2013 External Reviewer for the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO, the Dutch Research Council, ALW-IN/12-18) (ad-hoc)
2012- Member of the Onsite Panel Review for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE SCGF) Program
2012-2017 Reviewer for the California Breast Cancer Research Program, “Treatment and Detection” Review Committee (ad-hoc)
2012- Special Emphasis NIH Panel Reviewer on “Technology Development for Metabolomics” (ZRG1 BST-p (50))
2013- NIH Reviewer, SPIR Topic 320 “Standards for Metabolomics”

Projects Ongoing, Pending or Completed in the Last Five Years

Ongoing (recently funded):

  1. NCI P30 (CA046934-25, Cancer Center Core Grant, PI: Theodorescu) Role: Director of Animal Imaging Shared Resources (30%)

  1. NCATS UL1TR001082, KL2TR001080, TL1TR001081 “Colorado Clinical Translational Sciences Institute, CCTSI”, principal investigator: Dr. Ronald J. Sokol (TCH), role: Director of Translational Imaging and Metabolomics Core (10%)

  1. AMC Cancer Fund Pilot Grant “Metabolomics of Glioblastomas and Tumor Tissues in a Novel Organotype Tumor Slice Culture Model: Stress Responses and the Dynamic Tumor Metabolome”, principal investigator: M. Graner/ N. Serkova/ A. Waziri (n/a).

  1. NIH 1R01 HD065534 “Efficacy of Flupirtine for Treatment of Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy”, principal investigator: Y. Raol. Role: Co-investigator (5%)

  1. NIH 1R01 DE021788 “The Role of PI3K Pathway in Head and Neck Cancer Invasion and Metastasis”, principal investigator: S.-L. Lu. Role: Co-investigator (5%)

  1. NIH 1R25 GM103798 “University of Alabama Metabolomics Workshop: from Design to Decision”, principal investigator: S. Barnes (UAB). Role: Co-investigator (honorarium)


NIH R01 “A Novel MR/CT Contrast Agent for Prostate Cancer Imaging and Diagnosis” (#11035155)

PIs: P. Werahera/ S. Boyes

Role: Co-investigator

NIH R01 “Mechanisms of Immunosuppressant Drug Actions in Reducing Alcohol Consumption”

PI: T. Beresford

Role: Co-investigator


  1. NIH-Grant (RO1 HL071805-01) entitled “The Role of Statin Lactones in Statin Toxicity”, principal investigator: Dr. U. Christians (Dept. Anesthesiology, UCHSC). Role: Co-investigator

  1. NIH-Grant (RO1 DK065094-01) entitled “Effect of Immunosuppressants on Cell Metabolism”, principal investigator: Dr. U. Christians (Dept. Anesthesiology, UCHSC). Role: Co-PI

  1. DOD-Grant (PC041000) entitled “Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) of Prostatic Fluids for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer”, principal investigator: Dr. E.D. Crawford (Dept. Radiation Oncology), Role: Co-PI

  1. NIH-Grant (S10 RR019316-01) entitled “In Vivo Spectroscopy/ Imaging System PharmaScan 47/16”, principal investigator: N. Serkova

  1. NCI-Grant (1 R21 CA108624-01) entitled “Metabolic Signature of Imatinib Resistance”, principal investigator: N. Serkova

  1. Colorado Cancer Generation Fund Grant entitled “Building a Research Imaging Core at the Anschutz Medical Center:, principal investigator: N. Serkova

  1. FAER Mentores Training Grant entitled “Isoflurane-induced neurodegeneration: a function of age”, principal investigator: Dr. L. Wise-Faberowski (Dept. Anesthesiology), Role: Mentor

  1. SIRC-Grant (UCHSC, Dean Office of School of Medicine) entitled “Pre-Clinical Positron Emission and Computed Tomography (PET/CT)”, principal investigator: N. Serkova

  1. Eli Lilly and Company grant entitled “Magnetic Resonance Evaluations on Enzastaurin Treatment in Colon Cancer Animal Models”, principal investigator: N. Serkova

  1. NIH-Grant (R01 GM078312-01A2) entitled „Mechanism of Heat Shock Protein Induction by Glutamine“, principal investigator: Dr. P. Wischmeyer (Dept. Anesthesiology), Role: Co-investigator

  1. NIH-Grant (R21 AA016294-01) entitled “Neuro-Immunophyllin Ligand Mechnism of Action in Reducing Alcohol”, principal investigator: Dr. T. Beresford (Dept. Psychiatry), Role: Co-investigator (5%)

  1. The Jeannik M. Littlefield-AACR Grant entitled “Development of Rational Treatment Algorithms for Colorectal Cancer”, principal investigator: Dr. SG Eckhardt (dev. Medical Oncology), Role: Co-investigator (5%)

  1. Facet Biotech Corporation grant entitled “Pre-Clinical Positron Emission Tomography Evaluations on the Efficacy of PDL192, a Humanized IgG1 monoclonal antibody”, principal investigator: N. Serkova (10%)

  1. NHLBI RC1 HL100849 “Zipcode Based Nano-Imaging of Hypertensive Pulmonary Arteries”, principal investigator: R. Tuder. Role: Co-investigator (5%)


US 2011/ 0286938 A1: “Non-Invasive Detection of Complement-Mediated Inflammation Using CR2-Targeted Nanoparticles” (Nov 24, 2011, Inventors: Thurman, Serkova, Stoldt, Larsen).

US 2012/0064009 A1: “Methods for Leukemia Cell Detection” (March 15, 2012; Inventors: Gore, DeRyckere, Macy, Serkova).
Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Graduate Faculty, Structural Biology and Biochemistry Graduate Program

Graduate Faculty, Pharmacology Graduate Program

Member of the Advisory Committee for the K12 Paul Calabrese Clinical Oncology Scholars Program (2012-present).

Basic Pharmacology (40 hrs, University of Bremen, 1999);

Pharmacology I (40 hrs, University of Bremen, 2000);

Spectroscopic Methods in Biology and Medicine (80 hrs, University of Bremen, 2000); Pharmacology II (40 hrs, University of Bremen, 2001);

Biomedical NMR (20 hrs, UCHSC, Anesthesiology Dept., 2002);

Magnetic Resonance in Biomedicine (20 hrs, UCHSC, Anesthesiology Dept., 2003);

Cancer: Experimental and Medical Aspects (2 hrs, PHSC7530, Spring Semester 2007);

Organizer for Anesthesiology Seed Grant Program (2008 –present);

Anschutz Campus Student Research Forum: Reviewer (2008 – present);

Onsite training on sample handling and extraction for NMR-based metabolomics for UCD and external researchers (2004 – present, in average 3 weeks per year);

Onsite training on MR safety and principles (2005 – present, in average 2 weeks per year);

Onsite training on animal handling during imaging studies (2006 – present, in average 2 weeks per year);

Onsite training on imaging software for Core users (2008 – present, in average 2 weeks per year);

NCI Summer Scholarship Reviewer (2008 – present);

Cancer Center Summer Fellowship Lectures “The Imaging Approach” (2010 – present);

Educational Courses for the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM, 2011-present);

Drug Metabolism (3 hrs, Dental School Basic Science 6600, Fall Semester 2003-present );

Iron oxide nanoparticles for MR imaging and drug delivery (2 hrs, PHSC 7345 Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery, Spring 2011-present);

Functional and Molecular Imaging on Small Animals (4 hrs, BIOE 5031 Technology for Bioengineers I, Spring 2011-present).
Doctoral Dissertations and Diplomas Completed under Mentorship/ PhD Thesis Committee

2001 Jelena Miljus: “The role of free radical formation in the metabolic effects of immunosuppressants in brain cells” (Biochemistry B.S. Diploma, University of Bremen);

2002 Timo Dansauer: “MRS Assessment on metabolic effects of Gleevec in human chronic myelogenious EM3 cells” (Biochemistry B.S. Diploma, University of Bremen);

2003 Sven Gottschalk: “Effects of macrolide immunosuppressants on mitochondrial metabolism: Combination with cyclosporine” (Ph.D. Thesis, University of Bremen);

2003 Nora Anderson: “Time dependent effects of imatinib mesylate on human leukemia cells and primary leukocytes” (M.D. Thesis, Medizinische Hochshule Hannover);

2010 Robert Anthony Hom: “Binding of the Cyp33 RRM domain to the MLL PHD3” (Ph.D. Thesis, BMS Program, Dept Pharmacology, School of Medicine, UCD);

2010 Darin J. Brown: “NMR Methods to enhance spectral resolution and increase molecular weight” (Ph.D. Thesis, BMS Program, Dept Pharmacology, School of Medicine, UCD);

2012 Daniel McShan: “Computational Bioalchemy: Optimal Search Algorithms for the Analysis and Synthesis of Metabolic Systems” (Ph.D. Thesis, Computational Bioscience Program, Dept Pharmacology, School of Medicine, UCD);

2012 Michael Rudolph: “Thyroid Hormone Responsive Protein Spot 14 Modulates Fatty Acid Synthase Kinetics and Fatty Acid Products” (Ph.D. Thesis, Molecular Biology Program, Dept. Pathology, School of Medicine, UCD).
Graduate and Under-Graduate Students under Mentorship

2003-2006 William Lapin, Research Student (John Washington University)

2004-2007 John Leslie Coatney, M.D. Student, School of Medicine (UCHSC)

2005-2006 Daniel C McShan, Bioinformatics (UCHSC)

2005-2006 Yu Zhang, Bioinformatics/ Pharmacology (UCHSC)

2006 Brian Henning, Research Student (Boston College)

2006-2008 Daniel Cromer, Research Student (CU Boulder)

2006-2009 Brian Larsen, Chemical Engineering (CU Boulder)

2008 Brian Hamm, Medical Student (UCDHSC)

2008-2012 Michael Rudolph, PhD Student (UCD, MOLB Program)

2009 Chris Haberkorn, Chemistry/ Biology (CSU, NCI Scholarship)

2009 Matthew S. Burns, PhD Student (UCD, BSP Program)

2010 Douglas Robinson, NCI Summer Student, Chemistry, CSU

2010 Scott Bluth, MD FAER Summer Student, Univ of Texas, SOM

2011 Lindsay Garcia, ASPET SURF Summer Scholarship, California State University

2011 Daniel April, NCI Summer Student, Colorado State University

2011 Max Geselkovich, UCD Downtown Premed Summer Student

2012 Devin Ward, CTSA/ DSST Student

2012-2015 Justin Lee, MD Candidate, University of Colorado SOM, Research Track

2012-2013 Marina Stukova, Undergraduate Student, University of Colorado Denver Downtown

2013 Brandon Hammond, MD FAER Student, University of Arizona

2013 Jerry Choi, NCI Scholarship Undergraduate, Oberlin University

2013-2016 Julio Montejano, MD Candidate, University of Colorado SOM, Research Track

2014 Samuel Day, MD Candidate (4 year)

Professional Research Personnel, Postdoctoral Fellows, Residents and Faculty under Mentorship

2000-2002 Carsten Hainz, Ph.D.: MRS studies on toxicity of novel immunosuppressants

2002-2003 Lisa Frisch, M.S.: Metabolic effects of Gleevec on chronic myelogenious leukemia

2003-2004 Saskia Trump, Ph.D.: MRS based metabonomics on human melanoma biopsies

2003- Jaimi L. Brown, B.S.: MRS based metabonomics on fatty livers

2004- Douglas Kominsky, Ph.D.: Quantitative MRS based metabolomics

2004-2006 Bryan Bergman, M.D.: Intramuscular triglyceride turnover and insulin sensitivity (K-08 Award)

2004-2006 Warren Capell, M.D.: The role of lipoprotein lipase in myocyte fuel partitioning (K-08 Award)

2004-2006 S. Gail Eckhardt, M.D.: Metabolic Signature of Human Malignancies and Their Response to the Treatment (K-24 Award)

2005-2006 Holly Tuttle, M.S.: Regional Metabolic Heterogeneity of Canine Spontaneous Tumors Using 1H- and 31P-NMR. (Merck Merial Research project, Colorado State University).

2005-2006 Teresa Troiani, M.D.: DCE-MRI on Colon Xenografts (Astra Zeneca Scholarship)
2006-2008 Lisa Wise-Faberowski, M.D.: Isoflurane – induced neurodegeneration: a function of age (FAER Mentors Training Grant)

2006- Kendra M. Hasebroock, R.T.: Small Animal Imaging.

2007-2008 Jennifer Spratlin, M.D. (Oncology Fellow): Cancer Metabolomics

2007- Andrea Merz, B.S.: Metabolic NMR sample proceeding and analysis.

2007-2009 Erica L. Bradshaw-Perce, Ph.D.: Pharmacokinetic modeling in DCE-MRI and FDG-PET in animal cancer models (UCD T32 Developmental Therapeutic Training Grant).

2008-2010 Deborah DeRyckere, Ph.D.: Functional Imaging in Transgenic Leukemic Mice.

2008-2011 Misty D. Rowe, Ph.D.: Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Drug Delivery.

2009-2010 Radhika Srinivasan, Ph.D. (UCSF, Radiology): Extraction Protocol Development for NMR

2009-2010 Tessa Little, Ph.D. (University of Pretoria, Biochemistry, South Africa): NMR-Based Metabolomics.

2009-2010 Liping Huang, M.D. (Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University): Postdoctoral training in Pre-Clinical Imaging in Oncology

2010-2012 Curtis J. Henry, Ph.D.: Declining Lymphoid Progenitor Fitness Promotes Aging Associated Leukemogenesis (UCD T32 Aging Training Grant).

2012-2017 Curtis J. Henry, Ph.D.: Metabolic Consequences of Leukemogenesis (K01 CA160798-01A1 NCI Mentored Career Development Award to Promote Diversity)

2012-2014 Daniel Golovko, M.D.: Contrast-Enhanced T2-MRI in Acute Kidney Injury: Inflammation Imaging with SPIO Nanoparticles.
Memberships (* elected/ peer-reviewed):

2002 International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)*

2003 University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC)*

2004-2008 American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS)*

2006 Society of Molecular Imaging (SMI)*

2008 Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI)

2010 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)*

2011-2012 American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (Aspet)

2012 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)*

2012 American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

Reviewer for:

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacological Research

American Journal on Neuroradiology

American Journal of Physiology; Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

American Journal of Physiology; Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

American Journal of Transplantation

Analytical Biochemistry

Analytical Chemistry



Biochemical Pharmacology

Bioconjugate Chemistry

BioMed Central (various)

Brain Research

British Journal of Pharmacology

Cancer Research

Cell Biology and Toxicology

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Chemical Research in Toxicology

Clinical Cancer Research

Clinical Chimica Acta

Computed Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

Current Cancer Drug Targets



Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Environmental Science and Technology

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics/ Other Series

Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine



International Brazilian Journal of Urology

International Journal of Cancer

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

International Journal of Radiation Biology

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Journal of Lipid Research

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Journal of Neurology

Journal of Proteome Research


Leukemia and Lymphoma




Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Molecular Systems Biology

Nature Reviews (multiple)

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg Archives of Pharmacology

Neurochemistry International

Neuroscience Letters

NMR in Biomedicine

OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology



Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmacological Reviews


Radiation Research


Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment


Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

Editorial Board:

Cancer Metabolomics (Editor-inChief)

Recent Patents on Medical Imaging

ISRN Molecular Imaging

Consultant or Service as a Professional Expert

1999- Novartis Pharma AG

2002 Isotechnika

2003 Sanofi-Synthelabo Research

2003 Roche Bioscience

2003 AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

2003 Progen

2004- SIDMAP Inc. (member for the Scientific Advisory Board)

2006- Eli Lilly and Company

2007- Imclone

2008- OSI

2009- Facet

2010- Genentech

2010- Array Pharmaceuticals

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