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Negotiation Case Study ABC Industries واجب
Global Connectedness & Diversity Consciousness Case Study

Professional Development & Competencies
Case Study
ABC Industries

Case Study/Individual Project Assignment 20 Points
• In formulating a case study analysis and case study answer, students should review course-reading material (Harvard Business Review Negotiating Without a Net, study all Prezi negotiation slides, look at course videos again, and review course lecture notes.
• Students are encouraged to talk to other students and share ideas with one another on analyzing and solving this case study.
• Students are not allowed to copy, cut, and paste from other student papers.
• Students are not allowed to paraphrase portions of other students paragraphs/sentences.
• If a student notices that a fellow student has written a great idea, the student can include the idea in his/her paper but the student must use his/her own words. The student must past the Safe Assign Test
• This case analysis will typically be between 50 and 500 words depending on the student’s writing style. Students usually use a mixture of writing styles from essay writing to bullet points, and even drawings and/or a combination of all writing styles.

ABC Industries
ABC Industries is a large diversified company based in Saudi Arabia. ABC’s customer base and supply chain network are both domestic and international. Based on your reputation as an industry leader and proven expertise in managing diverse negotiation teams, you have been recruited by ABC Industries to the position of Vice
President/Division of Contract Negotiations & Compliance. To your surprise, ABC Industries has been experiencing an unusually high number of failed contract negotiations with business and government customers as well as with suppliers throughout ABC’s supply chain network. As Vice President/Division of Contract Negotiations & Compliance, your first responsibility is to write a strategic negotiation plan. Your strategic negotiation plan must cover ABC’s negotiation philosophy and the key negotiation strategies and tactics ABC will employ with current/future customers and suppliers throughout ABC’s global supply chain network.

Download 52.79 Kb.

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