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This RFP is for a Hosted, Next Generation 911 call delivery, over the ANGEN ASA network for Emergency Communications Districts in the State of Alabama. Economies of scale are expected.

Table of Contents

Cover Sheet 1

Table of Contents 2

Table of Contents 3

Table of Contents 4

Table of Contents 5

Introduction 6

Intent 6

District Stakeholders 7

Key Dates 7

Additional information regarding the RFP 7

Contact Information 7

Respondent Responsibility 7

Respondent Contact Information 7

Respondent Support Requirements 8

Proposal Submittal and Structure 8

Proposal Clarification 8

Proposal Presentation Requirements 8

Proposal Aids Guideline 8

Proposal Term 8

Proposal Addenda 9

Proposal Modification 9

Proposal Rejection 9

Contract Includes Proposal 9

RFP Rejection/Cancellation 9

Proof of Insurance 9

Performance Bond 9

System Completion 9

System Completion Delay–Penalty 10

Delivery of Goods 10

Dispute Resolution 10

Familiarization with Local Conditions 10

Indemnification 10

Selection Announcement 10

Proposal Evaluation 11

Typical evaluation criteria 11

Important Factors 11

Requirements Compliance 12

Next Generation Compatibility 12

Network Requirements 13

ANI/ALI Controller/Host Requirements 14

CPE—System Monitor 14

CPE – Recommended Standards 15

Workstation Requirements 15

Stakeholder Purchase or Lease PSAP Workstation Equipment 15

Monthly Recurring Costs 15

Manufacturer Upgrade Clause to NG9-1-1 15

Manufacturer Support Requirements 15

Warranty and Maintenance 16

ANI / ALI Controller Service 16

General Requirements 16

General Requirements 17

PSAP Installation 18

Additional Terminations 18

Common Labeling/Numbering Schemes 18

Data Patch Panel 18

Dedicated Wiring 18

Alarm Placement 18

Answering Position Equipment 18

Cables 18

Console Equipment Cable Extensions 18

Responsibility for Equipment 19

Site Clean-up 19

Subcontractors 19

Removal of Items 19

Headset/Handset Interface 19

Malware and Virus Protection 19

Remote Maintenance 19

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) 19

TVSS - UL Listed 20

TVSS - Clamping Voltage 20

TVSS - Degradation of Service 20

Grounding 20

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Backup Generator 20

Management Information System (MIS) 20

Training Plan 21

Training – Management Information System 21

Training - ANI/ALI Controller Maintenance 21

Equipment System Manuals 21

Section Deliverables Statement 21

Controller / Workstation Features 21

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Ring Feature 21

ACD Bypass - Selective Answer 22

Alternate Routing 22

Abandoned Call Information 22

Active Call Priority Queue Management 22

ALI Caching 22

Call Information 22

Call/Line Indicators 23

Call Back 22

Call Back - Automatic Prefix 23

Call Back - Group Configuration 23

Call Feature - Answer Control 23

Call Feature – Disconnect 23

Call Feature – Hold 23

Call Feature - Hold – PSAP defined Timeout 23

Call Feature - Hold – Retrieval 23

Call Feature - Hold – Storage 24

Call Feature - Monitor – Workstation Access 24

Call Feature - Monitor – Station Access 24

Call Feature - Join– Workstation Access 24

Call Feature - Join– Station Access 24

Call Feature - Barge In- Workstation Access 24

Call Feature - Barge In- Station Access 24

Call Feature - Muting-Workstation Access 24

Call Feature - Privacy- Workstation Access 24

Caller ID 25

Conference Calling 25

Conference Call Setup 25

Conference 25

IRR 25

Error ANI Spills 25

System-wide Speed Calling 25

Speed Dialing – Quantity 25

Speed Dialing - Primary & Secondary 25

Speed Dial – Libraries 26

Speed Dial – Library Search 26

Speed Dial – Icons 26

Speed Dialing – Alphanumeric 26

Speed Dialing - Mouse / Keyboard 26

Speed Dial - Workstation - Preprogrammed List 26

Speed Dial - Workstation- List Button 26

Speed Dial - Workstation- Updates 26

Security - System Log-on - Prompts / Features 26

Security - Unauthorized Access 27

TDD / TTY – Detection 27

TDD / TTY - Communication - Position Keyboard 27

TDD / TTY – Preprogramming 27

TDD / TTY – Conferencing 27

TDD / TTY – Interface 27

TDD / TTY - Call Transfer 27

TDD / TTY - ADA Requirements 27

TDD / TTY - Message Length 28

TDD / TTY – Compliance 28

Transfer – Intelligent 28

Transfer - Central Office 28

Transfer - PSAP to PSAP 28

Transfer - Unsupervised 28

Wireless text (TXT) Messaging and Video Presentation 28

Wireless - Queue Management 28

Wireless and VoIP Call Handling 29

Wireless - Auto ALI Re-bid 29

Workstation - ALI Display – Advance 29

Workstation - ALI Calls in Queue View 29

Workstation - ALI Display - Simplified Call Wrap-Up 29

Workstation - ALI Parsing 29

Workstation - Other Applications 29

Workstation - Other Applications - Applications List 29

Workstation - Other Applications - Alert 30

Workstation – Trunk / Line Status 30

Workstation - Intercom 30

Workstation - Instant Messaging 30

Workstation - Instant Messaging- Storage and Retrieval 30

Selective Routing Services 30

Wireline 30

Wireless 30

System Performance 31

Data Management 31

Security 31

Preliminary Testing Plan 32

Project Management 32

Project Plan 32

Progress Reports 32

Oversights / Failures / Unexpected Events 33

Repair Process 33

System Availability 33

Repair Logging / Reporting 33

Repair Tracking 33

Response Time–Interruption of Service 33

Response Time–Non-interruption of Service 33

Single Point of Contact 33

Site History Log 33

Support–Escalation Procedures 34

Technician Availability 34

Technician Experience 34

Technicians List 34

System Software Backups 34

Restoration 34

Optional Items Proposal 34

Intellectual Property 35

Patent Infringement 35

Attachment A 36

Attachment B 37

Attachment C 38

Attachment D Pricing 39



This Request for Proposal is for IP based system reporting, time synchronization system, network services and related components to include but not limited to (mapping). The Emergency Communications Districts( ECD) are looking for qualified proposals to include customization of specs, modifications in equipment and design based on the individual ECD requirements, etc. Workstations that will connect to the Controller from each Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) site will be a separate section of this proposal and each of the listed ECD. ECD’s reserve the ultimate right to select the vendor(s) and to purchase workstations from this proposal. All hardware and software quoted for the Controller or Host will have to support the specified number of workstations in Attachment A, plus allow 50% expansion growth for additional workstations.

ECD Stakeholders


Butler County, AL ECD


Crenshaw County, AL ECD


Chilton County, AL ECD


Dale County, AL ECD


City of Daleville, AL ECD


Geneva County, AL ECD


City of Enterprise, AL ECD


Henry County, AL ECD


Coffee County, AL ECD


Dothan/Houston County, AL ECD


Covington County, AL ECD

  1. The Districts listed above have recognized their present equipment is in need of replacement or upgrading due to the lack of software support on critical components as identified by their current equipment provider. Equally important in the decision to replace the present solution is the inability of the present equipment to support the pending Alabama Next Generation Emergency Network (ANGEN) services which will be provided over a private state network known as Alabama Super Computer (ASA). In order to meet the combined ECDs efforts to achieve a higher quantity-based purchase, as well as to establish a higher level of interoperability in preparation for ANGEN services.

  1. To accomplish these goals, the Districts are soliciting Proposals for a common ANI / ALI controller service provided by a host/remote or similar configuration. It is the Districts intention to purchase or lease the remote workstation equipment individually and in a shared effort purchase or lease the PSAP ANI / ALI controller support equipment.

  1. The continuing growth of wireline, wireless, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and alarm company contacts, as well as the need for automated methods to manage the work force and support the ever increasing need for interoperability and reporting requirements, are all considerations when the Districts review the proposal response.

  1. It is the intent to purchase or lease common equipment housed in and maintained by the provider. It is the intent to purchase geographically diverse equipment. It is the intent to house the equipment purchase or leased near the Alabama Super Computer provided ANGEN Alabama Core Call Routing Facilities (ACCRF) sites in a secure facility.

Key Dates

Event Proposed Date / Time

Publish Proposal 4/30/2014

Pre-Proposal conference vendor attendance mandatory 5/22/2014

Deadline for Submission of Questions 6/6/2014

Deadline for submitting Proposal Response 7/7/2014

Proposal Response Review by Districts 7/10/2014

Respondents Oral Interview / Presentations To be Determined

Final Proposal Response Review by Districts To be Determined

Negotiations and Final Configuration To be Determined

RFP Award To be Determined

Additional information regarding the RFP

  1. Contact Information

Any questions are requested to be emailed to Lon E. Jones prior to deadline for submission of questions. Presentations will be scheduled by Lon E. Jones after the Proposals have been reviewed.

Lon E. Jones, 911 Coordinator

501 S Main Street

Enterprise, AL 36330

Phone: (334)348-2697


  1. Respondent Responsibility

The respondents to this Proposal shall assume full responsibility for timely delivery at the location designated. Respondents are responsible for all costs incurred in the development and submission of their Proposal. The Districts assumes no contractual obligation because of the issuance of this Proposal, the preparation or submission of a Proposal by a respondent, the evaluation of an accepted Proposal, or the selection of finalists. The Districts are not contractually bound until a written contract for the purchase of hardware, software and installation of hardware and software is executed.

  1. Respondent Contact Information

All respondents shall provide the name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address of the person who should be contacted concerning questions regarding the Proposal submitted and all communications regarding the Proposal.

  1. Respondent Support Requirements

Vendors interested in submitting a Proposal shall provide a list of qualifications of the vendor and/or the staff of the vendor’s organization who will be involved in the project. Vendor will identify one key person as project manager with overall responsibility for all activities.

  1. Proposal Submittal and Structure

All proposals must be sealed and clearly marked – “Hosted Next Generation 911 ANGEN Proposal”. The Original Proposal and, a soft copy (in Microsoft Word) are requested to be sent to the following address:

The City of Enterprise

Attn: Lon E. Jones

P.O. Box 311000

Enterprise, AL 36331 – 1000

Use this RFP as a form; answer each item directly under the item, Comply, Non Compliance, Comply with Exceptions or Comply with Alternatives. Only written, hard copy and soft copies of the responses shall be accepted. Soft copies may be submitted on a thumb drive or a CD/DVD. Pricing must also be submitted separately as a hard copy and a soft copy on an Excel spreadsheet. Oral, email, telephone or telegraphic proposals are invalid and will not receive consideration. The proposal must be signed by duly authorized officer of the respondent. Sealed proposals must be received no later than the 4pm, 7/7/2014. Refer to Key Dates section above. Late responses will not be accepted.

  1. Proposal Clarification

The Districts reserve the right to seek clarification of proposals. Vendors must designate a contact person and telephone number for questions that may arise during the proposal evaluation period.

  1. Proposal Presentation Requirements

The vendors may or may not be requested to present their proposed solution and be prepared to answer any concerns or questions. Their presentation must represent a complete solution proposed and must include a migration plan with timelines and service support methods. Exact dates and times will be determined by the number of proposals received. Final coordination of dates and times will be determined by Lon Jones. The vendor’s presentation will be limited to one hour and 15 minutes.

  1. Proposal Aids Guideline

The use of organized and clutter free diagrams, pictures and other aids are encouraged. Each requirement must be fully responded to within the section stating the requirement, beginning at section 15. The reader must not be directed to refer to other parts of the proposal to read any part of the response.

  1. Proposal Term

All submitted proposals must be binding for a period of 180 days from the proposal submission deadline.

  1. Proposal Addenda

The Districts may issue addenda related to this proposal prior to the proposal deadline for the purpose of making clarifications and answering questions. The addenda will be emailed to vendors.

  1. Proposal Modification

Proposals may be modified, withdrawn, and/or re-submitted in writing prior to the deadline for proposal submission by an authorized representative of the respondent or by formal written notice. After this deadline, no modifications, withdrawals or re-submissions may be made for any reason.

  1. Proposal Rejection

Any proposal which does not meet the necessary criteria, or for which a fixed dollar amount cannot be precisely determined, will be considered non-responsive and may be rejected.

  1. Contract Includes Proposal

The proposal submitted in response to this RFP will be included as part of the final contract with the selected vendor and amended during final negotiations.

  1. RFP Rejection/Cancellation

The Districts reserve the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this RFP and to cancel this solicitation if doing so would be in the public interest. The Districts also reserve the right to accept a proposal or proposals in whole or in part. A vendor will be held to the terms submitted in its Proposal, but may be required to reduce costs depending upon services that the Districts determine to be unnecessary or for which the Districts decides to assume responsibility.

  1. Proof of Insurance

All proposers and subcontractors are required to provide proof of insurance and a performance bond as part of contract.

  1. Performance Bond

Proposal will require the selected vendor to purchase a Performance Bond in the amount of the award payable to. This Bond is to provide assurance that the selected vendor will complete the installation and acceptance testing of the system to the specifications listed in this RFP. The selected vendor will be required to purchase the Performance Bond and deliver a copy of such bond within five (5) working days of the signing of the final executed contract. The Bond shall remain in effect until final acceptance of the system.

  1. System Completion

The equipment must be installed at each ECD and the acceptance phase started within 180 days from the date of award. In the event delays occur, a written request for an extension of installation time must be submitted. The request must contain the nature of the delay, anticipated time of completion and the effect the delay will have on the overall system completion. Each of the District’s will respond to the request with a written reply.

  1. System Completion Delay-Penalty

In the event that the system is not installed and the acceptance phase started within the specified time, the penalty shall be 1% reduction of the total purchase amount each work day the system is delayed.

  1. Delivery of Goods

Districts reserve the right to inspect and have any goods tested after delivery for compliance with the specifications. Notice of latent defects, which would make the items unfit for the purposes for which they are required, may be given at any time within one year after discovery of the defects.

  1. Dispute Resolution

All disputes that arise under this contract which cannot be resolved between the vendor and any of the Districts will be resolved by a Court of competent jurisdiction.

  1. Familiarization with Local Conditions

Each vendor for services must further represent that the vendor is familiar with the local conditions under which the work is to be done and has correlated their observations with the requirements of the proposal documents. Vendor will also list all interface connections supported by their equipment and what if any charges are associated with each. (PRI, 1FB, DID, DSI, VOIP)

  1. Indemnification

The vendor must indemnify and hold harmless of any and all of the Districts and its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims, damages, losses, expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising out of or resulting from the performance of this contract, provided that any such claims, damage, loss or expense:

22.1 Is attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or to injury to or destruction of tangible property (other than goods, materials, and equipment furnished under this contract) including the loss of use resulting there from, and

22.2 Is caused in whole or in part by any negligent act or omission of the vendor, any subcontractor, or anyone directly employed by any of them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable, regardless of whether or not it is caused in part by a party indemnified hereunder.

In any and all claims against the Districts or any of its officers or employees by an employee of the contractor, any subcontractor, anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable, the indemnification obligation under this paragraph , shall not be limited in any way by any limitation of the amount or type of damages, compensation, or benefits payable by or for the vendor or any subcontractor under worker’s or workmen’s compensation acts, disability benefit acts, or other employee acts.

  1. Selection Announcement

The tentative selection of a vendor will be announced to the selected vendor by telephone and in

writing and to non-selected vendors in writing. All communication with the Districts about this

RFP must cease after deadline for receipt of questions.

  1. Proposal Evaluation

Typical evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated using the criteria detailed below:

24.1 Functional and operational compliance with this RFP

24.2 Service, including project management, implementation, maintenance and training

24.3 System feasibility, concept and suitability, including use of open systems, and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products

24.4 Flexibility, ease of modification or change, ability to configure the system without custom


24.5 Demonstration, including benchmark demonstrations and/or reference site visits

24.6 System Costs

24.7 Product functionality, user interface integration

Important Factors

Factors that are important to include, but not limited to:

  1. Adherence to proposal format and providing complete information within the proposal

  2. Conformity of equipment to desired specifications

  3. Level of integration within the entire system

  4. System performance/response times

  5. Quality references and credentials

  6. Proposing proven fielded products

  7. Service, warranty and maintenance commitment

  8. Proposed maintenance costs for entire system

  9. Feasibility, timeliness and quality of proposed product and schedule

  10. Financial stability and resources of the vendor

  11. Experience and technical expertise of staff

  12. Functionality that meets the requirements of the RFP

  13. Favorable demonstration of components of the proposed system

  14. Favorable site visits

  15. Completeness of solution

  16. Quality of documentation and training

  17. Future capabilities/interoperability of the entire system

  18. Economic feasibility and justification of costs

  19. Price of proposed system as it relates to current and future needs

  20. Options, and their costs to the proposed system

  21. Freedom from premature obsolescence

  22. Implementation and growth plan

The following sub-sections describe the expected requirement to meet the needs of the Districts. These sections represent technical and operational requirements that the Districts are requesting be addressed in the proposals.

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