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Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction & RFP Timeline 1

Part 2: General Instructions and Conditions; Supporting Documents 2

Part 3: Existing Environment 5

Part 5: Proposal 9

Part 6: Price Proposal 30

Part 7: References 32

Part 8: Declaration 33

Part 1: Introduction & RFP Timeline

This Request for Proposal (RFP) documents Pierce County Library System’s (PCLS, or Library) requirements for a native IP-based voice communications system. The proposed IP communications system must be able to support all the required call processing, voice messaging, management and administrative features of this RFP. In addition, the proposed IP communication system must be capable of meeting anticipated growth without major system cost. Since this RFP calls for a converged system, it is expected that vendors confirm that the existing PCLS network infrastructure will support this system or propose any changes to allow the network infrastructure to meet these capabilities. Proposers should use their knowledge and experience within the communications industry to recommend a creative solution that will meet or exceed PCLS’ requirements. The RFP is intended to provide a standard base from which to evaluate alternatives for communications systems and to allow the vendor flexibility in proposing the most appropriate and cost-effective system.

Estimated Timeline
October 19, 2010 RFP Announcement

November 5, 2010, 5 PM Final date for any questions regarding RFP

November 8, 2010, 5 PM Submissions due at Library

November 16 – 20, 2010 Potential interviews of finalists

November 24, 2010 Projected date to select vendor

April 1, 2011 Projected date for system implementation

June 1, 2011 Targeted date to use new system at the

Processing and Administrative Center

More information about the Pierce County Library System, including its history, locations, services, programs, and budget may be found on our website at

Part 2: General Instructions and Conditions; Supporting Documents

  1. Submission: To be considered for selection, Proposers must provide SIX (6) copies of their sealed submission along with a cover letter and summary. Submission must be addressed as follows:

Pierce County Library System
Attn: Kerry Nielan, IT Director
3005 112th Street East
Tacoma WA 98446-2215
Sealed Response for: Telephone System

  1. Submission Format: All submissions must be in print. Electronic versions may be included along with the printed submission. Proposers are recommended to use Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor to edit this RFP document with answers to questions and sections. Signatures are required.

  2. Questions about the RFP: Questions about this RFP should be directed to Kerry Nielan, IT Director, by email at, Fax (253) 537-4600, or in writing to Pierce County Library System, Attn: Kerry Nielan, IT Director, 3005 112th Street East, Tacoma, WA. 98446-2215. In the event that Kerry Nielan is unavailable, questions should be directed to Clifford Jo, Director of Finance & IT, at (253) 536-6500 ( or in writing at the address listed. The Library may delegate someone to answer submitted questions or queries. The Library reserves the right to share answers publicly and with other Proposers as deemed appropriate and necessary. Questions and answers may be posted periodically on the Library’s website at

  3. Date of Submission: Sealed responses must be submitted to the Pierce County Library System at 3005 112th Street East, Tacoma, WA 98446-2215, no later than 5 PM, November 8, 2010. Submissions received late may be deemed not responsive and may not be considered, at the Library’s discretion. The Library reserves the right, without penalty, to extend the date of submission and will provide due notice of such date extension, including an updated RFP schedule.

  4. Signatures: A corporate official who has been authorized to make such commitments must sign the submission (see Declaration in Part 8) in order for the submission to be considered.

  5. Withdrawal or Modification of RFP Submission: The Proposer may, without prejudice to itself, modify or withdraw its submission by written request, provided that the submission and any request is received by the Library prior to the due date of submission above. Following the withdrawal of its submission the Proposer may submit a new response provided it is received by the Library at the address and by the date as shown in the above Date of Submission.

  6. Modification of RFP: The Library reserves the right, without penalty, to add, remove, modify, or otherwise update the RFP, in any way the Library sees fit, provided that such modifications shall be submitted with due notice prior to the deadline for submission.

  7. Submission Procedures and Forms: All Proposers must comply with the specification and requirements within. Proposers may only submit one submission for consideration. Proposers may submit additional information with their submission as desired.

  8. RFP Takes Precedence: The contents of the submission and accompanying response of the selected Proposer, specifically including those parts that deal with contractual requirements and official published specifications may become contractual obligations, and may be made part of the final contract. Failure of the selected Proposer to accept these obligations in a purchase agreement, purchase order, delivery, or similar acquisition instrument may result in cancellation of the award.

  9. Rejection of Proposals: The Library reserves the right to reject any and all submissions without penalty. Any and all submissions may be rejected for any cause. Further, the Library reserves the right to cancel the project with or without reason.

  10. Award of Contract: The contract shall be awarded to the responsive, responsible Proposer who best meets the Library’s need and interests that match requirements in Part 4 and answers in Parts 5, 6, and 7. Only one award will be made. The Library reserves the right to waive all technicalities, irregularities and deviations of submissions from the RFP, and to be the final judge as to which submission is accepted. Award is anticipated no later than thirty (30) days of RFP closing.

  11. Proposer’s Cost to Develop Submission: Costs for developing and presenting submissions in response to this RFP are entirely the obligation of the Proposer and shall not be chargeable in any manner to the Library.

  12. Contract Negotiation: The finalist will be expected to enter negotiations for pricing and other contractual terms. Failure to complete negotiations will result in disqualification of the Proposer. Upon conclusion of negotiations, the Library and Proposer may enter into a mutually agreed contractual agreement.

  13. Public Disclosure of Award: All proposals will be treated with confidentiality prior to award. After award of the submission, the submission will fall under the requirement by Washington State law (Chapter 42.17 RCW) that obligates the Library to make the document available for public inspection, if requested.

  14. Insurance: The winning Proposer shall provide a current Certificate of Insurance to the Library prior to the project’s commencement date. Such Certificate shall include limits for liability, automobile, errors/omissions.

  15. Permits: The winning Proposer shall obtain and pay for any permits and licenses required for the performance of the work, post all notices required by law, and comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations bearing on the conduct of the work, as specified herein. On any work that requires an inspection certificate issued by local authorities, National Board of Fire Underwriters, or any other governing body, such inspection certificate(s) shall be obtained by and paid for by the Proposer. Proposer shall procure all required certificates of acceptance or of completions issued by the state, municipal or other authorities and must deliver these to the PCLS.

  16. Damage to Premises: The successful vendor is liable and responsible for any damage to the premises (e.g., floor, walls, etc.) caused by vendor personnel or equipment during installation and is responsible for the removal of all project-related debris.

  17. Vendor Responsibility: Unless otherwise stipulated, vendor shall provide, and pay for, all materials, labor, tools, equipment, transportation, and other facilities necessary for the performance and completion of the work. Vendor shall verify conditions at the building, particularly door openings and passages. Any pieces too bulky for existing facilities shall be hoisted and otherwise handled with apparatus as required.

  18. Other Vendors: Proposer understands that a successful contract does not preclude the Library from soliciting proposals for other products or services that may assist in the implementation or support of the final system.

  19. Price of hardware, software, installation and maintenance shall not constitute the primary, central, or overriding reason for award of contract. After receipt of each proposal and prior to signing any contract, PCLS reserves the right to modify the system requirements by adding or deleting specific equipment or optional features and services.

  20. PCLS reserves the right to award a bid to the most qualified and responsible Proposer using objective criteria based on a number of factors to be used in the evaluation process.

  21. References: The vendor must submit three reference customers. Reference information must include company name, contact, telephone number and approximate size of installed system at each reference site. See Part 7

Supporting Documents
All Proposers are encouraged to review the following additional documents available on the Web site at:

  • Telephone System Project Charter (12/15/2009)

  • Telephone System Project Goals and Outcomes (6/18/2010)

  • Telephone System Market Research Summary (7/29/2010)

  • Telephone System Survey Results (7/29/2010)

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