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2010 President’s Pro Bono Service Awards



  • Please refer to the Award Guidelines* before completing the nomination form.

  • Answer all questions thoroughly. To enter text, click the cursor on each shaded expandable box.

  • To move to the next question or text box, press “Tab.”

  • To check boxes, click on the box or tab to it and press “Enter.” To uncheck the box, click on the “X”.

  • Nominee’s current résumé or biography with work history is required and supporting materials such as letters of recommendation or other relevant materials are strongly encouraged.

  • See Instructions for Electronic Submission below and in the Award Guidelines*.

  • If information is missing, the nominator may be contacted to complete the nomination, or the nomination may be disqualified.


Name of Nominee:      

Check one: Attorney (State Bar #      ) Law Firm Team of Lawyers Association of Lawyers

Law School Law Student
Has the nominee been nominated before? Yes If yes, indicate year(s) nominated if known:      
No Unknown (Note: Repeat nominations are accepted with updated information for calendar year 2009)
If the nominee is a law firm, team of lawyers, association of lawyers or law school, please provide the name, phone number and email address for the representative who should be the point person for communications between State Bar staff and the nominee:
Name of Representative:       Phone Number:      
E-mail Address:      
Nominee’s Employer:      
City:       State:       Zip Code:      
Phone:       Fax:       E-mail:      
Please check appropriate award category (refer to description of award categories in the Award Guidelines*):
Individual Law Firm Law School ( ABA Accredited CA Accredited)

Solo practitioner Firm as a whole Project or program

Recently admitted Team of lawyers Team of law students

Limited active practice Single branch office Partnerships of law students and other segments of the

Government legal community


Law school faculty member

Law student


Corporate or Government Distinguished Pro Bono Service

Legal department as a whole

Team of lawyers

A. Please answer each of the questions below in the expandable space provided regarding the nominee’s pro bono work

during 2009. If nominee is a law firm as a whole, describe the pro bono contributions by each California branch office.

  1. The nature and description of the pro bono legal services provided between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 with dates of service and breakdown by hours (for law firm or team lawyers, give hours per associate and partner):


  1. The number and description of individuals served or matters handled:


  1. Name and brief description of the organization and/or programs through which the nominee volunteered, including contact name and information for each organization or program:


  1. If attorney’s fees were awarded to the nominee, attach or describe the arrangement between the nominee, the organization and the client at the outset of the litigation regarding attorney’s fees, state the amount and describe how the fees were distributed:


  1. Nominee’s principal practice areas, number of California attorneys in the nominee’s office, and number of California attorneys for the entity as a whole:


  1. Description of the employer’s pro bono culture or policy, and how it affects the nominee’s provision of pro bono services:


  1. The impact of the nominee’s pro bono work:


  1. Hardships or obstacles faced while doing pro bono work:

B. Provide additional information about the nominee including, but not limited to:

  1. Nominee’s history of pro bono contributions including dates/length of time:


  1. Special qualities of the nominee:


  1. Previous recognition for pro bono efforts including dates if known:


  1. Other current and previous volunteer or public service work:


  1. Additional information:


Name of Nominator:       Check if self-nominating
Relationship to Nominee:      
Organization or Employer:      
City:       State:       Zip Code:      
Phone:       Fax:       E-mail:      

Name of additional reference familiar with nominee’s pro bono contributions:      

Name of joint nominator*:      
Relationship to Nominee:      
Organization or Employer:      
City:       State:       Zip Code:      
Phone:       Fax:       E-mail:      
* If more than one entity is nominating the same candidate, please submit one joint nomination. Each entity must answer all questions

in Sections A and B above.



  • Save the completed nomination form on your desktop and include the nominee’s name in the file name.

  • The nomination form, current résumé or biography with work history and dates are required and must be submitted electronically via e-mail as Word documents (version 97-2003).

  • Additional supporting material and letters of support may be attached as PDF files (articles can be submitted via live URL links). All attachments must be itemized in the body of the e-mail message. The limit on additional supporting materials and letters of support is 15 pages.

  • All nomination materials should be e-mailed to Kimberly Warmsley at

by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, March 15, 2010. Please include in the subject line “2010 Pro Bono Awards” and the nominee’s name.

  • Do not include more than one nomination per e-mail.

  • If it is a hardship to submit a nomination electronically, contact Ms. Warmsley at the e-mail address above, or at 415-538-2176 about an alternative method for submission.

  • Nominators will receive e-mail notification acknowledging receipt of each nomination. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment within 5 business days, please contact Ms. Warmsley to confirm receipt of submission.

All information requested in Parts A and B of the nomination form must be provided. If information is missing, the nominator may be contacted to complete the nomination, or the nomination may be disqualified. Each nominee will receive notification that she or he has been nominated for an award with copy to the nominator. The State Bar Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services (SCDLS)* will review the nominations and submit its recommendations to the State Bar Board of Governors in July for final approval. Decisions regarding award recipients will be based on the criteria and factors listed above. The awards will be presented in September 2010 during the State Bar Annual Meeting in Monterey.

* Note: If the hyperlink is not operative, awards information can be found at > About the

Bar > Awards > President’s Pro Bono Service Awards.

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