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CTBT ! – Heg

Ratification key to heg – maintains nuclear primacy

Rauf 4 (Tariq, Director of Intl Org and Nonprolif Project @ Monterey Inst of Intl Studies, 10/14/4, JPG

A CTBT will guarantee the US' clear superiority in nuclear weapon designs and technologies. This Treaty would help reduce the role of nuclear weapons in international security and bring additional pressure on NPT hold-outs to refrain from weapon development and to join the regime. A CTBT would prevent countries such as India, Israel, and Pakistan from validating theoretical designs and calculations for nuclear warheads, and raise the political costs for so-called "rogue" states in violating global non-proliferation norms. It would also prevent Russia from modernizing its nuclear warhead designs. And a CTBT would stand in the way of China validating or proving reverse engineered warhead designs or technologies that it may have illegally acquired from the US.

CTBT ! – A2 – ! Turns

We don’t test now – only risk of our impacts based on perception

NYT 9 (5/24/9, JPG

Nearly 17 years ago, after more than 1,000 explosions, the United States conducted its last underground nuclear test. President George H. W. Bush, following Russia and France, announced a voluntary moratorium and the other major nuclear powers — Britain and China — made the same pledge with more or less enthusiasm. Since then, 180 countries have signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. That’s all very good news. The bad news is that the test ban treaty, which would go beyond the voluntary moratorium and legally bind states to not test, has never come into force. That is because the United States and eight other nuclear-capable states whose participation is required — China, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Israel and Egypt — have not ratified it. A formal ban on testing would make it harder for nuclear-armed states to build new weapons, and place another hurdle in the way of any country — Iran comes immediately to mind — thinking of starting an arsenal. North Korea’s announcement that it had tested a nuclear device on Monday is a stark reminder of the many dangers out there.
Their authors are hack neo-cons – their arguments are based on false evidence

Berrigan 9 (Frida, Senior Assoc. @ New America Foundation’s Arms and Security Initiative, 7/28/9, JPG

Obama's efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons have drawn praise and encouragement from a wide range of individuals and organizations, from the arms control community, to retired diplomats and military officials, to the broader public. But they have also drawn harsh criticism -- misleading at best and outright deceptive at worst -- from a chorus of unreconstructed neo-conservatives and nuclear war theorists who are intent on scaring the public into opposing the president's disarmament agenda. The leaders of this informal network include John Bolton, Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, and Keith Payne. Sensible steps that will make the world a safer place -- from pursuing nuclear reductions with Russia, to advocating for ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and engaging in smart, effective diplomacy to curb the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea -- have been denounced at every turn by Bolton and company. Loud though they may be -- shouting their criticism from the pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post and other smaller outlets -- the pro-nuclear pundits lack credibility. The media should not be treating them as learned experts with contributions to make to the discourse on U.S. national security. They have been wrong repeatedly and flagrantly: wrong on the war on terror, wrong on the war in Iraq, and wrong on arms control. They accuse the Obama administration of compromising (or worse) U.S. national security by promoting arms control, while trumpeting a collection of Bush administration policies like preemptive war, regime change and unilateralism that have created or seriously inflamed threats to U.S. national security and the U.S. image throughout the world. To add insult to injury, pundits like Gaffney and Perle are also beholden to the defense industry -- one of the few sectors of the economy that has been doing well, in part due to the war policies they helped to set into motion.

Testing !

Nuclear testing causes extinction

Vetrano 60 (Virginia, Doctorate of Science @ City U of LA, July 1960, JPG

The only way to stop the threat of an atomic war is to ban the use of all nuclear weapons and cease manufacturing fission products by the use of atomic power plants. Power plants are contributing heavily to the pollution of our streams, rivers, seas, and our atmosphere. If this rate of pollution continues, soon there will be no food, no water, or air which is safe to eat, drink, and breathe respectively. We are destroying our planet and working for the extinction of mankind. We must stop all nuclear explosions and all atomic power plants. There is no need to be cowards and let ourselves be pushed around from now to eternity, which won't be far off if this testing of nuclear weapons is not stopped and atomic power plants abolished. With increased bomb testing, we have nothing to look forward to but showers of invisible radioactive dust pouring down upon us and penetrating out bodies by means of our air, food, and water for the next five to seven years or more. The most ominous threat, however, is to our children. They are the ones who will reap most of the harvest of this madness called "preparedness for peace," and the younger the child the more sensitive and more easily damaged are his cells from radiation. Dr. Linus Pauling most forcibly says, "The only safe amount of strontium 90 in the bones of children is zero." Unfortunately atom and hydrogen bombs never yield this safe amount. He further emphasizes that if testing of atomic bombs continues, about 100,000 children of the next generation in the United States will die. He also stated, and this was before the French tests in the Sahara, that "these bomb tests will also cause the birth of 200,000 seriously defective children in the next generation of human beings, children with serious mental deficiency or serious physical defects." Can we afford to "relax and enjoy life" when the very essence of life is being destroyed? The pool of human germ plasm is being greatly damaged, our mental capacities are diminishing, our physical capacities deteriorating and yet we do nothing. A national revolt is no longer adequate; what we need is a world revolt. Billions of yet unborn children will come into this world with diminished mental capacities and serious physical defects because we, the thinking portion of the population, have not made ourselves heard. It is we who are to blame for this gross crime committed against the future human race. In the history of the United States, no unwanted thing continued to exist when the whole population stood together and rebelled. Unfortunately, rebellion and singularity seems to have been knocked out of all Americans.


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