Online Course Development and Review

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Murray State College


Distance Learning Review Committee (DLRC)

Online Course Development and Review

This document is intended to provide guidance for developing online courses. There are four sections: Course Design/Development/Review, Principles of Good Practice, Course Equivalency form, and Course Reviewer Checklist.

  1. The Course Design/Development/Review

This section is completed by the individual responsible for the course.

This section is intended to be used to review existing online courses; and as a guideline for developing new online courses.

The DLRC reviews the form and makes recommendations as necessary.

  1. The Principles of Good Practice

This section is completed by the individual responsible for the course.

This section provides a checklist typically used by HLC to assess if online courses meet minimum educational standards. Designers/Developers are encouraged to use this checklist as they review their existing online courses, and/or create online courses. Eventually, the DLRC may incorporate this checklist into the Course Reviewer Checklist.

  1. The Course Equivalency Form

This section is completed by the Program Chair and/or Department Chair for the course, and approved/signed by the Department Chair.

This form verifies that the online course meets the same rigorous standards as its comparable residence course.

  1. The Course Reviewer Checklist

This section is completed by Peer Reviewers designated by the Distance Learning Review Committee and/or Distance Learning Coordinator (Director of Academic Technology).

This section is derived from the Quality Matters Rubric and the Oklahoma Online Course Review Checklist, and incorporates elements from the previous sections as well.

Departments designing and developing online courses should use this policy as their guideline.
The DLRC should review at least one online course per department (offering online courses) using this Online Course Development and Review policy.
The VPAA and Director of Distance Learning Technology should provide any additional guidance, as well as communicate institutional requirements to all faculty.


Online Course Development and Review 1


Course Design/Development/Review 3

Section 2 7

Principles of Good Practice 7

Course Equivalency Form 10

Course Reviewer Checklist 11


Course Design/Development/Review

Completed by Instructor/Course Developer

Reviewed by DLRC

Instructor/Course Designer Information



Phone Number:


Course Information

Please be sure that information is accurate and complete.

Course Title:

Course ID:

Section Number(s):



Recommended Enrollment Limit:

Prerequisite (s) and/or required academic skills/background of students:

Course Description:

Course Location & Access Information (select all that apply)

Please do not give out the course designer’s username or id. Either shared access or a guest account will be provided by the Director of Academic Technology. Please note that publisher resources may require an additional access code for student access.

MSC Blackboard (required)

Publisher Website

Other – Instructor/Course Developer will be contacted for details. Please list website below.


Type of Distance Learning Delivery (select all that apply)

No campus or proctored exams

Some proctored exams required

Proctored exams required

On-campus meeting required

General Course Design Description
Describe any training and/or experience you have had in preparation for this mode of Distance Learning course delivery.

If you are using pre-developed courseware or other online or video content from a publisher or faculty member, please describe.

Describe from your syllabus the methods of student testing/assessment you plan to utilize in the course, and your reasons for choosing those methods.

Describe how academic integrity will be ensured with regard to online tests and quizzes.

Explain why you believe the chosen mode of Distance Learning delivery (on page 1) is appropriate for this course.

Please use this area to include any other comments you would like to add regarding your course.

Americans with Disabilities Act
It is important that all online courses meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act and specifically the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of Section 508. For information about the actual guidelines, please consult the College ADA Compliance Officer.



College ADA statement is in course shell and/or syllabus.

Will this online course be able to reasonably accommodate documented ADA requirements should they be necessary to meet the needs of the student?

Instructor has received training/guidance in providing reasonable accommodations for students.

Instructor would like to receive training in providing reasonable accommodations to students.

Course Copyright and Permissions
The instructor and his/her colleagues must ensure all copyright provisions are met.
In any case where the institution and/or course author (s) warrant that they are the only owner (s) contributing copyrightable expression, the institution and/or course author (s) warrant that they are the only owner (s) of the course and have full power and authority to make this agreement; and that the course does not infringe upon any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous or unlawful matter.
Names (s) of copyright holders:



In Progress

Have you confirmed that the course materials and any course materials not

developed by the copyright holder are “fair use” or that you are otherwise exempt from liability from infringement?

If not, have you acquired permission to use or link to the materials?

Additional Information/Comments as appropriate:

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