OnStar Offers Crisis Assist During Extreme Weather Emergencies

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For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 29 2014, 9 a.m. EDT

OnStar Offers Crisis Assist

During Extreme Weather Emergencies

Approaching hurricane season prompts reminder to all subscribers
DETROIT – As the 2014 U.S. Atlantic hurricane season approaches, OnStar is offering Crisis Assist services to all customers, regardless of subscription plan, in the event of an extreme weather emergency.
Earlier this year, OnStar provided Crisis Assist services after tornadoes struck in the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States and during the recent outbreak of wildfires in Southern California. OnStar advisors were able to assist subscribers affected by the events even when other forms of communication were unavailable.
OnStar has relationships with more than 6,000 911 emergency call centers nationwide, allowing advisors to get fast, localized assistance in any type of emergency.
“At OnStar we are focused on providing our subscribers with centralized assistance in the midst of these incidents, while also relaying appropriate information to authorities,” said Mary Ann Adams, OnStar crisis incident manager.
The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1-Nov. 30 and includes the coastal regions of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. More than 1.1 million OnStar customers reside in these areas.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts a 70 percent likelihood of eight to 13 named storms during the season, three to six of which could become hurricanes.
In a hurricane or other disaster, a push of OnStar's red emergency or blue button will put drivers in contact with an advisor, who can:

  • Contact emergency responders and direct them to the subscriber's exact vehicle location using OnStar's embedded cellular system and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology.

  • Provide alternate or evacuation routes and directions to hospitals, hotels or shelters.

  • Provide centralized crisis information and assistance including weather updates, hotel accommodations or help in reporting power outages and road closures.

  • Keep subscribers connected to family and friends, even if they have lost power and cell phone service in their homes.

  • Help subscribers report dangerous situations or contact emergency responders.

Anyone living near or traveling to a hurricane-prone area should be prepared. OnStar has developed a Hurricane Preparation Checklist, which can be found here. Other useful tips for hurricane preparedness can be found here.

OnStar also is supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s America's PrepareAthon! Each spring and fall, this nationwide, community-based campaign increases emergency preparedness through drills and exercises. For more information on OnStar Crisis Assist, visit www.onstar.com.
OnStar, LLC (OnStar) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM Holdings LLC (“GM”). Along with its affiliate Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd (a joint venture involving OnStar, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd (SGM) and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)), OnStar serves more than seven million subscribers in North America and China. OnStar is a provider of connected safety, security and mobility solutions and advanced information technology. OnStar's key services include automatic crash response, stolen vehicle assistance, remote door unlock, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics and hands-free calling.


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