Option 1: Two community residents outside the store

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Trade Measurement for Indigenous Community Listeners Campaign

Option 1: Two community residents outside the store

V.O.1 (Disgusted) I reckon I paid too much for this Food!

V.O.2 (helpful) We could check to see if they weigh the packaging before they seal it up and put the price sticker on it. If it says 500 grams, it should only be 500 grams of Food.

V.O.1 (Confused) Why would we do that?

V.O.2 Cos shops have to weigh only the food we buy; not all the packaging, that way you can be sure you are getting what you pay for in the pre-packaged food you are buying.

V.O. 1 (surprised) Well I didn’t know that! What do I do if they are weighing the container with the food in it first?

V.O.2 You can ask the manager in the shop, they should know, but if you shame about it, you can ring the Trade Measurement mob, on 1300 686 664, that mob’s there to make sure you’re getting the right amount of food for the price you pay.

3rd Voice: Get what you pay for. Trade Measurement mob… making sure we only pay for the food, NOT the packaging.

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Download 3.26 Kb.

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