P. O. Box 525 319 Central Ave

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P.O. Box 525

319 Central Ave.

Dillingham, Alaska


Phone: 907-842-6900

E-mail: corbin@nushtel.net

Frank Corbin CEO/GM

Summary of Qualifications

Thirty years of utility experience.

Fiftteen years of progressive management experience.

Bachelor Degree in Technology and Business.

Certified in utility management.

Work Experience

General Manager at Nushagak Electric and Telephone Cooperative in Dillingham, Alaska. January 2005 to present.

I manage a consolidated cooperative utility that generates and distributes electricity, provides telephone service, delivers cable television, and serves as the local internet service provider.

Nushagak Electric and Telephone Cooperative (NETC) has 34 fulltime employees allocated across three divisions, Electric, Telephone, and the non-regulated CATV and Internet Division.

Total combined annual revenues are approximately $12 Million derived from approximately $18 Million in various plant assets.

Under my direction NETC has continued to improve its’ CATV service, expanding our offering from 120 to 180 channels and incorporating some fiber backbone. The internet offering has seen cable modem controller upgrades as well as completion of the DSL service roll out. Our telephone service has been converted to new “soft switches” and is now CALEA compliant. Going forward more of our remote sites will be converted from satellite to microwave connectivity. I have continued with the power plant upgrade initiated before my arrival. We have placed four new generators on line during my tenure. I have successfully solicited $4 Million in grant funding for this project during the past three years. Next on our schedule is a hydro project estimated to cost @ $ 60 million. I will continue my lobbying and project documentation efforts in that direction.

NETC retains two lobbyists, one for State concerns and Federal power issues lobbying, and the other is contracted through membership in a small telecom group specifically for telecommunication related lobbying in Washington DC. I work closely with both, lobbying for company and industry related issues. Similarly I belong to and participate with several statewide and Federal industry associations in order to contribute to their lobbying efforts as well.

Work Experience

Telecom Manager, Consultant, Telecom Subject Matter Expert as a self employed contractor working out of Henderson, Nevada for Elektryon, Bechtel SAIC Company, Sprint, Consolidated Resorts, and Federal Network Systems/Nevada Test Site. September 2000 through December 2004.

As Telecom Manager for Elektryon, a small generator manufacturer (100kW) and distributor, I initiated and managed a three state network, Las Vegas, Nevada - Odessa, Texas – La Jolla, California. I provided the technical interfaces with company partner, SAIC, and internal Customer Service and IT departments.

As the Telecom Manager for Consolidated Resorts I oversaw the inbound and outbound call centers and maintained multiple sites and associated networks.

As a consultant for Bechtel SAIC company on the Yucca Mountain Project at the Nevada Test site I researched their telecommunication facilities and delivered a summary and recommendations in white paper format.

As a data consultant working on Sprint projects I was employed on the database consolidation project associated with their nationwide conversion from switched to packet networks.

As a subject matter expert retained at the Nevada Test Site for Federal Network Systems I was responsible for repair and maintenance of multiple phone systems and network types as well as knowledge transfer to permanent employees.

Work Experience

Senior Strategic Planner, Project Coordinator, Supervisor - Network Installation and Maintenance Group, Supervisor/Engineer, and Special Apparatus Technician at Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. in Palmer, Alaska. May 1983 through September 2000.

As the Senior Strategic Planner I formed a corporate wide planning group to integrate marketing, network engineering, and construction efforts.

As the Project Coordinator for the Valley Switching and Modernization Plan I oversaw the successful completion, under budget and on time, of this two year, $14 Million dollar, multiple location (8 sites), cross departmental project.

As the Supervisor of the Network Installation and Maintenance Group I budgeted, scheduled, and managed over twenty IBEW union technicians in inside construction, wire center maintenance, service installation, special circuits, power support (batteries), and wireless including cellular support and basic exchange radios.

As the Supervisor / Engineer for the Special Apparatus crew I performed site visits to determine customer requirements, engineered solutions with fixed equipment, local connectivity, and wide area networks, and supervised the installation and service of multiple simultaneous projects.

As a Special Apparatus Technician I installed and maintained private exchanges, area networks, and data circuits.

Work Experience

Central Office Equipment Installer for General Telephone of the Northwest in Beaverton, Oregon. 1978 – 1983

As a Central Office Equipment Installer for GTNW I received, installed, placed into service, and performed quality control for telephone exchange equipment.

Vocational Training

September - October 2006: Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

Utility Management Certificate


1976-2000 University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska
Bachelor of Science in Technology with Business Option

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronic Technology

  • Associate of Arts Degree in English

Professional Memberships

Dillingham Chamber of Commerce, AFSHA, WAFG

Alaska Power Association, NRECA, NWPPA, UWIG

Alaska Telephone Association, NTCA, FRS

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