Parish of wadhurst

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Overseers of the poor: other settlement records


PAR 498/35/1

Copy case and counsel's opinion concerning the settlement of William Greagsby

WG, a parishioner of Horsmonden in Kent, hired himself to David Weller of Wadhurst, farmer, in 1777; he discharged himself in 1778, having been drunk the night before and wishing to go to Marden Fair, thus working a day under a year; with the opinion of H[enry] Peckham, Temple [in Middlesex]

15 Dec [?1778]

Overseers of the poor: Militia

For a warrant to arrest idle and disorderly persons over 5 foot 4 inches in height, 1758 see PAR 498/37/10


PAR 498/36/1

Order of Richard Snatt, constable, Mayfield

to the churchwardens and overseers for payment of militia tax assessed by quarter sessions on 12 Jan 1769

15 Feb 1769

PAR 498/36/2

Order of Richard Snatt, constable of Loxfield Pelham

to the churchwardens and overseers for payment of militia tax

25 Feb 1777

PAR 498/36/3

Order to pay £5 to Edward Day of Wadhurst, chosen by lot and sworn to serve in the militia

with order to pay him £5; Thomas Pelham and Luke Spence, deputy lieutenants for Pevensey Rape; with receipt by Richard Watts to Charles Moren, overseer, for £5 to the use of ED; 4 Mar 1782

31 Dec 1781

PAR 498/36/4

Order to pay £5 to Samuel Smith, chosen by lot and sworn to serve in the militia for Wadhurst

Luke Spence, Malling, and John Trayton Fuller, Bayley Park [Heathfield], deputy lieutenants for Pevensey Rape; receipt endorsed; W: Stephen Hunt, vestry clerk; 10 Jan 1781

23 Dec 1780

PAR 498/36/5

Order to pay £5 to William Wells, chosen by lot and sworn to serve in the militia for Wadhurst

Thomas Pelham and William Kempe, deputy lieutenants for Pevensey Rape; receipt endorsed, 4 Feb 1782

29 Dec 1781

PAR 498/36/6

Order to reimburse Rotherfield for relief paid to the wife of John Dulake, a substitute for Samuel Marten of Wadhurst in the Sussex Militia

according to an order of 5 Jan 1779; Luke Spence, JP

19 Feb 1782

Overseers of the poor: other records




PAR 498/37/1/1

Parishioners of Stockbury in Kent to the churchwardens and overseers

the husband of Frances Godfrey, an old widow, died nine months ago; how much relief is Wadhurst willing to pay according to the former contract?; otherwise provide her with a house 'and we shall send her down to your parish'

24 Apr 1671

PAR 498/37/1/2

Roger Shoyswell, at Wadhurst to William Farmer esq, Rotherfield

being at Wadhurst he has examined Mary Tyeherst, whom WF had sent to Wadhurst where she was born; RS has sent her back to Rotherfield; interpretation of the statute of 1662

19 Jun 1682

PAR 498/37/1/3

Churchwardens of Wadhurst to the parish of Stockbury [in Kent]

the parishioners 'are not easy' with the bearer for bringing a child into Wadhurst without security; they must take the child away agin or provide it; subscribed with acknowledgement by Francis Kennett, churchwarden, that the child was born in Stockbury and is an inhabitant

3 Oct 1725

PAR 498/37/1/4

George Paine, churchwarden of Reading St Lawrence [in Berkshire] to Mr Porter, churchwarden of Wadhurst

Burnett's certificate, about which Wadhurst has enquired of Mr Gandy, churchwarden of Reading St Mary, is valid; 'pray give the man no more trouble'

19 Jun 1727

PAR 498/37/1/5

Henry Batcheler, Maidstone [in Kent] to the churchwardens and overseers

is threatened with removal to Wadhurst and applies for a certificate; is a member of a club which will pay 7s 0d a week for sickness and a death benefit of £5; subscribed with endorsement 'in respect to the charity' by Robert Newnham

See PAR498/37/6

16 Apr 1729

PAR 498/37/1/6

Richard Polhill and Thomas Edwards, Maidstone [in Kent] to Mr Legas, Wadhurst

request relief for Wadhurst's parishioner Elizabeth Eastland, widow, who is sick; otherwise she and her three children will be removed; she is 'industrious when in health'

21 Mar 1739

PAR 498/37/1/7

Richard White, Lewes to Mr Legas, Wadhurst

requests relief or he will have to return to Wadhurst; the rent is 50s 0d in all

19 Jun 1740

PAR 498/37/1/8

Richard Batchellor, Northiam to the parish of Wadhurst

he hired William Haisleden the younger until 25 Mar 1755 but he has been rendered incapable of service by the explosion of a gun

25 Dec 1754

PAR 498/37/1/9

Mary White to Mr Thomas Patre/Patey, Wadhurst

is ill with the distemper she had when her husband was with her and needs money for treatment by Dr [Richard] Russell; 'I bound to Cust the ropemaker'


Bequest to the poor in the contested will of John Page


PAR 498/37/2/1

Agreement between the parish officers and John Apps the elder of Wadhurst

John Saunders, one of the parish officers, shall pay £5 out of TP's estate to the other officers to the use of the poor and £1 9s 6d expended in the suit; JA to deliver Henry Newnham's bond to TP in £10 to John Saunders

W: John Barham, Nicholas Puxty

22 Mar 1670

PAR 498/37/2/2

Letter of attorney by John Apps the elder of Wadhurst, mason to the churchwardens and overseers

John Saunders, John Wells, William Hoadly, John Sands and Edward Sellen churchwardens and overseers; to obtain £5 due on the bond of Henry Newnham of Wadhurst, yeoman, to Thomas Page, now deceased, 24 Jun 1659, which bond JA has delivered to the parish officers who intend to prove TP's nuncupative will in the belief that he intended part of his estate for the poor

W: J Smith, George Courthope

1 Apr 1670

PAR 498/37/3

Number not used: now listed as PAR 498/24/2/1

Inventories of paupers' goods


PAR 498/37/4/1

Inventory of Widow Sares, deceased

goods removed by the overseers from the house of Widow Sares, deceased, and placed in that of William Bate in Wadhurst Town

For another list, see PAR 498/37/4/44

26 May 1670

PAR 498/37/4/2

Inventory of Thomas Waters

27 Jun 1693

PAR 498/37/4/3

Inventory of Old Thomas Wenborne

goods at the house of Thomas Moone the younger

6 May 1701

PAR 498/37/4/4

Inventory of the widow of John Burgis of Wadhurst, carpenter

13 Mar 1703

PAR 498/37/4/5

Inventory of Widow Nayshe


PAR 498/37/4/6

Inventory of Widow Elfick

23 Mar 1709

PAR 498/37/4/7

Inventory of Robert Moone of Wadhurst, husbandman

distrained by Edward Bassett of Wadhurst, carpenter, for 18 months' rent

5 Jul 1709

PAR 498/37/4/8

Inventory of Stephen Botten

19 Dec 1709

PAR 498/37/4/9

Inventory of John Godden

4 May 1713

PAR 498/37/4/10

Inventory of Widow Gotier

19 Sep 1713

PAR 498/37/4/11

Inventory of [blank] Austin

6 Mar 1714

PAR 498/37/4/12

Inventory of Widow Bellingham

13 Mar 1714

PAR 498/37/4/13

Inventory Widow Tanner

goods distrained by Thomas Walter for rent and those not distrained


PAR 498/37/4/14

Inventory of Widow Bently

distrained for rent due to Henry Playsted

subscribed: undertaking by Margaret Bently and Mary Bently to pay the rent or that the goods will be forthcoming when he calls for them

14 Apr 1716

PAR 498/37/4/15

Inventory of William Apps

22 May 1716

PAR 498/37/4/16

Inventory of Widow Gilburd

includes prices of goods sold and list of items given to Goody Bartlett

19 July 1716

PAR 498/37/4/17

Inventory of Margaret Bently

goods distrained for rent by Henry Playsted

11 Aug 1716

PAR 498/37/4/18

Inventory of Robert Longle late deceased

2 Nov 1716

PAR 498/37/4/19

Inventory of Widow Longlye

7 Jul 1717

PAR 498/37/4/20

Inventory of Widow Kitchenham

30 Mar 1719

PAR 498/37/4/21

Inventory of Widow Kitchenham


PAR 498/37/4/22

Inventory of John Smith at house of James Apse

endorsed: Faircrouch

10 Dec 1721

PAR 498/37/4/23

Inventory of Widow Brissenden

19 Feb 1724

PAR 498/37/4/24

Inventory of Ellen Woodgate

subscribed: 'Widow Winder hath nothing of goods but a wooden trendle'

19 Feb 1724

PAR 498/37/4/25

Inventory of William Burgis

11 Apr 1723

PAR 498/37/4/26

Inventory of Thomas Sharp

11 Apr 1723

PAR 498/37/4/27

Inventory of Thomas Wheeller

17 Nov 1725

PAR 498/37/4/28

Inventory of John Allen

14 Dec 1725

PAR 498/37/4/29

Inventory of the widow of John Bellingham

12 Aug 1728

PAR 498/37/4/30

Inventory of William Bellingham

22 Feb 1739

PAR 498/37/4/31

Inventory of goods bought from Mr Shorte at the poor house

includes goods at [the house of] John Gutsell the elder brought from Burwash 'when she was brought there'; endorsed: William Prosser, saddler; Jane Sellen [see PAR 498/34/1/7]

19 Apr 1738

PAR 498/37/4/32

Inventory of Richard Bartlat

29 Jun 1738

PAR 498/37/4/33

Account of Household goods left unsold at Thomas Crowhurst's sale

goods at Widow Moon's house, late occupied by TC, at Mr Patey's, at Mr Stickland's and William Playsted's, cordwainer; list of promissory notes and book debts 'in the hands of me Thomas Hunt'

15 Dec 1738

PAR 498/37/4/34

Inventory of Isaac Richesson


PAR 498/37/4/35

Inventory of Samuel Swatland

8 Dec 1740

PAR 498/37/4/36

Inventory of Drawbridg's goods


PAR 498/37/4/37

Inventory of William Brissenden of Wadhurst, ropemaker

4 Apr 1757

PAR 498/37/4/38

Note by James Apps that he distrains all the goods of Isaac Richesson for rent

3 Oct 1738

PAR 498/37/4/39

Inventory of John Seivyer

1 Sep 1769

PAR 498/37/4/40

Inventory of Widow Buss


PAR 498/37/4/41

Inventory of James Loffty's clothes


PAR 498/37/4/42

Inventory of John Ashdown

headed 'Old England's note of goods'


PAR 498/37/4/43

Inventory of Widow Sharpe


PAR 498/37/4/44

Inventory of Widow Sares, deceased

goods laid in at William Bate's; signed John Sanders

For a dated list, see PAR 498/37/4/1

[May 1670]

PAR 498/37/4/45

Inventory of John Tanner of Wadhurst, deceased

For an inventory of the goods of Widow Tanner, 1714 see PAR 498/37/4/13


PAR 498/37/4/46

Notebook containing an inventory

kitchen, housekeeper's room, servant's hall and larder of an unidentified house; watermark 1800


PAR 498/37/4/47

Bargain and sale of furniture

Robert Couper, husbandman, to Thomas Porter, gent, and Thomas Langham, gent, Churchwardens, all of Wadhurst

household furniture (inventory) sold to the parish in return for poor relief and payment of his rent

4 Oct 1693

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